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How to Get Your License Reinstated After a DUI

Have you ever had a DUI? This stands for driving under influence, and it is a common thing that most young people tend to do, or have done in the past. Some get caught in the process, which is when they lose their driver’s license. Others, on the other hand, go unpunished. However, this behavior is bad and should be avoided. If you want to think about yourself and others around you, drink & drive responsibly. In case you do end up losing your license you need to know how to avoid criminal charges while paying close attention to all the important keys that we will list down below.

How to Get Your License Reinstated After a DUI: Top 7 Key Steps To Take

1. Understand how & why it happened

In most cases you will get pulled over on the side by a patrol officer due to some sort of inspection, but especially if you’ve been crossing lanes, forgetting to signal, etc. The arresting officer should have provided you with the time and date of your DMV hearing, which is a must-do and something that you need to show up for because otherwise, you might lose your license. Also, people can lose their license if they have had a BAC of 0.08% or higher at the time of their arrest.

2. Your options can and will vary

You should be aware that your license will not get automatically reinstated after your suspension period. In case of a 6-month suspension, you will still need to do the reinstatement process. A new license is a must-do step in most cases and with most countries or states. You should check with your law enforcement just to be sure since the same set of rules can’t apply worldwide. If you can’t get your license suspension overturned, then you will have to serve out the full sentence of your suspension. This can vary from 6 months and up to three years.

3. Serve the length of your sentence

It is imperative for you to serve the length of your license suspension, especially if you have been suspended by the DMV. You should also serve your prison sentence in case there’s one. License suspensions are typically slightly shorter than a DUI prison sentence, though they can vary for more serious charges. You cannot reinstate your license until the full term is served. If your jail time was converted to a work furlough wait it out and play strategically since you won’t get your license otherwise.

4. The DUI school

Did you know that there is a DUI traffic school that can help you with your process and the quest of bringing your driver’s license back? You can go to this school for 3, 9, 18, or 30 months while paying for the school and any type of fines out of your own pocket. DUI schools involve a diversion and alcohol treatment program that can help both men and women to get on the right ”track”. Once done you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you get to show to the DMV to reinstate your license.

5. Final steps to take

Before the process is done there is a couple of other things for you to look out for, and that is all the fees and proof of insurance. As previously mentioned, you will need to pay all the court fines, fees, bail, and punitive damages. Once done with that make sure that you have all of your receipts and paperwork with you. Begin the process of reinstating your license. You should also request Form SR-22, which shows that you have insurance for your vehicle. This type of form is used in California, and it can be named differently elsewhere.

6. Schedule a DMV appointment

After doing all of the above it is time for you to set up an appointment with the DMV to get your license reinstated. In some cases, drivers will need to take a new driving test and try to pass it as well as they did their first time while reaching the minimum amount of points/scores to get it renewed. When applying for reinstatement you will have to pay a reinstatement fee. This is on top of all the other fines and fees you have paid to date. The amount of the fee varies from $55-$130 or more based on your place of living and country’s standards.

7. Get your car insured (optional)

You must get your car insured at the right moment and before you apply to reinstate your driver’s license. It is recommended that you always get insurance for most of your things or belongings. It is always better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you agree? In this case, you should get an SR-22 form from your car insurance company. Protect your vehicle and also yourself from these drunk mistakes, as well as from other reckless drivers around you. These insurance options can get pretty costly and pricey, but they are well worth it and thought of as being a good investment in the long run, especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

Get a lawyer that can help out with your case

You can’t do all of these steps on your own. This is why you will want to have some help from someone who has been in this field for years, as well as someone who can answer all of your questions. Calvin Barry Professional Corporation consists out of criminal defense lawyers who have been in this industry for 15+ years. They are experienced in what they do + they will help you get a minimal punishment and fine. due to their tactics. These lawyers can help you out with domestic assault charges, DUI cases, violent offenses, fraud, and many more! Contact this experienced criminal defense lawyer team that is based in Toronto to fight for your case. Read their blogs to get answers to all of your questions.

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