How Long Does it Take for a Sponsor Licence Renewal to be Approved?

Life in the UK for foreigners is always conditioned by various documents and procedures. Thus, the immigration system is based on extenuating circumstances for students and workers, although the permitted stay is quite limited. Even documents such as sponsorship licenses are limited to a period of four years, after which they have to be renewed.

Of course, as long as you are eligible for the sponsorship and meet all the necessary conditions.

What is a sponsorship license?

This is a document that was previously known as Tier 2. You get it issued by the UK authorities so that you can go there to work. There are certain conditions under which this license is obtained.

First, you need to apply for an occupation that has a shortage of staff. The UK usually publicly announces the professions where workers from abroad are needed so that anyone who wants to contribute to the economy can.

That way, candidates can agree with employers on the terms and collect all the documents on time. You can find out more about these conditions here:

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you must know the conditions under which the sponsorship license applies. Only in this way can you avoid various legal pitfalls and continue to work smoothly. Make sure that you are always informed about everything in time, and we will help you with a few basic things that you should know yourself:

What does sponsor license renewal mean?

This license is valid for four years. Each user of this service can renew the license three months before the expiration date. You need those three months to be able to collect all the necessary documents again, submit the application and submit an objection if necessary after the decision.

Of course, there is also an online system for this where you can track the status of your license through the Home Office. But it would also be good if you had enough time to react if certain changes need to be made. Changes, of course, mean your personal data, your job position, and even your temporary address.

The renewal process takes place through the Sponsorship Management System or SMS for short.

When you get your license, you also have access to this system where you can follow the whole process and choose the next steps. So, when your license is close to the renewal date, all you have to do is log in and upload all the details.

How long does the renewal process take?

From the time you submit your renewal request for approval, it will take one to two months if there is no problem or error. However, if there is a need for correction or any intervention, it may take longer.

It is therefore recommended that you request a renewal at least three months before the expiry of your existing document. This step is mandatory in order to be able to guarantee the job of the immigrant, that is, the person who owns the license.

What can happen if a renewal request is denied?

If they refuse your extension application then the Home Office and the immigration office consider that:

  • You do not have the necessary documents
  • Your sponsor has not met the requirements
  • You have not answered all the questions
  • You have not met all the requirements
  • You have neglected your obligations as a licensee

Remember that the Home Office and the immigration department have every right to suspend someone’s license if the user abuses it in any way. The same thing can happen if you disrupt the work of the company and because of you, the sector is at loss.

Therefore, when you already have the document, it is important to use it the way it is expected of you.

How many times can you renew your license?

As long as you are qualified for the position and work within the sponsor’s guidelines, you can renew your license indefinitely. Therefore, you should always keep up to date with your career development and focus on staying in the UK if that is your goal. We recommend that you always inform yourself about your renewal costs in good time.

Of course, keep an eye on market demand to make sure your professional profile is what’s needed to progress and develop the British economy.

What to do if your license has already expired?

If your license expires without renewal, you are automatically removed from the Certified Sponsored Workers registry. Therefore, you must always be careful to renew the documentation on time.

Some people recommend starting the process up to six months before the expiration date. Sometimes the processing time is longer than you planned, especially if you have to solve ongoing problems with the application.

Please note that the home office has the right at any moment to review your performance and decide the opposite of the previous time. Therefore, it is most important to be responsible and always submit the complete documentation on time. Sometimes you can and will need to visit the Home office yourself or get a visit to check the conditions.

That way you can re-enter the base and fulfill your duties as expected of you.


As with all documents, the rule applies to this license that you should renew it on time, to avoid last-minute inconveniences. You should always ensure that all documentation is complete before taking any step.

If you are determined to employ foreigners or are a foreigner working in the UK, then you should regularly monitor any potential changes to the requirement for these documents. The UK is a country where laws govern according to legal norms and if someone does not respect them, they can get a sanction.

Therefore, in order not to come into conflict with the policies of the country, it is crucial to always be one step ahead of the authorities. That way you ensure a pleasant stay, but you can also get various privileges based on the documentation.

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