How to Store CBD Oil Products Properly?

CBD procured from Hemp can be found in a variety of items. It doesn’t matter if you use tinctures, eatables, inhalable vapours, or any beauty product, you can find cannabidiol in all of them.

Before you select any commodity of CBD, it is essential to gain basic knowledge regarding the accurate perseverance process of the material so that the longevity rises, thereby ensuring its security.


CBD oils or digestives can be further classified as any regular food supplement. This is the reason why these materials are kept with the other essential foods inside the kitchen. CBD ointments can be categorized as cosmetic products too. Hence you can store it with your skincare products as well.

Since CBD is extracted from Hemp, you can call it a sort of plant-based material as well. However, similar to any other natural element or compound, CBD too breaks down and degenerates as it becomes old. But, with the appropriate storage, the high-end quality goods not only secures its cannabinoid element but also preserves other elements as well, namely flavonoids and terpenes.

As mentioned previously, regardless of the type of CBD product, it is incredibly vital to safeguard these goods. Experts from TryTheCBD say that TryTheCBD Oil products need to be stored with care to reach their full potential. You specifically need to pay special attention to the item and save it from any vulnerability to any high temperature, light, or humidity. If they are not safeguarded properly, then it might harm and affect the natural elements of the CBD.

Sunlight, temperature, and wind can cause the complete deterioration of the item, thereby shortening its shelf life.

CBD Vape pens Storing

There is no need to discuss the benefits you can get from different CBD products. They can all improve your overall health in several different ways. However, it is important to say that people are using different methods of consuming CBD. Because of that, we need to highlight that CBD vape pens became quite popular in the last couple of years. Still, if you want to enjoy the benefits to the fullest, you will have to store them in the right way. That is the mistake that most beginners make. 

There are three strict rules that you need to respect when storing CBD vape pens. First of all, you need to avoid heat. Some researchers claim that around 20 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for storing the vape oil cartridges. If you keep it in a warmer place, there is a big chance the oil will lose taste and potency. The vapes from VapeNterps come with excellent packaging and you have nothing to worry about their longevity.

The next thing you should respect is avoiding the sunlight. Over time, you will notice that the oil becomes darker which negatively influences its potency. Because of that, you should protect CBD vape pens from any type of heat. 

On the other hand, cold places are not going to harm the quality of the product. Oil has a great tolerance for cold temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you should store it in your freezer. In that way, you will still manage to create certain moisture issues inside the cartridge. 

Let us know why it is so.

1) Avoid exposure to sunlight:


As CBD materials are damaged by direct exposure from sunlight, it is therefore packed in such a way that it can protect itself from damage caused by light. Do not place it in such a place where direct sunlight falls upon it. The content inside CBD degrades once placed on the car dashboard or counter or window.


The most effective way to store your CBD product is in a pantry that is dry, cold, and dark. It is proven that CBD lasts a bit longer in such an environment.

CBD oils can easily be stored inside the refrigerators as well because refrigerators are dark rooms except for times when you open the refrigerator door. Another fantastic way to secure your CBD material is to wrap up the product with an aluminum foil to stop light degradation.

2)  Restrict any signs of heat:


Heat can damage your material to a great extent. This is why you should always keep it away from it.  Although CBD is obtained from Hemp, it is purely organic. Unfortunately, the process of extraction does not guarantee a 100% pure final product. Few elements are added in the oil or product which are not natural and it can cause adverse effects on some individuals as it acts differently on everyone. This is because the minerals present in the product starts behaving in a different way when it is exposed to high heat or temperature. Heat turns the substance into more of a buttery texture.

There are five things that you should keep in your mind while preserving any CBD substance:

  1. a) Restrain from preserving the material inside the cupboards which are situated near the appliances that emit heat.
  2. b) Keep the item away from sunlight.
  3. c) Don’t keep it around the oven, gas or stove.
  4. d) Don’t place the substance near windows which receive direct sunlight.
  5. e) Never forget the container inside your car. This will heat the whole material hugely.


If you reside in a humid climate and possess no AC, it is essential to reserve the substance in a cold place. If you consume CBD on a daily basis, the ultimate place to keep the item is the refrigerator. However, you should consider the refrigerator only as an extended-term option.

At times, what happens is, you are left with no other option but to place your item inside the refrigerator. In such conditions, the oil or the material inside becomes quite thick. Later it becomes a problem to dispense it through the dropper. At such times, you should run the container through a light warm liquid or water before you try to dispense it. This would loosen up the oil present inside.

To be on the safe side, you should always consult with its manufacturer or read all the instructions given in the container’s manual thoroughly. This is because hemp products don’t really perform well under extreme cold temperatures. And as CBD is a pull out of hemp product, this could deteriorate its benefits too.

3) Block all the air!


Just as any of the CBD materials or oils get affected by temperature or light, any touch of air can possibly degenerate the product, thereby reducing or ending its benefits or effectiveness completely.

Most of the items that are extracted or made from Hemp usually come in packages that are airtight. This is specifically done to prevent any air from entering into the bottle.


Always keep the material inside the container that it is provided with. If you try to exchange the bottle, there are chances that air can enter the substance, thereby damaging it.

Make it a point to tighten the cap properly after you open it. This ensures and extends your product’s shelf life.

However, in case you feel the need to shift the substance into another bottle, make sure that the container holds the substance for a longer extent of time.


It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using the CBD product, but once you have it, you should pay heed to these small things to extend your product’s longevity. Any exposure and pop-ups of external substances can damage your material entirely.

Bonus tip: Always place the container in an upright pose in mild temperature. Few of the most excellent locations where you can preserve your item is inside a pantry, cellar, freezer, and the basement.

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