The Difference between Australian Pokies and regular Online Slots

Online slot machine games have become incredibly popular in recent periods. There are many reasons why people are attracted by these games and why they are ready to spend hours enjoying spending the reels. However, there is one huge confusion among all gamblers. Even though many people have been gambling for a couple of years, they are still not sure what online Australian pokies are and whether there is a difference between them and regular online slot machines. Therefore, we decided to put a conclusion on that big dilemma in this article and give the answer to the most frequently asked question about pokies.

What Are Australian Pokies?

The popular world pokies come from Australia and New Zealand. There, people actually use that term for slot machines. The name appeared a long time ago, more precisely at the beginning of the 20th century when slot machines were created and represented to the public. If you think about this short term, you will quickly find the connection with the world of poker. This is why pokies are shortened for the poker machines. There is actually one interesting story about the roofs of this innovative name. The development of a 5-reeled machine that stimulates poker hands was very popular. Therefore, the connection was obvious and the idea was implemented. Ever since then, all residents from these two countries have been called slot machines – pokies. The name is popular even today.

What Are the Key Differences Between Slots and Pokies?

We are going to reveal the answer to this big dilemma – there are no differences between pokies and slot machines. This counts in all possible aspects, they are the same when it comes to the purpose, functionality, design, and everything else. The difference lays only in the name that is used for calling the same machines. The whole world calls them slot machines, and residents in New Zealand and Australia called them differently as pokies. Since there are so many gamblers from Australia and New Zealand, this term – pokies were used by numerous multinational casino platforms that accept the gamblers from these countries.

Therefore, this term has become very recognizable around the whole globe. Other than the geographical element that caused this big dilemma and confusion, there is another difference between slots and pokies. You can play them both in person at the land casino or through some online gambling platform. There are so many slots/pokies available today, created by the most reputable software game studios. All of the games come with a specific number of pay lines and reels, different themes, and features. However, none of these things influence the name of the games. Playing slots/pokies online for real money is very popular, so if you want to find more about the tips how you should play them, you can check

Why are slots/pokies so popular?

If you never tried slot machine games, you are probably wondering why these games are so popular across the globe. In fact, the number of slot machine players increases each day and we can freely say that millions of people worldwide are currently sitting by the slot machine and enjoying it! Let’s see why!

Slots/Pokies Are Incredibly Fun

Many gamblers often forget about the primary reason why casinos exist and why they visited them in the first place. The reason is surely not to make a huge amount of money because this looks very unattainable. If you want to make a bunch of money so quickly, you can not rely on the hope that the casino will bring that to you. However, you can rely on the fact that you will have a lot of fun and entertainment while you are playing slots/pokies. This is one incredibly enjoyable hobby that you should approach with the understatement that it is a form of entertainment. Surely you can win a lot of money while you are playing slot machines, however, you will not achieve that instantly and at the exact time, you want to.

Modern Slots/Pokies Look Like Video Games

Technology development influenced positively on the gambling and casino world positively a lot. When you are playing slots/pokies you will notice that they look exactly like some video game. Slot machines with boring wheels are now left in the past. Today’s slot machines can compete with the PlayStation and Xbox games. With such incredible graphics, soundtracks, themes, features, and bonuses, slot machines can never become boring. You can sit and play the slot game for hours and you will always come across some new feature or bonus promotions. Best of all is the fact that, unlike video games, slot machines actually give you the chance to win money. In the same cases, you can be very lucrative and win a really huge amount of money.

Slots/Pokies Have Progressive Jackpots

When we are talking about winning a huge amount of money while playing slots/pokies, we are thinking about progressive jackpots. You can spin the reel and win a couple of bucks while playing regular slot machine games. However, if you choose slots/pokies that come with progressive jackpot games, you have an amazing opportunity to become a millionaire overnight. Therefore, next time you want to play slot machine games, you can consider this type and see how lucky you are!

Slots/Pokies Will Provide You Relaxation

One of the main reasons why people enjoy playing slots/pokies for a longer time is definitely because you can relax yourself. More precisely, there is no one who will bother you. In fact, there are only you and the slot machine. There is no reason to interact with other players, instead, you can relax and have privacy after a long day at the office. Slot machine games can actually reduce your stress level and provide you relaxation and entertainment at the same time. For instance, when you are playing table games with cards, there is no way that you can avoid players and communicate with them. However, if you are looking to avoid people and have time only for yourself, slots/pokies will provide you with that.

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