A Short Guide to CBD Oil Strains

The CBD industry keeps growing by leaps and bounds, and a wide variety of products are being manufactured with these amazing elements found in the cannabis plants. If you take CBD oil as an example, you will see many different strains to keep in mind when buying your very own bottle. While people are becoming increasingly interested in these products, many individuals still don’t know that the plant’s strain plays a crucial role in its effectiveness.

Cannabidiol is one of the two most prevalent substances found in cannabis plants, and the strain you choose will either have a high or a low concentration of this particular substance. There is no point in talking about this concentration without mentioning Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the other most prevalent substance in these plants. Before I explain what you can expect from different strains, let me quickly guide you through the difference between CBD and THC. The information mentioned below will be helpful for you to know everything about the product.

Cannabidiol vs. Tetrahydrocannabinol


You will come across the two most common cannabinoids. If you research both of these substances, you will see that they are rather similar, but one significant difference determines the actual effects that the compounds will have on people. These have the same chemical formula. Therefore, you think they have the same properties and effects on people.

Yet, that’s not true, and here is the catch. Although Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol have the same formula, the atoms are arranged rather differently, and this structural variance results in different chemical properties. Consequently, the effects of these two components are not the same, which is why the whole talk about strains is important. The most obvious difference lies in the fact that THC has psychoactive properties, while CBD doesn’t.

Usually, the products found at Cheefbotanicals and similar places are created from a hemp plant, which is another significant fact to keep in mind. Why? Well, simply because hemp is known to be low on THC, meaning that it won’t be able to get you high. Some of those products will contain no THC at all, while others may contain traces, but those traces won’t be enough to create the psychoactive effect.


Let us now talk about strains because that will help you understand CBD oil more precisely. As we have already determined, cannabis plants have both Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol. The difference, however, lies in the ratio between these two substances. Typically, there are three different ratios that you can find, and those will help you determine which strain might be good for what you need. Those are:

  • Low CBD, high THC
  • Balanced CBD and THC
  • Low THC, high CBD

Depending on the actual plant that the products you might be using, you can get different ratios between these two substances, which will certainly impact the products’ actual effects. Generally, all THC strains containing more than 0.3% are considered marijuana, while all of those with a lower Tetrahydrocannabinol concentration is regarded as hemp. If you remember correctly, I have already talked about hemp and explained its importance in the whole story about CBD oil. If you want to learn more about it, though, go here. A bit of research while opting for the best products will give maximum benefits.



Are you confused with the information relating to your purchase? When you decide to get this product, the first thing you should do is check what material is used. Suppose you see that it is made of hemp, which will mean that the product will be high on Cannabidiol and low on Tetrahydrocannabinol. That is one of the ratios that we have explained above. It would help if you were sure that you are using a good-quality product to get maximum benefits.

This ratio that most people want to get because they want to feel the amazing effects of the product without getting high and addictive in the process. CBD oil made from hemp will help you do exactly that. Remember that different strains are offered on the market, meaning that you should always check the product’s composition before buying it.

Benefits of CBD Oil:

  • The foremost benefit of consuming the product is to get over anxiety. Anxiety can be life-threatening as it leads to numerous additional problems like high blood pressure. Heart strokes, etc. Therefore, it becomes essential to take preventive measures and lead a healthy life.
  • If you consume it before a meeting or social gathering, you will see a confidence level rise. It will help to enhance the quality of delivering the speech.
  • The right quantity can give you benefits to avoid cancerous cells to take over your body.
  • When you consume it during your competitive exams, you will experience a higher concentration level. Also, you will feel active during the study and the next morning as well.

A few side effects of CBD Oil?


We all must be aware of the pros and cons of everything that we come across. The scenario is the same with hemp oil. There are a few effects that we will discuss in the upcoming points:

  • According to a few people, CBD oil makes them feel sleepy. Some believe that using CBD oil makes them feel lazy and exhausted. They tend to get into the rest mode rather than getting active.
  • A few have also reported that consuming hemp oil lowers their blood pressure. The fact behind this is the calmness that one feels. However, the consumption or use in the right amount will give additional benefits.
  • The skin might get dry. Another effect of CBD oil reported by some is dryness. Every individual reacts differently to products. For some, the skin might feel rejuvenating. On the other hand, a few feel harsh skin types.
  • You can gain weight as it encourages an increase in appetite. The hemp helps to clean the stomach and encourage an increase in the diet. You will see frequent hunger strokes after use. It is always better to avoid eating junk as it might make you feel fat.
  • You might see behavioral changes in a few cases. Some people tend to have no control over their emotions. They are the ones who get over-emotional after using CBD oil. Some people also experience psychological effects where they think that the product is making them high. Therefore, during the course, they start feeling tipsy.
  • Some people also feel more alert and insomnia. Where on the one side people feel lazy, some people have reported signs of alertness. With the hemp oil having higher THC levels, some people are not able to sleep well. They feel extra-active during the time.

Bottom Line:

Even though there are cons, the benefits surpass them. Adequate consumption can lead to numerous benefits and a healthy lifestyle. Also, we must create awareness about the product that not all CBD products are to get high. Some come with non THC levels that give genuine happiness to the mind, body, and soul. After considering the benefits, you can get over any chronic health issue. Consuming the product in the right quantity is the best option available for you. However, it will be best to choose the best quality and consult a physician for the intake.

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