Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Probate Attorney

Talking about death and what happens to someone’s money after they pass away is never an easy topic. But death is inevitable, and so are all the problems regarding an inheritance that might come with it. In this article, you will have a look at five reasons why you should hire a probate attorney. So, if you want to avoid running into any issues and protect your estate, keep on reading.

1. Draft the will


The first thing a probate lawyer will help you with is to draft your will. Drafting a will can lead to lots of tension and disputes among family members and other beneficiaries. An objective and professional person can help provide alternatives so that all the parties involved can be satisfied in the end.

Having your will professionally drafted will also help prevent the appearance of contestations. It will ensure that your wishes are thoroughly followed after you pass away.

2. Protect your estate against any potential legal claims

If the will of the deceased was poorly written, the chances are that the family members or any potential beneficiary might try to dispute it. Some defendants might dispute not being included in the will, while others might argue about the amount received. In such cases, hiring a lawyer is a must.

As Henry K., Springfield probate lawyer, says “The lawyer will help you navigate this complex and tiresome process. They will bring you the best outcome by following the wishes of the deceased and by saving you from a potentially expensive lawsuit.”

3. Pay all debt on time


A probate lawyer can help you pay all debts on time. Heirs might have a hard time coping with the loss of someone dear. As a result, they might overlook the importance of deadlines. This is when the probate lawyer steps in. The lawyer will help ensure that the specific timelines of releasing inheritances and debt settlements are followed thoroughly.

4. Successfully navigate the probate

The probate process is complex and correctly navigating it on your own requires having previous knowledge in the field of law. Since most people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the terminology and the legal process involved in probate, a probate lawyer is the best solution. They will help provide guidance and answer any questions you might have.

5. Reduce stress and family conflict

Finally, the last, but certainly not the least thing, a probate lawyer can help you reduce stress and family conflict that might appear as a result of probate estate. The grieving process can be different from person to person, and their expectations regarding the probate might differ. A probate lawyer can help navigate the probate while avoiding creating more suffering and drama for those involved.

6. Avoid rejection

When estates are going through probate, they will require a lot of paperwork. There will be certain documents and forms that need to be submitted at the right time, in a certain order. If you make a mistake along the way, there is a good chance that you’ll have your claim to the estate rejected, simply because of a formality.

A probate attorney will know exactly what paperwork needs to be submitted to the court, and also when. They will assist you through the whole process so that you do not miss anything. This way, you minimize your chances of being rejected by the court.

7. Family gets faster access to the estate

A probate can be a very lengthy process. Very often, it may take more than a year until the family can gain access to the estate. It rarely takes less than a few months to go past the legal aspects, as all the documents have to be arranged beforehand. Very often, family members may not know exactly what documents to gather or what to do.

While it is not possible to get instant access to the property, a probate lawyer can still help the whole process go much faster. Springfield, in particular, can be quite the challenge, considering the number of locations you’d have to go to. A probate lawyer from Batson Nolan PLC, for instance, will know exactly what steps you should take in order to get faster access to the property.

8. Avoid overpaying for underpaying

Resolving debts can be occasionally confusing, and there may be a good chance that you will end up accidentally overpaying something. The opposite may also happen, where you can also underpay the sum you were supposed to. This may turn out to be quite problematic, further increasing your debt and possibly receiving a penalty.

A probate lawyer will know all of these technicalities, so you will pay exactly the amount that you were supposed to. This can help relieve the confusion when it comes to the financial aspects of the probate.

9. Avoid Lawsuits

In certain family situations, the members may not always come to an agreement. When this happens, it might also lead to a lawsuit. Not only will this affect your family relationships, but it will also put a strain on everyone’s bank account.

Hiring a probate attorney may help you avoid this situation. They will point out everything in a clean and open manner, with all the experience they have on the table. If a potential lawsuit were to break out, they’d likely already know how it would end. This can help the family members see reason and prevent a potential lawsuit.

10. Avoid delays from third-parties

There may be occasions when third parties might make things more difficult for you. For instance, a bank may refuse to give you the information straight away, even if it would be helpful for the probate. That being said, if you get a probate attorney, they will know how to communicate with the third party, avoiding delays that might cost you a lot of time and money.

Remember, you can choose to tackle the probate yourself. However, if you wish to speed up the process and to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed, hiring a probate lawyer is the best option. Do not hesitate and get all the help you need today from your probate lawyer.

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