9 Amazing Activities That You Can Adopt This Quarantine to Make Lockdown Fun

Over the past 1 year, people of the world are suffering from an unwanted and undesirable pandemic. Millions and billions of people have been confined to the walls of their homes just because of the coronavirus. Just like us, you are also one of those people. Although safety at this stage is the key to survival, staying at home leads to ultimate boredom, time waste, and some people have reported that they go through serious depression.

Are you also bored? Bored from the quarantine? Bored from being at home all the time? If yes, there are certain things and activities that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. Not only are you learning something new but, they have great entertainment value.

Start Writing a Diary

The pandemic has indeed left multiple thoughts in the minds of people. What better than penning those thoughts down in a journal? Writing a journal is the best way to keep your thoughts together in one place and also to evaluate mental health.

Whether you want to write a diary with your favorite ink pen, stickers, and paints to decorate it, you can also use your laptop and make an online journal. The good thing about online journals is that you can develop an online platform for motivation where people can read your thoughts. An online journal can be public and private but the rustic art of writing a journal under the blankets has its own charm.


Exercising is one of the best ways to get the blood running around the body. Blood circulation is great to get your mind refreshed and your heart relaxed. Many people have gone through amazing transformations just by being home, eating well, and getting a workout done. Add different exercises and take workout plans from YouTube (you can even buy a personalized plan). Order a jumping rope online and burn more than a thousand calories simply by jumping for an hour every day.


Not a fan of cooking? Doesn’t matter. You can learn some amazing recipes that will not only allow you to become a better cook but also educate you more about better cooking, giving more time to the kitchen, or even kitchen management skills. If you are busy, try sharing a nice kitchen plan with your partner where you can take turns on cleaning, meal prep, and general management.


It is not necessary that you have to be 70 years old and called ‘grandma’ by children to knit sweaters. In fact, knitting is a fun, warm, and relaxing way to spend the winters in quarantine. Many young girls and even boys have displayed a remarkable skill set that involves knitting different animal babies, care bears, sweaters, and cardigans. You can make cute gifts and send them to your friends and loved ones as a gesture that you are missing them and that they are in your thoughts during this hard time.


Music is an activity that has been responsible for connecting people together for decades. There are hundreds of instruments, so many genres, and a lot of places to learn from. However, did you know that you can actually take online lessons from All you have to do is sign up for a class, pick out your favorite instrument, and start learning it with professional teachers from your home. And don’t worry about the pricing because they are genuinely reasonable.


Of course, you are not 7 or 8 anymore but, there are puzzles that can be found online that are specifically designed for adults. Smaller pieces have more intricate details to images and of course, an expected masterpiece in the end. This can be an intimate activity with your loved one where you both can bond and spend quality time with each other.


Painting is a fun way to get your hands dirty and show creativity. By expressing your thoughts through colors on a canvas, you can actually spend a lot of time without even thinking about boredom or what to do next. Order your favorite art supplies, think of the images that you want to paint, and get creative with whatever type of art you want to produce. The good thing about arts is that you are not confined to a particular type, accuracy, and even beauty – it can be anything in your mind that you choose to express.


Oh forget the rules of photography that you need to have a professional camera with sophisticated gear, stands, and of course a highly engaging, popular, and interactive Instagram page. If you have these things, it’s amazing but if you don’t, you should not worry about anything. Take different pictures of your own, family, candid moments, and nature around your house, pets, and many other things that can be deemed Instagram-worthy. Make relevant edits and upload them. In fact, you can get them developed and even make a physical album for your future memories or as a nice decorative picture wall in some corner of the house.


Oh yes, the fun source of burning calories, getting the heart rate pumped, and also enjoying the moves at home, dancing is never boring. Go for Bollywood moves or simply add an application to your phone that supports a subtle dance app of your choice. If you want some more fun, use your smart TV to connect with the internet and play some tunes of your liking and involve the entire family in this fun-filled episode of dance.


The quarantine can get tedious, boring, mentally exhausting and you will find yourself confused and often struggling with what to do while confined within the walls of your own home. From facetime music lessons to painting and photography, there are a lot of hobbies that you can pick up and perform at the home. Make sure that you are safe and away from contamination because during the pandemic there is nothing better than being at home.

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