What Is The Difference Between A Platform And A Regular Bed?

We all need a comfortable bed to sleep on after a tiring day of work. A soft, comfortable, and relaxing bed can work as therapy. Just as with everything else, the styles of beds have also transformed over the years. Where the most commonly used styles are the traditional box spring, we have a new kind of style that has been famous for quite some time now. This is called the platform bed.

When you are out buying a bed for yourself, the first question you are asked is whether you want a regular bed or a platform. Now, if you are someone who hasn’t kept up with the changing trends, you might feel a little lost. This that case, you will need to know the basic differences between these two types of beds.

Lucky for you! We have covered all the basic differences that are between these two types of beds. So that you can make your decision easier. Also, if you are looking for one of these beds online, visit nfoutlet.com to get a quote on everything you need for your new bedroom or house.



First and foremost, the main difference between a plate bed is its structure or craftsmanship. A regular bed generally has a frame that uses additional wooden pieces or “slates.” These slates are attached to all sides of the bed frame and are usually between 3 to 5 inches in width. The main aim of these slates is to support the mattress. Furthermore, to add further support, a sheet or foundation of plywood is usually rested upon these slates, and the mattress is placed on it.

In contrast, the platform bed is more mechanical and practical. It uses either wooden or ply slates that are distributed throughout its length. These slates are kept about 2 ½ inches apart. As a result, you don’t need an additional plywood sheet for the foundation.


Mattress support

The major difference between these two types of beds in the way they support the mattress. Because a regular bed frame has slates on all four sides, it supports the mattress from these sides. As far as the center is concerned, you need to lay a ply foundation to support the mattress. Whereas the beauty of a platform bed is that the slates are evenly distributed across the bed’s length and width. With having 2 ½ inches of space between two slates, the frame provides equal support to the mattress. As a result, it is not only more comfortable but also improves the life of your mattress. For more information, you can visit SleepMattress and check the bed frame guide.

Height of the bed

Another prominent difference between these two types is the height. Because regular beds usually use a box spring mattress, the height is usually more as compared to the platform bed.

The platform beds can reside as low as you want. Although you can use a box spring mattress on it to increase the height as well, these beds generally don’t need additional height. Because modern-styled beds are the ones that are low in height, a platform bed is just the right thing for you if you want to buy a modern one.

Furthermore, if you want to have a heightened bed with the features of a platform, you can get a custom one made for you.



The reason why most people love platform beds instead of regular ones is the amount of storage they get. Because underneath of a regular bed is open, space is usually wasted as the plywood covers it. However, you can install drawers, but it still gets inconvenient. In contrast, since a platform bed is fixed, you get ample space for storage and drawers. In short, platforms usually come with built-in drawers, which are very convenient.

Types of mattresses


Whereas any regular bed traditionally uses a box spring mattress, a platform bed gives out a wide range of choices. The reason box spring is best for regular frames is the fact that it has built-in springs. These springs are ideal for absorbing the pressure and thus maintaining the toe posture of the mattress. Even though you don’t have distributed support, the mattress is made so that it divided the weight and pressure.

However, the good thing about platform beds is that you can add any mattress to them. Whether it’s a memory foam or latex, it works just fine, thanks to the evenly distributed support. Furthermore, if you want to add height to the bed, you can also use a box spring mattress.


People have been using regular beds for decades now. And even though the basic structure and frame are different, it has proven to be durable. However, if you plan to get a platform bed made from composite wood, or chipboard, it might not be durable. So, for a platform bed to have high durability, it is better to use premium-quality wood for the purpose.



When it comes to price and affordability, both types of beds have their own perks. Where some think platform beds are expensive because of the additional slates, it compensated the need to have a whole plywood foundation. Furthermore, if you are looking for a box spring mattress for your regular bed, it can be a bit costly compared to platform beds. So, we can say that the price is neck-in-neck for both these types of beds.

Whether you are using a regular bed or a platform bed, the main point is to have a sound sleep. Some people prefer regular beds because they have been using them since childhood and don’t want to switch to anything else. In any case, both these types of beds offer comfort, durability, and ease. However, if you want to meet modern and minimalistic living standards, a platform bed is the right choice for you. It is far more practical, offers space and durability as well.

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