How Many Times A Day Should You Take Cbd Oil – 2024 Guide

Are you planning to take CBD oil for a particular purpose? If yes, you should know how many times you should take it. Some people make mistakes by not following a proper schedule for the same. Due to this, they later regret it when they don’t get the results. If you are also struggling with the same, you should learn everything before proceeding. In this article, we will discuss what quantity of Cannabidiol oil is suitable to take per day.

Cannabidiol is a substance that is beneficial for treating many diseases. Even professionals also recommend people suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other illness try it. Nowadays, it has become more convenient for people to purchase CBD oil online. You will find many CBD online stores that provide these products. If you are looking for a reliable one, you can visit this site.

Well, the use of cannabidiol also has some side effects. But only a few people know about them. These side effects usually occur when you don’t take the product appropriately. It is always better to seek professional medical help to find the correct quantity to consume daily. Let’s discuss it more without wasting any more time.

How much cannabidiol oil should you consume per day?


If you wish to treat or get relief from a medical condition, you should know the right consumption quantity. Here are some points that you need to remember to make the right decision regarding it-

  • Follow the doctor’s prescription: The doctor’s prescription is the most reliable thing you can follow when taking cannabinoid oil. Every health professional knows how much quantity is sufficient to deal with a particular medical condition. So, you can trust the prescription and take it according to the instructions. Most doctors will suggest taking smaller quantities initially and then increasing them further. Still, you have to be careful while following a prescription.
  • Different illnesses have different doses: CBD can help reduce the symptoms of various mental conditions like depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and more. One thing that most people aren’t aware of is that different illnesses require different doses. For instance, if you have an epilepsy problem, you must take a high dose. On the other hand, if you have anxiety or depression disorder, you have to take less quantity.

It is essential to analyze your medical condition and decide how much quantity you need to consume. The doctors follow the same method. They have sufficient knowledge about everything. So, you can trust them on this part.

  • Limit to consumption: It doesn’t matter what type of illness you want to cure or treat with CBD oil. There is a limit to consuming it. According to medical studies, one should not take more than 1500mg of Cannabidiol. You can consume around 100mg to 1500mg every day to reduce the symptoms. It depends on your medical condition regarding how much quantity you can take to avoid side effects.
  • Begin with a low dose: The consumption of CBD should not exceed much because it will not provide you with the benefits. Every beginner should begin taking 5mg of the product and repeat it twice or thrice a day. If you get the results, you can also increase the quantity, but you have to wait. After some time, you will know what amount of Cannabidiol is suitable for your medical condition.

Sometimes, people get confused when they make these decisions themselves. You can consider getting the help of a medical professional in such a situation. Also, you can prevent confusion from the same. But it depends on your preferences and requirements to make this decision.

  • Record everything from time to time: Do you want to know if cannabidiol oil helps you? For this, you have to note your progress once in a while. In this way, you will also learn how much quantity of Cannabidiol your body needs. Then you can either fix the dosage or increase it further.

You can put some things like side effects, results, and more on your record according to the dosages. For example, if you consume 70mg every day, you should note your results or side effects. As you move further and raise the dosage, you can keep noting everything down. Maintaining a record will help you figure out many essential things about your body’s intake of CBD oil.

What is a perfect method to measure Cannabidiol oil dose?


Cannabidiol oil consumption might be complex to measure for beginners. However, you can try this straightforward way to complete the process.

CBD dose calculator: Now, you can also find calculators online. All you need to enter is some details regarding your consumption. These include the number of drops you use, total quantity of CBD content, and how many times you consume it. All these details are necessary to enter and get accurate results.

To find the best calculator, you need to research well. Like, you can read customers’ reviews to identify the same.

You can also calculate the same yourself. However, you have to gain some knowledge before measuring it. Still, the best method is to take help from a calculator. It will give you the correct results if you put in the accurate details.

What will happen if you consume too much Cannabidiol?

Some people have a misconception regarding CBD oil intake. They think that a high dosage will not give rise to side effects. But the reality is different. Every individual should be aware of how much quantity they consume every day. Otherwise, it will create these problems-

  • Dry mouth: Consuming a high dosage of Cannabidiol can make your mouth dry.
  • Nausea: You might feel like puking up after taking the oil more than required.
  • Stomach ache or other issues: You will get stomach issues if not taken precautions.
  • Lightheadedness: Lightheadedness is another problem you can face due to a high dose.

The Bottom Line


We hope this article has provided you with reliable information regarding CBD oil consumption. You can now proceed to find the correct amount to consume.

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