How long does it take to get to Klein Curacao

Planning to spend your vacations in some place where you can explore the wonders of the world along with your loved ones? If you have Klein Curacao in that list of places, then you must be a nemophilist or a neophile and it is really impressive to know that.

Klein Curacao is an unexplored yet beautiful, tropical island, known to have rugged landscapes and an antique cluster of historical settlements. Though there are a lot of captivating attractions, the foremost charm for Klein Curacao is the beach. The gentle wind tries its level best to maintain a pleasing temperature so that you can relish small walks through the streets. If you are already allured enough by the picturesque description, then do visit the website to explore some amazing trips to Klein Curacao.

How Will You Get There

So now, don’t get disappointed with this piece of information. You will be able to get to the island of Klein Curacao only by boat. When you see this from a different perspective, the journey to Klein Curacao by boat can be an astonishing experience.

On your way towards your destination, there will be some beautiful caves and coral reefs. Take a good look at the petite sea creatures, green sea turtles, and a lot more unusual species that inhabit them.

One can just perambulate near an old lighthouse, or just lean back near the beach, get yourself soaked up by the sunbeams.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Klein Curacao

The total time taken to reach the island by catamaran will approximately be 105 minutes. There will be three options to travel through the water, depending upon the tour operator and they are motorboat, catamaran and ship.

Get delighted with the hospitality provided by private beach houses that are owned by some tour operators. All the travellers are offered the cheapest trip for nearly 4 days in a week to the alluring island of Klein Curacao.

Enjoy the delicious breakfast served to you along with luscious beverages, both hot and cold ones. Just after stepping into the island, you just dive into the water if you want to test its turquoise waters. Here are a few popular boat trips you should know about.

Breeze Boat Trips

If you are planning to start your ride from Caracasbaai, the best option will be to take the Breeze Boat Trips motorboat. This option is the most affordable one among all the other tour operators.

With this tour operator, we can expect to start our journey around 7.45 am, and the beautiful trip will continue for another 45 minutes over the water. The tour operators offer this trip for 4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy the delicacies provided by the tour operators, including the hot and tasty breakfast along with coffee or tea.

During lunchtime, the crew of tour operators will serve you a hot and sizzling lunch of BBQ combo at 12.30 pm.  All the tourists will have any-time access, all day to the bar.

Just dive into the waters after reaching the island or sprawl over the white sand. After spending a good amount of time there, you will go back around 5 pm. To know more about the other features provided by Breeze boat trips, check this website.


Mermaid is a quite ancient and famous tour operator that is known to sail towards Klein Curacao for nearly thirty solid years. Each and every tourist will be guaranteed to enjoy a mesmerizing trip towards the diving paradise of Klein Curacao.

Mermaid not only serves an excellent list of delicacies, but the crew will also allow their tourists to access the various facilities available on their private beach houses, once they reach the island of Klein Curacao.

Mermaid operates trips to Klein Curacao six days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Moreover, the trip is nearly 120 minutes long.

You can enjoy many fascinating island activities, while the crew concentrates more on preparing a lavishing lunch. Around 4 pm, you will sail back again.

Miss Ann


Enjoy the splendid trip on a motor yacht from Miss Ann that takes you to Klein Curacao through the turquoise waters. If you are travelling on the boats of Miss Ann, then you are gifted with private beach houses of their own, where you can enjoy the facilities like sunbeds and showers endlessly.

The crew specially organizes a free turtle safari for their tourists where you can participate and get entertained. Delicious breakfast will be provided with a wide range of options at 9 am and same for lunch, which will be provided at 1 pm.

The crew also offers many unique features like, relaxing massage and a special, small shop that caters to the basic needs of the tourists. Miss Ann takes nearly 75 minutes to take the tourists to the island of Klein Curacao.

BlueFinn Charters

This is a brand new Catamaran on Klein Curacao, which is also known to be the largest one too. BlueFinn Charters provide the trip to the island of Klein Curacao 5 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Provided that the catamaran will set sail at 8.30 am, the trip goes on for nearly 105 minutes. Thus, the tourists will be provided with wake-up and catch breakfast before starting the trip. Relish the stunning views of the bags, while resting over the decks of the catamaran.

However, it is important to keep in mind that BlueFinn Charters is not an apt choice for disabled people.

Irie Tours


The most impressive feature of Irie Tours is that they promise to operate trips to Klein Curacao all seven days a week. Get soaked in the beauty of this uninhabited island. The trip will start around 7.30 am and the trio will continue for nearly 9 hours.

The menu of mouth-watering dishes will be provided as lunch at 12.30 pm. Moreover, you can expect to sail back again at 5 pm. Enjoy the journey through the tropical paradise on the gorgeous catamaran of Irie tours. You can enjoy the snorkelling along with the free gear provided.


Take a trip to this lovely island along with your family and friends. Spend your short vacation with the splendid views of Klein Curacao. On the distant land, under the sun, along the sea, amidst its rich aquatic fauna, embrace the bounties of nature while holding on to every ounce of thrill you could ever ask for in a vacation.

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