5 Tips for Understanding the Difference in CBD Oil Strengths

Unless you have been absent from earth the past few years you know all about the CBD craze that has swept over it. While the initial wave of fame and glory has dimmed down a little bit, cannabidiol products are still extremely famous and widely spread with new shops and types of products appearing all the time. Considering how popular and big the market has become, it is understandable that people want to get more educated on all things CBD and try it out themselves.

There are many reasons why such products from getgreendelivery.com are so popular but we are not here to talk about that. Even though CBD can help with modern ailments like depression, stress, and anxiety, and even reduce inflammations and chronic pain while also lowering the risk of cancers, we are mostly going to focus on another, less discussed aspect of it all. Right here and now we will focus on the difference in CBD oil strengths, that is, the varieties of the most popular cannabidiol product and how you can choose the best one for yourself.


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1. Know the Milligrams

First and foremost, the most important thing about the strengths of different CBD oil products is the amount, and in this case it is measured in milligrams. There is a very wide and overwhelming range to browse from since there now exist oils anywhere from 150 mg to 7500 mg. This is quite the range and it takes a near expert to know exactly how many milligrams is enough for what effect. If you are a beginner, you should definitely start with oils that are in the range of a few hundred and slowly build your resistance while looking for more potent solutions. It is usually difficult at the beginning so try to get some advice from the seller at your local shop too. Ask them for recommendations especially if you are a newbie.

2. What the Amount Means


Now that you are familiar with the wide range of CBD milligrams present in the oils, it is time to know what it means. For example, if it reads 400 mg CBD oil on the label, it means that the whole package has 400 milligrams of cannabidiol. You will not consume it all in one go but over a period of days or a few weeks even. This number tells you how much you will have consumed by the time the bottle is empty. Per-serving values are different, and if we consult a different CBD product, the capsules, we can see that each capsule contains 50 mg. Based on your needs you can calculate how much you will take in one go.

3. You also Matter

By this we mean that your body type and size matters in determining the actual power the CBD will have on you. Body size matters a lot whenever you consume something since you require more potent products the taller and heavier you are. If you are a larger than average person by any means, you will want to start with higher concentration of CBD in your oil because otherwise you will not be able to feel anything. Smaller persons should stick to the lower values until they build up experience and learn what works for them best. If you do not trust this, you should know that CBD products for animals also exist and for example, oils and tinctures for cats contain only a fraction of those for humans.

4. Potency and Use


Different potency is also important in deciding what you will be using the oil for. For example, the low potency oils, which are around 300 mg, are mainly used by newcomers and those sensitive to CBD. Also, some consumers have more active endocannabinoid stems so they need way less to feel the effects. As a daily supplement for a healthier day to day life, you do not need more than 300 milligram bottles. One serving would be 1 ml or 20 drops of oil, or 10 milligrams.

Next up we have the mid potency CBD that are around 600 mg. This is the next logical step up from the initial oils of 300 or so mg and the midway point on your road to truly potent products. These oils are the ones commonly used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as day to day (chronic) pains. Inflammations and mild soreness are also treatable with this potency level. Single dose still remains 20 drops or 1 ml, but this time the serving contains 20 mg of CBD, double the amount from before.

Last but not least, we have the high potency CBD oils that contain at least 1000 mg, such as www.newphaseblends.com. It is considered the highest potency oil by most manufacturers, although there exist far greater strengths that should be used more carefully. The 1000 mg oils are used to treat sleep problems, chronic migraines, more serious stress and anxiety, and muscle soreness. One serving of 20 drops will give you 33.3 mg of CBD, which is again only 1 ml. There is no real need to take anything stronger than this.

5. Other Ingredients


While the CBD in your oil should be the most important active ingredient, there do exist products that also contain a wide variety of other ingredients. Different mixes are available that the manufacturers experimented with to offer the consumers more specialized blends. Some treat mental states better, while others are far more suitable for the physical issues. Before you buy them make sure to read the list of active ingredients as well as the table of values. It may be stronger or weaker than you expect so it would be best prepare.

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