What Type of Skin Care Products Can Private Labeling Offer

Private label skincare is already very common in the cosmetics market. Very often, users are not confident in the quality of those ingredients, even though very strict research is being conducted on them. However, there are entire companies and industries engaged in such production. For example, RainShadow Labs offers custom skin care products that can be made for another company, or for an individual according to specific needs.

If you want to launch your own cosmetic line, all you have to do is find the best private label company that can follow your directions and recipes. We are sure that you have many ideas on how to improve the current market of cosmetic products or target specific skin problems.

The Skincare market has grown significantly in 2020, and now skin care is one of the biggest trends on social networks. There are hundreds of referral and sales profiles. Many fashion influencers have already launched their own cosmetics lines.

What they all have in common is that they certainly don’t have clinical laboratories where they test all products and ingredients. In fact, they are the biggest customers for private label skin care companies.

What products can you get?

Private label skincare companies offer all kinds of products for you. You can start with face washes and cleansers, then order toners, scrubs, face masks, serums, moisturizers, creams, SPF treatments, and spot treatments, but the list doesn’t stop there.

They can also make your body lotions, foot lotions, hand creams, and body scrubs. You can also order products that treat a specific condition, such as skin redness, acne, wrinkles, pores, excessive skin oiliness, dryness, etc.

Things are getting to the point where any vision you have can be fulfilled really easily. You can even choose packaging that does not contain plastic, but also for the cosmetics to be vegan, chemical-free, or completely natural.

In fact, we want to tell you that the possibilities are endless with private labels. You can even create a routine for yourself that no one else in the world will have.

What are the advantages of private label skincare products?

As we have already stated, you have unlimited possibilities with private lines of facial cosmetics. The good thing is that they are really flexible and their goal is not to profit at any cost. On the other hand, by working on the great trust between them and the users, these businesses provide themselves with long-term collaborations that bring them a great return on their invested funds.

However, among the biggest benefits are:

1. Constant quality control

All products go through several stages of testing, to ensure a perfect ratio of price and quality. Of course, the recipe for the product is constantly revised, so that it can be improved, or possibly the best ingredients can be used for that purpose.

Quality control is valid even at the product packaging and distribution stage. By doing so, you are placing your product on the market in a safe way, or you are sure that you are offering your skin the best quality care.

2. Cost optimization

Skincare can sometimes be really expensive and we can’t afford it even when we really need it. Of course, private labels allow us to have identical benefits but at a much fairer price. That way, everyone gets the product they need and at the same time invests in personal care.

3. Less production time

Private labels are not focused on branding. Therefore, even if you only order one product, it will be delivered to you exactly on time. This is another advantage of private labeling.

There are many more benefits of using private labels for your skincare routine. You can even create personalized care for yourself, by skipping the products that don’t fit your skin type or even adding something to enhance the overall effect.

We recommend following the simple steps of the skincare routines:

First, it’s cleansing, so you need to use face wash or a special cleanser. You can use exfoliants here after you completely cleanse the face.

The next step is toning the skin, but many skip this step. Toners are nice for hydration.

After that, you need to use your serum. That would be hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or peptides.

Instead of serums, you can use special treatments, like retinoids. Don’t combine retinoids and exfoliants on the same day.

Once you are done with the serum, you seal it with moisturizer or hydration cream.

Put an SPF if you need to go out during the day. You don’t need sun protection cream over the night.

Pro Tips

Use retinoids in the evenings. Use SPF every day. Never skip it, because it’s a crucial part of the skincare routines.

Serums and toners aren’t mandatory in the routines, but it’s always a nice idea to boost your usual routine.

Many find minimalistic routines more efficient than ingredient-rich products.

If you wear a makeup, double cleanse is a must. You use an oil-based cleanser to melt down the makeup and dirt on your face. After that, you wash them down with a water-based cleanser.

If you use micellar water, you need to wash it off your face after, before you move to the next step of the routine.

Korean cosmetics are great, but they may be too much for some users because it contains too many ingredients in one product.


Private labeling for skincare allows you to combine different products and ingredients, making sure the quality is consistent.

Skincare is neither a trend nor a fad right now, and it won’t be next year. The consistency improves the quality of the skin and helps you maintain a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Of course, do not forget that it is very important if you eat properly and if you drink enough water. The skin also needs hydration from the inside.

The skin protects our body from all external influences, so it is important to never compromise when it comes to the quality of the products you use, no matter if you prefer private-labeled cosmetics, or if you go for commercial choices.

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