5 Inexpensive Gifts For Parents Who Have Everything

Giving gifts to your parents may seem like a challenging task because you’re not sure if they would enjoy it fully. An excellent strategy is to choose one that’s related to their hobby or passion. You can also think of a gift that they typically won’t buy for themselves. But what should you do if your parents seem to have everything already?

Even though your parents already have all the material possessions in the world, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exert effort in giving them presents. They may no longer get excited about the things that they can see in the malls, but they will surely cherish the gift coming from you. One thing that any parent loves is a handwritten letter. It does not matter what the gift is if it comes with a touching and personal note written with your own hands. However, we are not used to that kind of stuff nowadays, so it is okay if you feel awkward at first. You can find some inspiration to start with Simply Noted handwritten letters

Be creative in choosing the perfect present that would showcase your love and appreciation. Along with the suggestions of Gift Observer, here are some gift ideas that you may consider giving your parents on any occasion.

1. Photo Album or A Framed Family Photograph

A gift that brings about positive memories is family pictures. It could be snapshots from holidays, vacation trips, birthdays, and other occasions where you’re all together. Give your parents a photo album if you have a lot of photos that are worth reminiscing. For a personalized touch, you can create a diary-like album where you can add to each picture some descriptions, like what’s the occasion and where they’re taken.

You may also give them a framed photograph of your family or just a portrait of your parents. Make sure that it’s nicely framed so they can hang it in the living room or in their bedroom. What’s good about giving pictures is that it has sentimental value and that there’s no need to spend much on it.

2. Handmade Hat or Scarf

If you’re good at crocheting or knitting, why not create a handmade hat or scarf. This is a perfect personalized gift for your parents if they’re fond of using accessories to protect them from the cold weather. Doing this kind of craft showcases your creativity, and it shows them how you’ve exerted an effort to give them a nice present.

Since your parents have everything, giving them something personalized to make them feel special. Before handing them your gift, you may have a simple speech thanking them for taking care of you, so every time they’ll use it, they can remember this special moment.


3. Personalized Letter

A personalized, handwritten letter is a timeless way of expressing your appreciation to your parents. This is considered one of the most thoughtful gifts for parents because you can always reach out to them through the help of technology, but you can make it extra special by writing a heartfelt letter.

The sincerity in your letter can be felt if you’ll just be true to yourself. Remember that you’re not writing an essay, so don’t overthink it. Moreover, instead of putting your letter in a plain envelope, you can make it more presentable by placing it in a bottle, or you may also frame it.

4. Spend Time with Them

Gifts that you can give your parents don’t only pertain to tangible things. Remember, the best gifts are the ones that can be felt. Since your parents have everything, material possessions may no longer excite them. They aren’t getting any younger, so a way of showing them your gratitude is by spending more time with them.

If you and your siblings already have their own families, shared family time may be difficult to achieve, but it’s something that you should make time for. You can organize a family gathering at home, or you can have family vacations once in a while. Remember to always celebrate special occasions with them, such as their birthday and during the holidays. One example of this is planning a fishing trip for the whole family is a wonderful way to spend family time together and give them a reason to laugh and be happy. To help you plan the activity, you can check websites like to ensure the best trip for your family.

5. A Video Greeting from Each Family Member

Because of the crisis that the world is experiencing right now, it may be a challenge bringing all your family members together. One way for your parents to feel the presence of their loved ones is through a video greeting from each family member. You may ask everyone to record a short message about the things that they want to tell your parents.

Collate and edit all the videos from your relatives and combine them into one video. You don’t have to be a professional video editor. You’ll just need to ensure that all video messages are included. What’s good about giving your parents a video is that they can watch it all over again, especially if they feel lonely. It serves as a reminder that no matter how far you are from each other, your love for each other is what binds you all together.

Tips in Giving Gifts

Gift-giving also has etiquette rules that are worth following. These are some of the tips to consider before giving gifts to your loved ones.

Don’t Make it All About You

In buying gifts, people tend to choose the ones that they prefer, but not the ones that they think the recipient will like. Make sure to also consider their preferences, so they’ll appreciate your gift more.

  • Keep Within Your Budget

There’s a notion that when you give expensive gifts, the more that they’ll appreciate your present. You don’t need to feel bad if you’re incapable of giving extravagant gifts. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. The intention of giving a gift is what makes the act meaningful.

  • Don’t Expect Anything in Return

When you give someone a gift without expecting anything in return, it means that you’re sincere and selfless in sharing your blessings. If you give presents to other people and expect that it will be reciprocated, there’s a possibility that you’ll get disappointed when the other person failed to give something in return.

Final Thoughts

Giving your parents a gift is rewarding. You may not be able to repay all the hard work and sacrifices that they did for you, but giving them something that comes from the heart shows your love and genuine care for them.

If you’re having a hard time thinking about the perfect present you can give your parents, you may give them a framed family picture, hand-made craft, personalized letter, or video. You can also spend time with them and create more memories together.

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