Legally Approved Reasons For Divorce – Can A Divorce Attorney Help? – 2024 Guide

Are you someone who is in the middle of a divorce? If yes, you must be experiencing feelings of despair, grief, and loneliness which none apart from you can understand. As things may get tougher for you in a divorce, the only comforting thing to know is that you’re not alone. Understanding the primary reasons for calling off a marriage can give you a better sense of the forces that drove you and your spouse apart.

You may already be feeling that things aren’t going well between you and your spouse. You felt your partner be stern and aloof the last time you met him. While you may be thinking that like every other time, you’ll go and approach him, eliminate the steam and bring back normalcy, you suddenly find a divorce paper on the dining table!

Keep reading to know about the possible reasons behind the divorce.

Divorce – Why do couples resort to this option?

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When you live with your spouse, there must be certain characteristic traits in your partner or some special circumstances that may provoke the couple to go for a divorce. When there’s no other way of coping with your partner, divorce might be the last option. Couples often feel that they’ve invested all they had into their relationship and it still didn’t work out. This kind of conclusion ends a marriage.

Can such a scenario creep up in your life? It is a very common phenomenon that couples begin to fight and resolve until one day they fall out of love. Hence, experts suggest you never neglect your relationship issues. Deal with things as they come.

The proportion of marriages that are called off in divorce

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Although the apparent percentage of marriages that are called off may seem quite low yet the fact is that nearly 50% of the marriages in the US come to a halt in divorce.

Statistics reveal that couples most commonly divorce within the first seven years of their marriage. On the other hand, it is believed that marital satisfaction heightens when a couple moves towards their 10th anniversary.

Now if you are of the notion that you’re sure about why so many couples divorce, you may not be wrong. However, there are several other reasons for a divorce that you may not have ever perceived. Keep reading to know about them.

6 Top Reasons for filing divorce

Let’s take a quick look at the most common reasons behind divorce and understand whether your marriage is reclaimable.

1. Extramarital affair or adultery

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Whenever a partner seeks the help of another person to meet their needs, whether sexual or physical, this is the recipe for a broken marriage. Once a partner feels a sense of betrayal, it is tough to get back the trust. Studies reveal that extra-marital affairs account for 20-50% of marriages that are called off in a divorce. Resentment and anger are two of the primary reasons for deceiving, along with lack of intimacy and difference in sexual hunger. Infidelity usually begins with an emotional affair that turns into a physical affair.

2. Not enough conversation between the two


In a marriage, it is crucial to communicate with your partner. Not communicating properly can soon lead to frustration, irritation, and resentment among both the spouses, which in turn, can adversely affect your marriage. Being able to communicate properly with your partner creates a strong foundation for your marriage. Since two people decide to spend their lives together, they should speak about whatever they need and try to meet the requirements of their spouse.

3. Financial trouble

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As per the saying, money makes people funny and this is indeed true. Whenever a couple is not in the same temperament about money and is totally unaware of how finances need to be handled, this can lead to terrible issues. Financial incompatibility is therefore the third reason behind the divorce.

Divorce statistics reveal that nearly 45% of divorce is caused due to conflict in the financial realm. Different habits in spending money, one spouse making considerably more money than the other can cause a power struggle between the two.

4. Obesity or profound weight gain

This reason may seem gross and unfair but it is true, weight gain is certainly one of the biggest reasons for divorce. There are several couples who have reported obesity and sudden weight gain to be the main reason behind parting ways. A considerable amount of weight gain in the wife makes the husband less attracted towards her physically. For some people, weight gain spoils their self-confidence and this keeps interfering during their moments of intimacy.

5. Unstoppable arguments

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From quibbling about household chores to disagreeing on small things about the kids, endless arguments can kill relationships. Couples who continue with the same arguments again and again usually do so as they feel they’re not appreciated or heard enough. Others may find it tough to understand the point of view of their partner and this leads to arguments that never have a solution. This is why 58% of couples end their marriage due to incompatibility and too much argument.

6. Addiction

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Whenever you think of the word ‘addiction’, the first things that come to your mind are alcohol or drug abuse. But little do you realize that there are several forms of addictions that can threaten the peace of a married couple.

As couples fall out of love, they often resort to addictions like pornography, gambling, adultery, and reckless spending. This puts them in a scary situation where they often end up losing their friends, their job, and also their partners. A marriage that gives space to addiction also has to give space to cheating, lying, stealing, betraying, and even torturing.

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However, don’t forget that divorce is not always a foregone conclusion. Now that you’re aware of the warning signs, work on it before it’s too late.

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