Need a Forklift? 10 Reasons to Hire One Today

As your business grows, you’ll find that you need more equipment to handle the extra volume of materials and supplies you’re moving around on a daily basis. If you’re in need of a forklift, it’s important to know that hiring one is an incredibly cost-effective solution to the growing pains of your business growth. Here are 10 reasons why forklift hire can be beneficial to your bottom line—not just now, but for years to come as well, as stated by

1) Lower costs


Whether you’re renting one or purchasing, forklifts are an affordable and practical way to get warehouse work done. The average cost of owning a forklift is $15,000 per year while it costs less than $1,000 per day to rent one. If you don’t have much space in your warehouse or don’t plan on using it often, it might be more financially viable to rent.

Plus, there are many additional benefits of hiring outside help such as increased safety for employees and lower insurance costs. Needing forklift hire is no reason to forego using them at all; if anything it should encourage you that much more!

2) Faster delivery times

Whether you’re a single store or an international chain, you can use an affordable forklift hire service in Australia to get your goods delivered much more quickly. Oftentimes, you don’t need a forklift truck—even if you have one on-site—to move heavy items.

If you do have it on hand, using it is still much more efficient than hiring outside help. This not only saves money but also time. Time is money and when it comes to business operations efficiency and cost savings matter.

3) Better customer service

You’re paying for quality. You should want your forklift on time, clean and looking in tip-top shape. Why would you be satisfied with anything less than that? Fortunately, many services offer 24/7 availability and free delivery for all of their equipment – which means you can have your forklift within hours of placing an order.

No more searching from store to store in hopes of finding one available; now you can take advantage of quicker service (and better customer service) at competitive prices. Imagine getting exactly what you need when you need it – not an hour later or even a day late; hire a forklift today!

4) Best choice in less time


If you’re not in any particular rush and want to give more consideration to your options, then take advantage of forklift hire. Renting a forklift from your local hire company could be your best option because it is often significantly cheaper than buying one outright, and can be more flexible and convenient than borrowing or hiring from an acquaintance.

Hiring means you get expert advice on which size and make of forklift will work best for you – whether for DIY purposes or for a more serious construction job. Plus, if all goes well, there’s no need to worry about selling or disposing of it when you’re done. Just drop it off at its home base!

5) Maximize space efficiency

What if you have limited warehouse space? Don’t worry—the forklift is here to help. When used correctly, forklifts are an effective way of maximizing your storage space and increasing space efficiency.

How do they work? A forklift picks up pallets or skids and places them on a high shelf, eliminating having to use racking. If they’re placed higher than usual, forklifts are also a good option for safely storing hazardous materials.

6) Save more time with the right equipment

When operating equipment costs you time and money, it’s important to choose equipment that can help you save both. As your business grows, try out new forklifts to see which ones are best suited for your needs—and then schedule routine maintenance and repairs with trained technicians who can help optimize your usage.

If you have time constraints or safety concerns that dictate using only certain types of forklifts, be sure there are enough on site so employees know how to safely handle each one.

7) Industry best practices


When it comes to construction and warehousing equipment, you can’t go wrong by consulting industry standards. The National Safety Council has established regulations for forklifts that your workers need to abide by.

Make sure you’re familiar with them so you’re not caught off guard in case of an accident or injury. When it comes down to it, if you want your company to be taken seriously and protect its bottom line in terms of liability, there’s no getting around these rules.

8) Boost inventory accuracy

It’s no secret that inventory costs money, especially if it doesn’t stay where it should. By using a forklift, you won’t just save on inventory costs; you’ll also increase accuracy. The best part about employing an item-moving machine is that these tools can be used for purposes other than storage and transport—they’re perfect for moving items from one location to another or simply organizing products in your warehouse.

9) Reduce driving risks for employees and customers

Sometimes you just can’t get something from one place to another without using some sort of machinery. For example, if you are transporting merchandise from your distribution centre to a store, it will likely need to be moved on a forklift. It may be small and safe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous or takes away any of its value.

When you hire out forks for delivery purposes, you’re eliminating major driving risks for both employees and customers. You won’t have employees driving forklifts around with customers in tow nor will they drive while trying to keep an eye on products being delivered in your company truck.

10) Free up employee hours


Workers who drive forklifts may be subject to state regulations on how many hours they can spend operating these vehicles, so it’s beneficial to hire your own forklift driver rather than an employee who isn’t permitted to use these specialized vehicles.

A forklift rental service saves you time and money by allowing employees—who do not need special licenses or training—to use their equipment more efficiently. Plus, insurance is often cheaper when you’re renting rather than buying.


If you need help moving anything in your business or home, but don’t want to spend too much money on professional help, consider hiring a forklift. Weighing as little as 8,500 pounds and capable of carrying heavy loads for long distances, these workhorses can easily move goods around your warehouse. However, it is important that you learn how best to operate one before getting behind its wheel.

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