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Wooden vs Glass Cabinets- Which One is the Right Choice?

Are you planning on changing the appearance of your kitchen? If yes, then you can do so by replacing your old kitchen cabinets. As there are many choices of cabinets available in the market, many of us are unsure which is better, wooden or glass cabinet and why. Well, if you want to give a stylish touch to your kitchen space then just replace wooden cabinets with glass cabinets. But if you are looking for durability then wooden cabinets can be a smart choice.

Here are some valid points that compare wooden cabinets with glass cabinets to help you decide which of the two for your kitchen. Click here to see many options details.

  • Modern Lighting Effect in a Small Kitchen:

When it comes to the kitchen corners, they can be dark and dull if there is no proper way for the light getting to them. The edge of glass displays cabinets over wooden cabinets, in such cases, is that glass will let the light to travel through it and will also help in lighting up the corners.

Traditional wooden cabinets need exterior lighting for it to be seen as wood does not allow light to pass through. Whereas glass allows lighting to spark through from above and below of each cabinet. These individual spotlighting fitted under the modern glass cabinets can create an amazing effect.

  •  The Visual Contrast of Glass Adds a Luxurious Look:

Glass cabinets can be cut easily into different sizes and shapes to fit in any corner, no matter the cabinets are corner specific or rectangular in their shape, both ways, glass cabinet adds an overall pleasant element. But the key point here is that not only do they serve the purpose of cabinets but they also look wonderful.

Wooden cabinets can be a help in hiding unnecessary stuff but they look outdated.

  • Visual Enhancement of Luxurious Crockery Items:

Due to the reflective nature of glass, they help to enhance the view of the items kept in it. If you are an interior lover like me, you would definitely love the idea of displaying the treasure in glass cabinets.

Wooden cabinets can also look classy but they block the view completely.

  • The Durability of an Aspect of Cabinet:

Another advantage of glass cabinets that is a little more psychological in nature. One may perceive glass cabinets to be as delicate and stylish as the items/stuff displayed on them. This means that people handling collectibles (delicate items) may take even more care while moving these items off the curio type cabinets or display cases.

But in reality, most such glass kitchen cabinets are formed from tempered glass (a special types of glass) and are generally as durable as wood cabinets they replace. 

Though all glass cabinets are not the same in nature. You need to make sure the type of glass the cabinets are made from in order to know what you’re going to buy so that you can make a purchase according to your preference. When you go to shop for glass cabinets, you should prefer cabinets that would not shatter, break or chip easily. It’s obvious for glass to break if dropped, but tempered glass is designed not to shatter into dangerous shards. And they are less likely to crack/chip if knocked. Thickness is also very important to point in determining the strength of cabinet. A thick standard backsplash glass cabinet can be stronger than a thinner tempered glass cabinet. 

As a traditional and sustainable material, wood has many drawbacks that can be eliminated by the selection of other materials like thick and heat strengthened glass (also known as tempered glass). Being a plant-based material, wood is very sensitive to environmental conditions and wood pests. Moreover, processed wooden material has structural weaknesses and sensitivities, unlike glass materials.

  • Create More Storage Space in a Small Kitchen:

Glass cabinets can provide extra storage space while making a kitchen space appear larger as you can see all the way to the wall. As compared to wooden cabinets they take less space while giving a light interior touch. You need to consider this especially when your kitchen is smaller in size.

  • Material Versatility of Cabinets:

Another plus point of the glass is that they are superbly versatile in nature. Whether you are looking to use them as cabinets on the wall, in kitchen/room cabinetry, or even in the washroom, they can add a new dimension to your space. Choose corner glass cabinets and shelves for an artistic touch. 

  • Low Maintenance:

Besides being very durable, glass cabinets are also very easy to clean and maintain. All you need is to simply wipe away the dust and use a little bit of glass cleaner (easily available in the market) to keep them sparkly clean and shiny!

Wooden cabinets are prone to weather conditions and are difficult to maintain. Stains on the wood are also very difficult to clean. 

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