4 Things to know before Playing Australian Pokies for the First Time

When you master the slots, you can have fun for hours on end in just one sitting (both online and in-person).

In the previous half-century, slot machines have gone from being an afterthought to the major draw at casinos everywhere.

In 2019, slot machines are expected to produce up to 70% of the total revenue for both traditional and virtual casinos.

Many people today like playing slots on their mobile devices as much as they do on their desktop computers or laptops. If you wish to know a bit more about them or how you can boost your chances of winning, keep on reading and find your answers below.

How to understand the basics?

The best way to understand what it offers is to think of a pokie.

In its most basic form, a slot machine is a device with rotating reels that displays a selection of symbols and enables bets on those symbols.

Let’s say you want to wager 0.50 Australian dollars.

Following each spin, your balance will be deducted from that sum.

Except, of course, if you’re playing for no charge.

You’re sure to hit on a combination that pays off significantly after a few defeats.

In 3×5 layout Pokies, symbols like cherries, golden bells, watermelons, and sevens are frequently used.

Getting three sevens in a row could net you 1.00 AUD or more, depending on the paytable.

In pokies, different payouts and prizes are given based on the combination’s worth.

When a winning combination is achieved, your potential payment will be higher the more you wager.

4 Things to know before playing Australian pokies for the first time

1. Find the best machine

You must verify you have the best pokies machines before playing.

Picking the best solution is important because there are several to go for.

Learn the payout structure and rules for each site as they can vary.

You must determine which pokies game suits you before playing.

Examining slot machine pay tables is the best way to do this.

This can help you determine which machines have the best payouts and jackpots for your party. Also, know how many symbols will be utilized before playing. More symbols mean fewer wins.

As the number of symbols increases, so do the odds of getting one. You should also always use max paylines, as this boosts winnings.

Bonus games on slot machines might boost your chances of winning.

Watch for these gadgets and stay with the group.

They offer more opportunities to win, like progressive jackpot machines.

In the end, you will enjoy variety and playing different games till you find your ”the one”.

2. Bonuses can vary

This is why many gambling establishments offer them freebies in the hopes of attracting new customers.

Once you make an account with the majority of online casinos, you will be instantly enrolled in a player rewards program.

If you become a frequent player, you may start receiving exclusive benefits like free spins or bonus credits to your email.

Be wary of live player reward cards and other internet scams.

Don’t up your bets in the hopes of winning more money or losing it all.

Taking things easy and having fun is great, but you need to up the stakes if you want to see any progress.

Sign-up bonuses are available to all online gamblers, and they’re just the beginning of your benefits.

It’s important to shop around because offers from various casinos vary.

If you want the best deals, it’s smart to browse around.

3. Watch out for proper paylines

Poker players frequently mistakenly believe that there isn’t much to learn from the game.

Sadly, understanding the paylines can help you get better at the game. The paylines in land-based and internet casinos are identical.

Paylines first appears to be crucial for creating spins and increasing possible winnings.

It’s a common misconception that there are more winning combinations when there are more paylines.

How much will these paylines cost me, and can I afford it during my time playing? is a question you should be asking yourself.

There is no use in even loading up a 25-line slot machine if you’re only going to wager on five lines.

You won’t ever get a big hit or win the jackpot if you don’t fill the reel.

The maximum bet on each pay line must be used when playing for the jackpot. Select a slot machine with the required number of paylines and a reasonable maximum bet.

4. RTP and volatility

Prizes are awarded at random, but you may still apply some guidelines to estimate how often you’ll win if the pokie you’re playing is legitimate.

As a starting point, one must think about the return to player percentage (RTP%).

While it’s impossible to know with certainty how much you’ll win, you can estimate your expected return as a percentage of your wager by doing a bit of thinking, along with quick maths.

When wagering real money, a return to player percentage of 95% or greater is ideal.

There is a greater risk of loss than gain at any rate below that.

Volatility refers to the level of risk that comes with the particular slot machine that you are playing.

A game with low volatility carries a little risk, whereas those with medium or high volatility have a far greater swing in potential payouts.

While it makes sense to play low volatility slots, high variance slots offer the chance for a much larger reward to lucky players.

So, do you want to play?

After reading this you probably feel like playing pokies and giving them a go, right? If so, why not go for some of the best Australian casinos, and enjoy great bonuses, payout options, and free spins? If you’re ready to win big, you can read more here and have the time of your life. Both serious players and rookies will have fun, guaranteed!

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