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7 Birthday Gifts Ideas That Only Anime Fans Will Understand

Giving personalized birthday gifts to your friends and loved ones can make them feel special. However, it is so difficult to choose the right gifts! How can you find something that suits their personality best and will also make the perfect birthday gift?

Especially when it comes to Otakus and weebs, it becomes extremely hard to find a gift that will make them happy.

So here are some birthday gift ideas that only anime fans will understand! You can also head on to to find some brilliant gift ideas to present to your Anime lover pals.

1. An Otaku Box!

Well if you are into making handmade things, this one’s for you!

Create an entire box with gifts related to their favorite animes. Pick an anime theme and decorate the outsides as well as the insides of the box according to the theme.

For example, if you choose it to be Naruto-themed, you can paint the box in orange and blue color code and make the insides black with Akatsuki clouds on them.

You can include handmade greeting cards or little gifts in the box. People generally prefer to get the same number of gifts as the number of years a person is completing.

Like, 18 anime gifts for girls turning 18. So put in different little items of merchandise from anime. If you are finding anime gifts for girls you can easily include small keychains, cute lockets, stickers, pendants, earrings, rings.

2. Anime action figures

Trust this, anime fans are absolutely delighted to receive any kind of action figures related to their favorite anime. You can even get a side character and they would still be on cloud 9!

So anime action figures are figurines made out of metal or plastic depicting a particular anime character.

There are thousands of action figures that can be found for just one character, each showing a different costume and a different part of the anime storyline.

This product is very specific to anime lovers and no normal person can see the importance of anime figures as much as an Otaku can.

To a non-weeb, such figures might just be kind of dolls but amongst real Otakus, it is a way to surround themselves with their favorite characters.

There are also certain collectible editions manufactured especially for action figure collectors. Such special edition figures are not really pocket-friendly and not easily available as well.

So you can find any normal action figure online or in a shop near you, that will do just as well. Some people love to collect such figurines and if your loved one has such a hobby for collection then gifting an action figure that they don’t have will surely please them.

3. Posters and Props

Do you think they could use some decoration in their room? Give them their favorite stuff to adorn their room walls!

Anime posters are another great gift that only Otakus can understand. Get some posters that have a reference to the anime rather than just a painting.

Sometimes an anime has special posters related to it like the One Piece ‘wanted’ poster series. You can find any of these ready posters or you can also try to make a little handmade version of yourself!

Props that are related to their favorite anime could be another great gift. It is something only they can relate to and will also make them feel special. You can find out their favorite characters and then find any props that are iconic to those characters.

For example, it could be the sword of Dante or the Death Note Notebook. So something that is exactly like what it was in the anime. These props will surely turn your otaku’s normal birthday into a memorable one.

4. Manga comics / Anime DVD Sets

Birthday Gifts

How did you not think of that!? The books are always better than the movies, right? Similarly, if the person you are gifting has watched an anime and loved it, they should probably read its Manga comic too! Don’t waste your time and get them a Manga immediately.

You can also buy entire volumes of Manga if you are sure that the person you are gifting to would be excited to read them all. Also, it is better to give them a Manga set rather than just handing over one book.

You should especially get this if you are looking for anime gifts for girls. And don’t worry, even if the person doesn’t normally read, it is for sure that an Otaku will never say no to a manga set!

The other thing that Otakus will die for is an anime DVD set! You can get entire box sets including the entire anime or you can get different CDs.

These CDs are easily playable on a laptop or a computer and then your anime fan wouldn’t have to scour through thousands of websites and pop up ads to watch his favorite anime! Isn’t it a savior for them?

5. Anime Subscription Box

Birthday Gifts

This is by far one of the best and most unique birthday gift ideas for Otakus. An anime subscription box is something that you have to plan way before their birthday month as these boxes are pre-sold.

It is very similar to an Otaku box, except, here you don’t have to make it yourself!

You can purchase any anime subscription box service for a month and they send you an anime box filled with goodies and premium quality apparel, accessories and so much more.

After you have placed your subscription order, all you have to do is wait while the goodies reach you!

This is like a paradise for any Anime lover. The box might not have a customized theme though. So you cannot find just the items related to their favorite anime.

Rather, the box is generally a mix of all popular anime and they try to be creative with their giftings so you need not worry about the quality and quantity.


Anime birthday gifts for girls don’t seem all that difficult now, do they? So these were the best gifts that you can give to an Otaku and definitely, only something that just an Otakus can understand.

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