Skin-Care Tips That Will Help Get Rid of That Lazy, Flaky Skin

At present, skincare holds a lot of meaning for people. It is a way of coping, spending time with oneself, someone’s love language, and so on. Skincare is a form of care that one does more for anyone and everyone they love. People prefer to boast more about their skincare to present themselves better and grow along the way. But along the way, people gatekeep products, tips, and tricks that work magic and do not cost many bucks out of your pocket.

These tips and tricks aren’t hard to follow if you have the right products for your skin concerns. For those right products, you can either try various products in the market or reach out to a custom skin care manufacturer like the one you can find here. With the help of the right products, it is easier to implement tricks and tips that minimize the flaky appearance and get rid of your lazy appearance.

7 Skincare Tips For Your Flaky Skin

Flakiness and dryness can cause your smooth skin to develop wrinkles and cuts, which further damage the epidermis barrier. When the epidermis barrier gets damaged, it gets extremely sensitive to any product, including moisturizers. Applying moisturizer and trying to heal your epidermis barrier can be very painful and tedious. Thus, you should follow simple skincare tips before the flakiness on your skin worsens.

1. Do Shower Care

Shower care doesn’t mean you need to have a separate regime for your skin in the shower. You need to do or avoid these simple things while taking a shower. Such as not opting for hot baths and not taking a warm bath for longer than 10-15 minutes. It is so because being in hot water for longer durations causes the pores to open, and in the process, too many oils are stripped out from the skin.

You can also apply sheet masks before showering to avoid moisture loss and keep your epidermis hydrated. For your body, you can apply some coconut oil and mustard oil. The oil on the surface of your body will form a layer that will not let water and natural oil leave your skin in large amounts.

2. Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

After bathing, your epidermis is not immediately dry but moist. It is the perfect time to apply moisturizer as it adds in a bit of oil or moisture, depending on the type of moisturizer, and seals it off. It prevents moisture from leaving the skin and keeps it moisturized for longer periods. People with dry skin should specifically go for oil-based moisturizer instead of water-based as their skin needs oil to keep the flakiness away and gives a good glow to the skin.

3. Use Fragrance-Free Products

In most skin care products, the fragrance is added with the help of alcohol. Alcohol is a drying agent; while the fragrance can be light, that doesn’t mean that it would be less drying. Therefore your skincare products, as much as possible, should have no fragrance or alcohol.

You should look out for some products such as moisturizers and face wash and ensure they have less fragrance. These two are responsible for cleansing your skin and providing it with moisture and oil. If these have fragrances in them, they can be more drying and work less effectively than expected.

4. Change Pillow Covers Regularly

The material of your pillow covers can be a major reason why you have flakiness on your skin. If the material of the pillowcase absorbs all the skincare and is dirty, then it’s harmful to your skin. All the skincare would take longer to be effective or might not even show results. The last step of your skincare routine, your moisturizer takes longer to get absorbed and stays on your face for ample time, which is why you should change the material of your pillow covers to what works best for you and change them regularly.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Flakiness causes the upper layer of the skin to become brittle and rough. Applying skincare to this layer can be useless as it would absorb too much product and wouldn’t let it seep into the epidermis to show results. Exfoliation removes some dead epidermis cells to let the skincare seep deeper into the skin. People with flakiness should exfoliate from time to time with a gentle exfoliator to avoid irritating their skin. Exfoliation would help remove the upper flakiness and let the product work better to avoid further flakiness.

6. Do Not Use Anti Aging Products

While AHAs or exfoliants are an excellent way to help with flakiness and have that amazing glow, they can dry the skin if used frequently. Similar to them are anti-aging products, mostly retinol. Retinol is an excellent product for anti-aging but is well known for causing purging and dryness. If you have flakiness, anti-aging products aren’t for you. If you still want to apply anti-aging products, you should go for sandwich your retinol between moisturizers and should apply it no more than twice or thrice a week.

7. Regularly Apply Sunscreen


Sunscreen is the last part of your skincare routine in the morning. Be it skin of color or not, everyone needs sunscreen to avoid most of your skin issues. When you have flakiness, sunscreen is the perfect product to look at all your skincare skin. It also helps in protecting your skin from worsening due to the sun and dust. Sunscreen doesn’t let them have direct physical contact with your skin and works similarly to a moisturizer.


Skincare is an important part of one’s daily routine. It consists of a few simple steps to combat your skin issues and helps you reach your skin goals. Many people complain of oily skin and can be seen wiping their faces frequently. But those who have flakiness have issues with keeping their skin moisturized if not oily and clean. While both skin types have their own issues, the steps above can help any skin type to avoid flakiness.

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