Drawer Slides – Set your Drawers in Motion

Every efficient drawer has a well-composed furniture slide in its design, matching its function and specification to the conditions in which it is needed. We know that customers are different and therefore their drawer runners are suitable for a wide range of customers who are happy with their purchases. One important mechanism that is essential for many deep and long drawers is a full extension slide, which makes life easier for many people.

Full extension slides – functionality in every detail


Slides allow you to slide a drawer in and out of a piece of furniture. However, ordinary ones have a limit, after reaching which it is no longer possible to open the drawer. The very back of the drawer is often left in the body of the piece of furniture, and there may be hidden items that you need. In order to see them and pull them out without too much gymnastics, you should apply to your drawers slides with full extension, which allows the entire drawer to “come out” to the daylight. This is very useful in jobs that require you to quickly reach for items that are deep inside dozens of different drawers. Such a situation can be seen in pharmacies, where there are a lot of drawers with medicines. Often in order to reach for the right one, the pharmacist or technician pulls out the drawer completely and pulls out the correct drug.

But slides do not only have this additional function. There are also other interesting slides that are worth mentioning. These include, for example, self-closing slides that do this very quietly and slowly. This way you don’t have to worry about all sorts of unpleasant noises coming from the kitchen or bathroom. Just give the drawer a gentle push and the slide mechanism will do the rest. Another example might be bottom-mounted slides. Many people place a lot of importance on the look of their surroundings. They often refine it to perfection, and such a protruding silver slide can blend in poorly with the space. To avoid this you can combine function with appearance and mount the slide under the cabinet – this slide is called a bottom mount slide. It will do its job without being noticed.

Full extension slides – 21st century functionality

Some of the latest functional additions we see in furniture slides today include a full extension mechanism. Without this mechanism it can be very difficult to see into the end sections of deep drawers. With basic slides the drawer will never be fully extended – there will always be an obstructed section inside the cabinet. With long drawers this is very problematic because that is where the item might be. With a full extension, however, there is nothing to worry about! Such a slide will extend the drawer beyond the entire body of the furniture and make the observer see the full grandeur of the cabinet’s interior. This is very important in workplaces where time and precision often counts and excessive fiddling and looking into the depths of cabinets is not very desirable.
Furniture slides are created depending on how large the number of items they will store, or more precisely their weight. That is why on the packages you can see the maximum load capacity, which absolutely must be observed. Otherwise the whole slide may bend or break and need to be replaced. The most robust ball-bearing slides are made of metal parts that can withstand temperatures and loads of over 50kg, so they can withstand the toughest conditions. The weaker ones, called roller guides, are less durable. This is because they are made of plastic. However, they are cheaper and easier to install – the choice is up to the individual customer.

A quiet closure – a functional slide


A good furniture slide should not only ensure that the drawer moves, but also that the process is very comfortable and convenient. This can be the case with furniture slides. The mechanism is that even a drawer that is closed too tightly will not make any noise – the soft close will slow the drawer down just before it finishes its journey making it close gracefully and quietly. Everyone probably realizes how using such a kitchen at various hours can be problematic for other roommates. They are resting in their rooms, but the sound is spreading so fast and intensely that they are very likely to interrupt their rest, which can be extremely annoying.

However, quiet closing is not everything! Has incorporated several other mechanisms that also encourage you to buy. These include the push to open option. With this option you can easily open drawers without using handles. All you have to do is push the surface of the drawer – then it opens itself towards the person who wants to use it. This is very convenient in kitchens where hands are often literally full of work.

Another function is a full pull-out, which is appreciated in deep drawers. When you want to take out a particular item from the depths of the drawer, you can boldly open it behind the surface of the furniture, as a result of which the entire contents of the cabinet will be illuminated by daylight.

However, a silent close is not the only convenience to be found in the available features of our furniture slides. Its various features make it suitable for any situation. An example is the bottom mount furniture slide that has been created for beautifully harmonious interiors where every detail matters. Such a slide is mounted, as the name suggests, at the bottom of the drawer as a result of which it is almost impossible to see it from a height perspective of an outsider.

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A good furniture slide is not only reliable, but also versatile and functional. Just such slides are available at store offering top quality furniture items. Fitting slides is not the most difficult thing to do, but if you are unsure of your skills it is worth enlisting the help of more experienced people to correctly fit slides to your furniture.

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