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Should You Get an Attorney After a Car Crash in Rochester?

While no one ever gets in a car hoping to get injured in an accident, such mishaps are common on the hectic roads of Rochester. More often than not, victims don’t understand who to turn to for help or how to file an injury claim. For starters, New York follows a no-fault car insurance system, so you will usually need to file a first-party claim with your insurer unless your injuries meet certain thresholds. If the latter is true, you may have a valid lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident. You can click here to talk to an injury lawyer. If you are confused about whether you need to get an attorney after a car crash in Rochester, here’s what you need to know.

Know the value of your claim

value of claim

What’s the settlement that you should ideally recover for your damages? That’s often one of the critical questions after a car wreck. The value of your claim depends on several factors, including the nature of your injuries and whether you have a role in causing the accident. Also, NY’s no-fault system may complicate things further. Hiring an attorney becomes more important to assess various factors. Your lawyer is fighting for your best interests and rights.

The good news here is most law firms don’t charge anything to assess potential claims. The lawyers are keen on listening to clients, and if you find the right one, you don’t have to bother about other things. The lawyer will take charge, and when the situation demands, they know exactly what it takes to be aggressive.

Insurance companies don’t care


Insurance companies often try as many hacks and tactics as possible to minimize claims, and the claims adjuster will try to convince you that your case is worth a lot less. In some cases, adjusters argue that the victim has not suffered serious injuries or that the damages don’t pertain to the said accident. If you decide to sign a release or agree to any of their terms, you may end up with a settlement that wouldn’t even cover your current cost of medical care.

You need an attorney because you don’t want to deal with everything without understanding the complex elements. Your lawyer is responsible for negotiations and will ensure you don’t accept the first insurance offer. If the insurance company is aware that you have an attorney, they are unlikely to take your case for granted. The claims adjuster will know that your lawyer is there to speak on your behalf.

Avoid a mediocre settlement

Eventually, your compensation should be enough to handle your losses. If you decide to go ahead without an attorney, you may end up accepting whatever the insurance company has to offer. Getting a mediocre settlement is not just damaging for your current financial situation, but you may have to shell out a lot more for your medical care and losses in the long run. Lawyers are skilled negotiators, and the experienced ones have handled numerous such accident claims in the past, which gives them a fair understanding of how to deal with insurance or the other party.

Affording an attorney is not hard

For many victims, the immediate financial impact of an accident is hard to deal with, and as a result, they often find it challenging to think of seeking legal help. If you are hiring an injury lawyer, you don’t pay the usual retainer fee, which is a sharp contrast to what criminal or family lawyers charge. The lawyer gets a share of your settlement instead of an upfront fee, which gives you the scope to have expertise on your side. The arrangement also ensures that the lawyer has as much interest in your case as you because their financial reward depends on your settlement.

You will have a memo

What if the other party calls you to discuss the settlement? Should you share the details of the crash on social media? Should your family know about the claim’s worth? What can you possibly do to preserve your interests? These are a few questions that the lawyer will answer for you. With an attorney, you don’t have to worry about the missteps. If they decide to fight for your interests, the lawyer will share the dos and don’ts of grave importance for the given situation.

You can go to court

Despite the no-fault system in New York, you still have a chance to file a lawsuit against the other driver liable for the mishap. It depends on the nature of your injuries and other circumstances. If your attorney knows that the claim requires litigation, they will work on the case accordingly, especially when your injuries meet necessary thresholds and the insurance amount is unlikely to cover the consequent expenses. Filing a lawsuit may sound like a gigantic step, but there is little to worry about when an attorney is representing you.

Understanding the circumstances

Remember that lawyers can only do their best, but even when they have significant experience with car crash cases, they cannot ever promise or guarantee a specific settlement. You need to be realistic about the circumstances from the first day, and your lawyer will ensure you don’t miss the critical details. They will also explain the expected outcome and the timeline for your case. It may take a few months to get your compensation, and while you cannot expect an update every week, you should still contact your attorney for updates. If hiring a lawyer, ensure you have their office address and contact information. Ask the attorney if you can drop by to get more info, but do not disturb them without a reason.

Final word

Hire Legal Counsel

Get an attorney so you can discuss your case’s facts in detail and determine the best way to approach the matter. Given that there is no extensive financial pressure for hiring legal counsel, you may have more reasons to be confident and take a shot at winning the best settlement for your claim.

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