Types of Wooden Floor – Tips To Clean Wooden Floor

How can I clean the wooden floor? Every house cleaner or anybody who has hardwood flooring has this question. Besides, they are also confused about what to use or not to scrub the wood floor. Also, they are looking for the most operative thing or product for cleaning.


However, here are some simple tips to clean your wooden floors and get them to shine, clean, and scratch less.

Types of wooden floor:

There are two types of wooden floors – one is finished wood floors, and another one is unfinished. The majority of the wooden floors are finished wood floors. The use of polyurethane coating makes the wood floors more clean and shiny, and people love to use it.

Where does it use?

Today, there are many varieties of wooden floors that have been used for a long time in residences and commercial spaces. Besides, it is also used in living rooms or dining rooms.

How to clean the wooden floor:


Before cleaning the wooden floor, you have to make sure that what types of flooring you have. Because these types of flooring need special care. Besides, while cleaning, it is slightly riskier than the other floors.

However, there are some simple ways to keep your top dirt-less and glossy. Let’s know some tips to clean the wooden floors.

What you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Wringer bucket
  • Microfiber twist mop
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Teabags
  • Warm water

How often you clean the floor, day after day depends on how often you use it. You don’t need the same level of care. Depending on traffic, It is very intellectual to clean your floors in two different ways. You can name this as level 1 cleaning and level 2 cleaning.

Level 1 cleaning is for those aren’t very dirty and have low traffic. The cleaning is perfect for those of you who want to give your hardwood a little touch to make them look fresh again. The level 2 cleaning is for wooden flooring that is dirty and has high traffic.

However, when it times to clean your floor, choose the best cleaning method to describe bellow:

Cleaner spray:


If your floors have low traffic and aren’t very dirty, then clean it with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray. Spray the cleaner on the floor and pick up any dissolved dirt with a mop.

Use a vacuum to clean:

With the help of the vacuum cleaner, you may effortlessly clean the wooden floor of your house. Mick from https://www.ratemycleaner.com says that choose a vacuum with soft bristles and a retractable beater bar to prevent stains. Do not use a rotating brush as it may scratch the wood floor. Dust and stone particles can stain the surface, so sweep or vacuum at least once a day.

Liquid cleaner:

Dark-colored wet clothes, liquid food, or drinks are harmful to wood. For that, you can use a liquid cleanser. First, examine where the dirt accumulated, then clean it. After cleaning, it is better to rub it again with a dry cloth.

Dishwashing Liquid:

For better cleaning, you can use dish soap. Put half a fingernail of dish soap in a wringer bucket. Dishwashing liquid is a natural cleanser and helps remove dirt well without leaving a residue.

Broom to clean:

You can use a soft broom to tidy your house. These are usually made of nylon or rubber. To remove extra dust or stone particles, both types of broom work better.

Microfiber mops:


In your level 2 cleaning process, you may use micro mops, and it will be cheaper for you. Take a cleaner spray and spray where most traffic is gathering, then remove the dirt with a microfiber mops.

It is better to have two microfiber mops. One is for cleaning dry dust from dirt, and the other is for cleaning wet places.

Note: it is better not to use mops where water has accumulated.

Use vinegar:


For daily cleaning, you may love to use vinegar-mixed water. If you clean like this one day at a time, the floor will be bright. Besides, if there are stains on the top, soak a cloth in the same mixture, and rub the stain. You will see that the spot has gone up.


To make the floors sparkle take two jugs of warm water and add four spoons of tea lose or tea bags. Then do the moping with mixed-water.

Murphy’s Oil Soap:

Fill up a bucket with warm water and pour two caps full of Murphy’s Oil Soap into the water. From that point, grab a string mop, ring it until it’s wet, then clean the dirty area. You need to change the water when it gets dirty.

Additional tips:

Vinegar-mixed water works better for sweeping or wiping as well as disinfects it. But it is better not to use every day because it will turn your finished wood floor into unfinished.

Since finished wood floors are sealed with polyurethane or polyacrylic urethane. So, you will not be able to use all types of cleaner for cleaning it. So you have to be careful in choosing cleaners.

Never use a harsh chemical like chlorine bleach, amino, pine oil, or just vinegar on the top. Instead, you can use texture-chemical components that are suitable for wood floors.

Try to avoid putting too much water because it will sink into the cracks and cause your floors to expand and wrap.

All in above, you must take off your shoes when you come back from the outside. This simple act helps your exterior from extra dirt and you from extra cleaning.

Bottom line:

Flooring has a huge impact on the interiors of a house so, proper care and maintenance are needed. So swept, vacuumed, or wiped regularly to keep it bright and shiny. There is no pair of wooden floor to make the house elegant. Therefore, it is indispensable to keep the floor clean so that it looks lovely and beautify the beauty of your room.

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