How Many Diapers does a Baby use in a Day?

If it is your first baby, you need a lot of guidance especially in terms of diapers. You won’t have any idea of the baby’s urinary habits and that can create problems for you. Although you get a lot of diapers in gift form but no one knows the right size. Therefore, you have to do this by yourself. Only you have the idea of the right size.

Furthermore, there are plenty of diaper manufacturers and you do not know which one to choose. Some of them may have paraffin or lotion to make them soft and smell nice, but that might cause irritation.

You can order diapers for your baby from There is no need to go out in the market during this busy time. Furthermore, misskappababy offers the service of a test kit. If your baby has sensitive skin and you are worried about the quality of the diaper to choose, the test kit will help you.

With the use of this test kit, you can avoid overheating, dermatitis and wrong size. Furthermore, there are diapers that have paraffin or lotions and dyes, so you can avoid getting them. The diapers from misskappababy have dermatological testing. So you won’t have to make any compromise.

How much to pile up

The number of diapers depends upon the age and size of your baby. If your baby is a few months old, the needs are different. Likewise, if the baby is a year old, both the size and number of diapers will be different. So here is a complete guide for you.

For newborns


If your baby is a newborn, he will urinate more and make his diaper wet too often. And you won’t want him to remain in that wet sheet. Therefore, for a baby of 10 lbs. weight, you will need around 8 diapers a day for the first few weeks. Therefore, you can arrange 2 to 3 packs.

But it is better to check out the sensitivity of your baby first. If your baby’s skin is sensitive to certain materials, avoid those companies. Once you sort out the right manufacturer, you can buy a complete box. It will be enough for at least a month or more depending upon the use.

For 4 months old – Size 1


If your baby is about 4 months old now, you should move to the next size, which is size 1. At this time, the weight of the baby also increases or decreases depending upon his health. So he must weigh around 8 to 14 lbs. However, you have an advantage at this time because the urination reduces and your diaper requirement also reduces.

4 months old is still on milk feeding. Therefore, they will only pee. So depending upon their feeding habits, you will need 8 to 10 diapers a day. So you can buy a pack first and check his habits. If he requires more diapers, you can always buy some.

For 3 to 8 months old – Size 2

The size of the diaper varies with the weight of the baby. If your baby weighs around 18 lbs. he will need a bigger size than 8 lbs weighing the baby. This size 2 is usually suitable for babies with 3 to 8 months old age. But again, if their weight is more at 4 months age, it means he gets more feed. Thus, he will pee more and you will need more diapers.

So you will need around 8 to 9 diapers for a day. And you can buy several packs depending upon the number of diapers each pack has.

For 5 to 24 months – Size 3

So if your baby weighs about 16 to 28 lbs. he will need a size 3. Furthermore, after your baby gets older, you will start feeding him other foods. Thus, instead of just milk, the baby will have more solid food that will require digestion. This increases digestion time and reduces peeing.

Therefore, you will need fewer diapers at this point. So he might use around 6 pieces in 24 hours and you will have to buy fewer packs now.

For 18 to 36 months old – Size 4

Size 4 goes best for kids who have around 22 to 37 lbs. weight. So basically, your baby is now older than a year. At this time, he will have a more solid and semi-solid diet. Thus, he will need more digestion time. So he won’t need many diapers.

But after all, he is still a baby who does not know about these things. So it is highly possible that he pees and you change his diaper and after a short time, he poops. Thus, you will be going to change it again.

For older than 3 years – Size 5

Kids older than 3 years have a set routine for urination and pooping. If you have been taking care of them, you will now know about these things. Therefore, there is not a set limit for the number of diapers for these kids. You can start their potty training at this time and use diapers only when you are headed out.

Cost of the diapers

It might blow your mind by looking at the number of diapers that a kid uses every day. And you will definitely worry about the cost. A single diaper costs around 0.35 dollars. However, if you buy in bulk, the cost reduces to around 0.25 dollars per piece. Thus, you will spend around 20 dollars on a week’s supply.

According to the estimates, a family generally spends $1000 on disposable diapers in the first year. However, if you change it to cloth diapers, the cost reduces to half. Because they are washable and reusable. Therefore, you do not have to buy more. In addition to this, if you use wipes and other supplies, the cost increases. However, wipes are not a necessity, you can have them if you have to move out a lot.

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