How many day trades can you make in a day?

Earning money the fast and safe way is not something anyone can grant, as simply, there is always some risk that one needs to take. Of course, some branches are more profitable than others, and some of them have much large profit potential for longer periods, which is why before taking any action, one first needs to be sure of what exactly they want. Investing as a term evolved through time, and even though a few decades ago, brokerages and trading houses were those responsible for all the trades, along with large corporate financial institutions, today, with the Internet, each one of us can actively participate in this endeavor.

Today, more than ever before, plenty of options are available, and we can choose where and in what goods we want to invest. Gold, fiat money, cryptocurrency, and technology, in general, are just some of the examples of how vast the offer is. Yes, for someone unfamiliar with how things work, this diversity of offer can even cause more anxiety, but nonetheless, with time, dedication, and, of course, enough research, only the sky is the limit. Even recent studies showed that the growth of people willing to participate in this market is yet to reach new highs, as it really is a great opportunity to make huge profits fast.

What’s needed?

For starters, if you require to join the trading community, you first need to realize that every trade comes with certain risks, and its assessment overall is one of the crucial elements of any trade. The other thing that’s required is the right software and equipment. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to discover the best software for you, but it is worth the time that we spend searching since the best software is our starting point for everything. Without the right software, we cannot think about gaining profits, so we need to be up to date all the time. After all this, the remaining question is deciding how many of these deals you can make.

Now when we know what’s needed, let’s further explain what it actually is and how it all works.

What is it?

The simplest way to describe it is that when someone actively participates and buys and sells the same day, we can say that they are participating in the day trade. For example, if someone purchases shares in the morning and sells them in the afternoon, they have successfully done it. Otherwise, or if they only got shares and didn’t sell them until midnight, that would not be rated as day trading. Now it’s much clearer why reliable and trustworthy equipment and analysis is crucial, as it can be a determinative point on whether you will actually make the most out of your venture or not. It may sound confusing for people who are new in this world, but all they need to learn is how to determine when is the best time to make deals.

Let’s explain the PDT rule

Let’s start with the basics and explain the term first. Namely, the term itself stands for Pattern Day Trade, and it is an important rule for every trader. Certified and recognized authorities give this rule to every trader who uses their account to make the most trades within five (work) days. Now, the amount of time someone has spent dealing with cryptos has no role in this, as what counts is the amount of money. What this means is that if someone has less than 25 thousand dollars on their account, they will fall under certain restrictions. One of those restrictions is not being able to make more than three of these transactions within five days.

Many people think that they can easily get past this rule and use excuses as they forget about it to violate it, but that’s not possible because their broker needs to inform them when they reach the limit. Neglecting the warnings is never a good idea because it can lead to freezing accounts and the inability to trade for three whole months, which is a long period for every person on the crypto market. If you are still not sure or you want more info on this topic to fully understand why it is so important, visit and get all the info you may need.

What is the biggest advantage?

Probably the most useful thing this rule gives to us is higher purchasing power than the non-day dealers possess. It is something that gives us great leverage, as we all want to make some earnings and finish the day with more money than we had when we first started. Having the buying power is a big advantage in the trading world because you have more money for deals and to try to make some profit. For instance, if you have $30,000 on the account and buying power 4:1, that means that you have $120,000 to trade for a day. There is only one simple catch, positions cannot be held overnight, and you need to finish trading during one day in order to remain a day trader, and the account needs to have a minimum amount of money on it, which we mentioned above.

The bottom line

Now, when you know the basics, everything else should get much easier, as you have all the necessary knowledge to start. Remember, doing research may need some time, and some would even have to pay for more specific analysis and better software, but you cannot make money without having to spend some of it first, as it is the basic rule of trading. That and being aware of the PDT rule is what separates successful traders from the rest. So, keep that in mind, and also, remember that changing cash account type is pretty easy, and if you need to do so, just get in touch with your broker. Earning money requires some time, no matter what we are doing to get it, and because of that, we need to be aware that we cannot learn anything for one night.

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