CBD Products Your Dog Will Love

Numerous dog owners know what it’s like to see their beloved pet suffer from anxiety, pain, and issues with their appetite. Most issues of that nature are more common in older dogs, unless specific health conditions apply. It can be difficult finding reliable and effective pet products that can help our dogs with these issues. You may get medication from a vet, but it’s hard to know how well it works for them at times. This is why it’s a good idea to look into supplements that can work with or replace their medications.

CBD is a trendy new supplement that is being explored by pet owners and vets alike. It has little to no negative effects on its own, but you should use caution when combining it with some medication. It has also been shown to help greatly with issues like anxiety, pain and nausea. Be sure to avoid any CBD products that have even a trace amount of THC in them, as THC can be toxic to dogs. Visit for proper guidelines.

There are a large variety of CBD products for dogs that are safe to try, but it’s a good idea to know what to look for. Want to know what CBD products are safe and can actually help your dog? Try these five:

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil is the most basic form of this compound that you will find. You will want to find oil drop bottles that specify they’re made for dogs. CBD for humans has a much higher dose than dogs should take. Thankfully, CBD oil drops that are made for dogs will usually say on the label what approximate size (in lbs) the dose is appropriate for.

There should also be a guideline for how much of a dose of CBD is in a full dropper, which you can use to calculate or adjust the dosage for your dog at any given time. Make sure to follow the directions on the bottle for the correct dose. Start with a smaller dose and work up to more if you see it is working. CBD oil can be given orally to your dog, or added to their food or water.

CBD Tincture

CBD tincture for dogs works very similar to CBD oil. It also comes in a dropper bottle, and you can get different levels of concentration depending on the strength you need for smaller or larger dog breeds. It is often a little less expensive to get tincture compared to a similar dose of CBD oil, depending on the brand.

The main difference is that tincture comes with a different base, so the ingredients can vary. Tinctures can also come with secondary ingredients that bring other benefits. It can add other supplements to assist with immune system support, stomach health, and other issues.

CBD Capsules

Aside from CBD oil drops, you can also get CBD capsules. Capsules are the oil in pill-form, which has its advantages and disadvantages compared to CBD oil drops. The benefit is that there are precise doses of CBD in each capsule, so you know the exact dose you’ll be giving to your dog. Make sure to pick capsules that have the right dose per pill for the size of your dog.

The drawback is that it can be very difficult to get some dogs to swallow a pill. You can try sneaking it into food or treats such as peanut butter, but some dogs are smart or stubborn, and spit them back out again. Your dog may also be older or sick, and not willing or able to eat anything. In these cases, you may find that CBD oil drops work better.

CBD Dog Treats

Another kind of CBD product for your dog that they will like more are dog treats that are made with CBD. There are a few reasons why CBD treats for dogs may work better for your pet than regular CBD oil:

  • They taste better
  • They can include other ingredients to promote your dog’s health
  • Each treat will have a specific dose of CBD that takes no measurement on your part

Make sure you check the packaging to see the amount of CBD in each threat so you know what size or dose to give your dog. You can always visit Joy Organics if you want to see the kinds of CBD dog treats available from pet stores.

This is the kind of CBD product that is the most popular, and the most common in pet supply stores. You can get them in a variety of treat-types: soft treats, biscuits, chews, and more. The other good part about CBD dog treats is that they often come with a mix of other ingredients to achieve different results. You can get CBD treats that help more with anxiety, or pain, stomach issues, immune system, and more.

CBD Nutritional Supplement

If you have an older dog and you want to help prevent issues like joint pain, appetite issues or anxiety from getting worse, you can also try giving them a nutritional supplement that also uses CBD. Joint pain supplements in particular are very common, as it is one of the most common health issues that older dogs are likely to deal with. However, you can also get supplements that act as appetite stimulants, immune system boosters, and more.

The main difference between CBD supplements and the above product types is that these supplements do not have CBD as the primary ingredient. It will usually have a stronger mix of other compounds and supplements, with CBD included.

These pet products that use CBD are a great way to help improve your dog’s life. Whether it’s reducing anxiety they get from fireworks, thunder, or vet visits, or reducing their joint pain and nausea, it’s a low-risk way to help your furry friend. The only caution is if you already give your dog other medication, as CBD may cause a negative reaction. Make sure you talk to your vet ahead of time to make sure it will be fine.

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