Cleaning Tips For Dog Parents

Many people view dogs as the best pets available, but you do need to care for them while keeping your house clean. Dogs can easily create messes depending on the situation, so you need to understand how you can clean your home while avoiding messes in the first place. Let’s review some cleaning tips so you can maintain a clean home as a dog parent.

Train Your Dog

If you want to keep your home clean, you need to train your dog. This will include both bathroom and house training to minimize messes and problems. You will need to choose between having your furry friend use a dog pad versus having your dog use the bathroom while outside.

Either way, you will need to purchase dog pads or dog bags to take care of your dog’s bathroom breaks. As for house training, you will need to train your dog to stay off of expensive furniture. Doing so will minimize the risk of your dog having an accident on your furniture or making a mess depending on the situation. Doing so will minimize your dog’s risk of having an accident on your furniture or making a mess, depending on the situation. Such accidents can leave you with difficult financial problems of taking your dog to the vet for a check-up. That’s why you need to sign up with an affordable pet insurance company like Bivvy to cover your pet’s care.

Carpet Cleaner for Pets And Stains

If you have an indoor dog, he or she may have an accident while you go to work or somewhere else. If you come home to an accident, it may already stain, smell and cause you problems. You should purchase some carpet cleaner for pets ahead of time so you can try and remove the smudge and debris from your carpet.

Unfortunately, puppy accidents can easily stain carpet, but carpet cleaner could potentially get rid of the stains. Either way, you will make it easier to get those stains out of your carpet if you take care of it quickly. If you are on the lookout for lightweight carpet cleaner but with professional cleaning result, visit The Pampered Pup buying guide, complete with links to where you can buy them.

What if you really don’t want to risk ruining your expensive carpet? Washable dog diapers or bands are a great idea. It is true that your dog sometimes experiences incontinence or gastrointestinal disorders without you knowing. Puppy diapers are the perfect solution when you are away. Check out Pet Parents for more details on how to decide between dog diapers and bands.

Get a Roomba

Some dog breeds, like Siberian huskies or golden retrievers, will shed lots of fur all over your carpet and floor. While you could vacuum your home regularly, you will soon have your house covered in dog fur during shedding season. If you want to make your life easier, you should purchase a Roomba.

These automatic vacuum cleaners will go around your house and take care of the fur for you. They can go on carpet, wood and tile floors, so your Roomba won’t have any issues picking up fur from around the house. If any fur gets on your furniture, you can either use the suction hose on a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller to get it off.

Buy Plenty of Rags and Paper Towels

Even if you train your dog and get a breed that doesn’t shed often, your dog will have accidents or make some messes at times. If this happens, you will need some cleaning supplies to help you take care of the mess. Rags work well since you can soak them in water with a bit of soap to help you clean up accidents and other messes.

Paper towels also work well for cleaning your dog off after he or she goes outside. If you live in an area that gets lots of rain, your dog may sometimes come into the house with wet paws. You can use some paper towels or a rag to wipe off your dog’s paws before he or she leaves paw prints all over the house.

Pick Up and Then Clean

If your dog poops in your house, you should make sure you pick up the poop and then clean the rest of the mess. You can easily do this by grabbing some toilet paper, picking up the poop with it and then throwing it all in the toilet. If you don’t want to use toilet paper, you can grab a dog bag instead.

Once you pick up the poop, you can start cleaning it. Do your best to get most of the poop out of the carpet before you clean it up. Otherwise, you may end up rubbing some of the poop residue deeper into the carpet. Either way, you should clean up the poop as soon as possible to minimize any staining or damages.

Contain Your Dog As You Clean

Whenever you clean your home, you may end up using harmful chemicals that living creatures shouldn’t ingest or touch. If this is the case, make sure you contain your dog in a separate area as you clean so he or she doesn’t come in contact with the chemicals. We recommend that you contain your dog before you start the cleaning process to keep him or her safe.

You can easily put your dog in a room and close the door. However, many dogs get sad and worried when they can’t see their owners, so you can use a baby gate instead. Just put your dog into a separate room, put up the baby gate and allow him or her to watch you as you take care of the mess. This way, you can keep your dog safe without upsetting him or her.

Buy Dog Bath Supplies

You will sometimes need to give your dog a bath even if you take him or her to the groomer regularly. For example, you could take your dog outside and he or she could end up getting in the mud, dirt or another gross substance. If this happens, you will need to take your dog into the house and give him or her a bath.

Remember that you can purchase shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Don’t use your own shampoo since it could harm your dog depending on the brand and type. After you bathe your dog, you can easily dry him or her off with a towel. You never know when you’ll need to give your dog a bath, so make sure you always have the supplies ready.

Keep Items Away From Your Dog

You need to keep certain belongings and items away from your dog since they can make a mess or hurt your furry friend. Some dogs like to chew on pens, but that ink will make a big mess and the ink could get in your dog’s mouth. Keep your belongings in mind and away from your dog to prevent any of these messes.

This can also include other items such as tissues, important documents, pillows and anything else your dog can tear apart. If your dog tends to destroy pillows when you leave the house, make sure you put them behind a closed door when you leave your dog alone. Remember that dogs react to their environments, so remove those objects if you don’t want your dog to break anything or make a mess.

Even though dogs can cause noticeable messes, they stand out as beautiful creatures full of love and joy. Due to this, we should tolerate their messes as we focus on providing a clean home for our furry pals. If you want to keep your home clean, you should apply these tips so you can both clean up after your dog and prevent messes.

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