Different Pool Technology Available Today

The world is evolving, and the people and their efforts to have a better and easier life are credited for that. They make daily efforts, conduct research and research in order to come up with something new or improved. This is better said technological development – the development of technology and the opportunities it offers us. So what has already been done or conceived in the past, today is in a completely different edition and serves much better than before. If something is not planned, then here is the team that will work to get something new that will bring an easier way of life and easier functioning in the daily life of each person.

Imagine the convenience of cleaning your swimming pool without lifting a finger. This is just one of the benefits of key innovations in pool technology on the market today. From automated pool care to energy-efficient designs, new technology is improving the lives of pool owners world-over. Let’s dive into some of the different pool technology available today described at www.bluehaven.com.au perfectly.

Automated Pool Cleaners


Having a pool was once a big headache. Measuring the water temperature, adding water to the pool, putting purifiers and chlorine in the water, checking the pH value of the water, cleaning the filters, cleaning the pool walls, collecting the leaves that are on the water stool and the bottom, collecting sand, checking engine operation and much more. All of the above are tasks that a pool owner must complete on his own, or he needs to hire someone to do it on a daily basis instead. But this is a thing of the past, now there is a slightly simpler way, at least when it comes to cleaning pools.

You no longer have to walk around your pool with a vacuum to clean it manually. Automatic cleaners do the work for you and keep the aesthetic of the pool pleasing to the eye. Robotic pool cleaners scrub the walls and floor of your pool while you relax.

Some robotic cleaners operate independently from your pool’s pump and have filtering capabilities, saving you money. Other automated cleaners rove around the pool collecting leaves and dirt from the water surface.

Eco-friendly Designs


If in the past ecology was generally neglected throughout the world of design and production, today this is no longer the case. It is today the number one topic through which all manufacturers try to change things and improve the state of pollution around the world. Thus, they began to invest in their production facilities and change the resources they use in production, as well as to reduce production that emits harmful gases and emits harmful substances. With that, today we have products that are completely environmentally friendly and are safe for use for people but are also safe for the environment.

Eco-friendly pools minimize natural resources, making them more efficient and cheaper to operate than traditional pools. For example, instead of building your pool with a porous material like concrete (which encourages bacteria), use safer, non-porous materials like fiberglass to discourage bacteria.

Also, natural pools use moss filtration or reed bed technology to filter the water naturally. Instead of electric energy, solar heaters will keep the water warm during the day. On the other hand, solar covers that trap the sun’s energy will keep it warm at night.

Ultra Violet Purification and Ozone Generator Technology

Whereas in the past every pool water situation was solved with the help of additives that are full of chemicals things did not go very well. Each of the pool visitors at the time of entering the water felt changes in the skin, eyes, or in the nose and ears. These were changes caused by the large number of different chemicals that used to be added to pool water to keep it clean, free of bacteria and impurities. This did not benefit the visitors or the owners. Today, these things have changed, after many years of research and testing, a solution has been found that is effective, and yet painless.

Chemicals like chlorine used in traditional pools cause itchy skin, red eyes and are dangerous to the surrounding natural environment. Ultra Violet pool sanitizers keep your pool clean with minimal use of chemicals. They remove harmful bacteria and contaminants from the pool. The Ultra Violet rays alter the DNA of the bacteria, killing them.


As you may be aware, there’s an ozone layer that protects us from the dangers of direct sun rays. Ozone also protects swimmers from bacteria and other contaminants in the water. An ozone generator or Ozonator is connected to your pool’s circulation system, and as the water goes through it, all the bacteria is deactivated.

Digital/Remote Control

Digitalization is man’s best friend. Is there anything better than that? To operate remotely, to change, to adjust remotely without being physically present at the moment. This is what the advanced technology that we are working on all the time provides us with. Improvements also lead to an improvement in our lives, and so it is in this case.

Today, pool technology allows you to conveniently operate your swimming pool with your smartphone or tablet through an automation system. If you have a pool already, you can add this system to it. You can activate functions such as heating, lighting, cleaning, the pump, and others with the touch of a button.

Automation gives you control over your pool functions and allows you to program these functions for specific times as and when you require them. You can also monitor the pH and water levels using your phone. This technology reduces energy costs and the total pool maintenance costs as you don’t need to hire a cleaning service.

Final Word

The advancement of any form of technology is to improve efficiency and convenience. You may realize the cost-effectiveness of some of this technology over time because, at first sight, they may seem expensive. However, the above technology all play a part in improving pool owners’ and users’ lives today. Find an authorised pool company to help you install this technology to your pool. Relax, function more easily, and enjoy the benefits that the new time offers us. Relax, function more easily, and enjoy the benefits that the new time offers us.

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