6 Important Things to Know Before Using SARMs for the First Time

When you first go to the gym, surely your only goal is to get in good shape and maintain it. But there is a great possibility that you will “fall in love” with weightlifting and that it will become a hobby or even a profession. You will first notice how you plan all day around the workout, how you constantly think about what you ate, whether you slept well and everything else that is important to maximize your performance. And it will definitely bring you results in the first few months or even years.

But then you will hit a plateau. No matter how much you increase weights you lift and eat more protein and carbohydrates, progress will be minimal or non-existent. Then you will wonder what you need to do to overcome that stagnation. Anabolic steroids are certainly something that many will suggest you to start using, but anabolic steroids have numerous side effects, although they very effective. And have you ever heard of SARMs? SARMs are so popular in last couple of years, and in this article learn all the important things before using SARMs for the first time.

1. What are SARMs?

Whatever you put into your body, our advice is to learn at least something about that substance, whether it’s food or something else. So we start this article with an explanation of what exactly SARMs are. This acronym stands for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators” which probably doesn’t explain to you what SARMs are.

Androgenic hormones are primarily male sex hormones, but they also have many other roles, not only in the male but also in the female body. Their structure is steroidal. There are androgen receptors in parts of our body to which these hormones bind, so this is not random but targeted in certain tissues such as muscles. SARMs aren’t really new, they’ve been used since the early 90s in the bodybuilding industry, but they’ve only just come under the spotlight. They were primarily used as a cure for cancer, before people started using them for muscle growth, similar to anabolic steroids.

2. Most popular types

Many different types of SARMs are available on the market. Although their basic function is similar, they actually differ from each other and you definitely need to know the differences between them in order to be able to choose the best option for yourself.

Testolone, which is officially called RAD 140 is one of the most popular SARMs. The results after just one cycle of using RAD 140, which is usually a period of 2 to 3 months, bring huge progress. The increase in lean muscle mass is very noticeable, while at the same time you lose fat. It is good for libido and bones, as well. If you want to know more about Testolone, you should definitely check this out.

Apart from RAD 140, Ostarine (MK-2866), Andarine (S4) and Ligandrol (LGD-4033) are also very popular. Ostarine is probably the most powerful of all, so it is more recommended for advanced exercisers. During the bulk period, many bodybuilders take Ligandrol because it gives results very quickly. That is why it is also given to people who lose muscle mass and overall weight due to other serious diseases.

3. Benefits

By now you have already realized that increase in muscle mass is the main benefit of all SARMs. At the same time, you will not gain fat, and you will probably even lose fat, which means that you will have up to 10 kg of lean body weight more after a few months. Exactly how much muscle you gain depends on other factors such as physical predispositions, diet and so on. Something that is certainly not possible to achieve with a natural approach. SARMs also have a positive effect on your sexual motivation, bone density, concentration and energy levels. Unlike steroid use, when using SARMs gynecomastia is not expected to occur.

4. Whether SARMs are legal?

If you want to buy SARMs, you will be pleased to know that it is legal to do so. Although not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no ban on SARMs USA or SARMs UK. So you can buy it like any other over the counter product.

5. Side effects

As we have already mentioned, even when you take ibuprofen for a headache or because you have a high fever, there is a possibility that some of the side effects may occur. Side effects SARMs are much rarer than steroids, and also less serious because aromatization is not present. Acne can occur as well as potential problems with HDL and LDL. It is important to check the health of your liver, as SARMs are not harmful to a healthy liver, but if you already have a liver problem, you should be careful. Also, if you notice hair loss, consult a doctor.

6. How to choose where to buy SARMs?

As with buying anything else, it is essential that you buy SARMs from reputable manufacturers and well-known retailers. Make sure the 3rd party is tested, as well as the company’s reputation. Don’t forget to check the complete composition, to make sure that there is nothing harmful inside. It would be good to get advice on dosing and cycles from the manufacturer or retailer, because they know best how to get the most out of SARMs with minimal risk of side effects.


Now that you know all about SARMs, it is clear to you that they are the perfect replacement for anabolic steroids. Unlike steroids, they do not have nearly as much side effect, and will give you very similar results. Amateurs probably won’t even notice the difference between taking one of the SARMs and steroids. That is why this is a best choice that will benefit most people. Of course, before you start the cycle, it is important to consult a doctor because you may have a congenital disease that you are not even aware of. Even over the counter pain killers have side effects, so you must always take all preventive measures to make sure that you will not damage your health.

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