Why Selecting the Right Type of Face Mask is Essential for Protection?

2020 and 2024 can be considered as one of the most interesting years in history. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way people perceive the world. According to some surveys and studies, we can see that a lot of years will pass before we return to the situation that preceded the pandemic. Sure, you know that masks are one of the most important characteristics of this period.

It can be said that these are some kinds of symbol that represents these two years in the best possible way. People are encouraged to wear them and to keep their social distance to avoid being infected with this dangerous virus. However, we can see that some people have found a way to make masks much more interesting than they are.

If you take a look at how it was at the beginning, people only wore standard surgical masks. Nowadays, they come in a wide array of different shapes and sizes. So, it’s no wonder many people are not sure about their effectiveness. Therefore, we would like to talk about how choosing a certain type of mask can help you with this prevention. Without further ado, let’s elaborate on this topic.

How are These Tested?

Sure, choosing a mask that hasn’t been tested will not provide you with a lot of benefits. Therefore, look only for those who have been tested. If you would like to check some of these, take a look at Before you are ready to decide which mask you will use, you will need to be aware of how they are tested. Certainly, this is a process that requires certain terminology. However, we will simplify it and divide it into a couple of steps.

  • Breathability

As you can presume, airflow is a crucial characteristic of every mask. By having a controlled airflow, you can prevent the particles from reaching your nostrils and mouth. But that doesn’t mean that the breathability should be as low as possible. Some of these can be both comfortable and provide enough protection.

  • The Resistance

Resistance is a really important part of these tests. It determines the penetration rate. It is measure when compared to the size of the particles and if they can penetrate the surface. There are a lot of different fluids that are used in this segment. One of them is synthetic blood.

  • Filtration

Filtration is a process that determines how much of the particles will be prevented from breaching the surface. Of course, the size of the bacteria and other particles is an important aspect that’s taken into consideration. One of the materials used for this kind of test is latex aerosol.

What are the Most Popular Types?

Without any doubt, you had a chance to see a plethora of different masks. As we’ve said, people have found an interesting way of designing these. If you take a closer look at these, you will see that there are a lot of influences that had a crucial role in how some of these will look. That’s why we would like to discuss some of the most popular types of masks and how effective they can be.

1. Homemade

Naturally, a lot of people have decided to rely on wearing homemade masks, which are made of cloth. It needs to be said that their effectiveness depends on the way they are made. One of the most important characteristics is how many layers there are. A single-layer mask is not as efficient as a two-layer one, and so on. If you take a look at some figures, you will see that two-layer ones can filter out roughly 40% of the particles, while single-layer ones can filter only 1%.

2. Cone-Style

The next type we would like to discuss is called cone-style. We are talking about that white, uncommon mask that covers the nose and mouth. In most cases, you will see that there is some kind of metal where the nose is. That way, metal is inflicting pressure and makes it much more stable. Many people believe that they are highly efficient. However, it needs to be said that this is not always the case. But that doesn’t mean that they are not effective.

3. T-Shirt

T-shirt masks are made, as their name says, of old t-shirts. Since they don’t require some specific material, you can make these at home. With that said, it is safe to say that they are among the least effective ones. If we take a look at some official statistics, we can see that these can cover only a 1/3 of the prevention some specialized ones can provide us with. Despite this information, you will see these practically anywhere around you.

4. Bandana

Bandana is a well-known concept that has been present in pop culture since the late eighties. These are covering much more than just the nose and mouth, they cover the entire neck. According to some sources, some sort of bandana was used by cowboys to prevent the dust accumulation in their nostrils and mouth. Surprisingly enough, some researches have proven that wearing a bandana can provide significant protection from getting infected by COVID-19. It’s because spraying droplets is decreased. Furthermore, the versatility of bandanas has expanded beyond their traditional use, particularly with products like Deco Slides. These custom neck gaiters offer a modern twist on the classic bandana, providing coverage not only for the nose and mouth but also for the entire neck. With their practical design and functionality offers an additional layer of protection.

What is the Best Type?

As you can see from this article of ours, not all masks are created equal. After all of this information, we are obliged to say which type of masks can help you protect yourself from COVID-19. The most effective ones are masks called N-95 respirators. They protect both the person who wears them and those around that person. That’s the reason a lot of medical staff use this one.

The Conclusion

Since there are a lot of different types of masks out there, it’s no wonder why so many people are not sure about which one they should opt for. Here, we’ve named some of the commonest types and how effective are. In the end, we’ve provided our readers with our recommendation, which is the best solution according to a lot of sources. We are sure you will find this information useful.

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