Choosing between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist: Which one is Better?

When you or a close family member has a mental health problem, the first names that come to mind are psychiatrists and psychologists. Just who between these two professionals is the right one to approach? Both psychiatrists Louisville KY and psychologists undergo training in the same mental healthcare practice. However, the treatments that the two mental health experts offer are different treatments based on the type of mental health problem you have. In this article, we lay bare the differences between these two mental health professionals, so you know which one to approach for your condition.

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Although both these two health professionals study the same mental health subject, they approach the treatment very differently.

In the case of psychiatrists Louisville KY, they get a medical degree in the mental health field. They can be a DO or an MD. After graduating, they sit for an examination to acquire a license that enables them to operate in the state they have chosen.

After that, they will need to practice for at least 4 years under the supervision of senior doctors. Also, psychiatrists are required to renew their certifications every decade.

On the other hand, a psychologist goes through a graduate program in the medical field intending to attain a Ph.D. or PsyD degree. The program lasts 4-6 years. Once they have completed the course, they will also need to sit for an exam to be licensed to practice in the state of their liking.

Treatment Approach

Psychiatrists Louisville KY are medical professionals just like others, which means that they are allowed to not only diagnose but also treat mental case illnesses. Psychiatrists are employed in a wide range of settings like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or major hospitals. Some are employed in medical universities or private institutions.

Psychologists, on the other hand, are proscribed from prescribing medications. Their approach to treatment is mainly through talk therapies. They also use exercises to treat mild mental conditions, which they do through counseling and careful observation of their patients. They could be employed in similar settings as psychiatrists, although most prefer setting up private practices.

Do you want medication therapy?

One of the key differences between psychologists and psychiatrists is that psychiatrists can prescribe medications to help you get relief from your mental health symptoms. Some of the medications they can prescribe include antipsychotics, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and sedatives.

For example, a top Louisville psychiatrist can treat depression using talk therapy and tests to determine whether there is a physical problem, like a thyroid issue, that could be causing those symptoms.

A psychiatrist can prescribe a drug that treats your specific problem. For example, they can prescribe Ritalin for Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit, antipsychotic medications to treat hallucinations, and antidepressants for treating depression.

Which Professional Should You See?

When it comes to choosing which professional to consult, the guiding factor should be the type of mental health problem that you have. If you or someone close to you exhibits depression and anxiety and is stressed, you may want to talk to a psychologist. These professionals are trained to ease a troubled mind through mental therapy sessions.

But if your patient or you have a severe mental illness, you will be best off seeing a licensed Louisville psychiatrist. Symptoms of a severe mental illness include extreme fluctuation in behavior or mood and an abnormal disruptive pattern in someone’s daily activities. Your psychiatrist is trained to diagnose the problem and prescribe medications that help stabilize a patient’s mental state.

In some cases, it is helpful to consult both these two professionals. They can complement each other and work in tandem. This ensures the best results in diagnosing and subsequent treatment of mental health problems.

And when it comes to the financial bit, you are advised to have medical insurance for covering the cost of any medication that may be prescribed by a psychiatrist. The fees charged by psychiatrists may be split between a per-visit or monthly basis.

When you have decided whom to consult, it’s best to be well prepared before your first visit. One good way to get comfortable with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist is to have a list of questions you should ask to break the ice and get familiar with them.

Tips to Choose a Trusted Louisville Psychiatrist
  • What are some of the treatment options that you use?
  • How long will the medications take?
  • Does the treatment recommended have any side effects?
  • Will the medications prescribed lead to dependency?
  • What are the consequences of skipping a treatment and what do I need to do?

Questions to help you choose a good psychiatrist

  • How much experience do you have in the field of psychology?
  • Who is your ideal patient?
  • How have you structured your sessions and how long will they last?
  • What are your charges and which insurance do you accept?
  • Do you consult and refer other cases to better-qualified peers?


If you have a mental illness, you can trust both a psychologist and psychiatrists Louisville KY to treat your condition. There is none that can be said to be better than the other. It’s only that they employ different techniques in the way they treat conditions.

While psychiatrists are medical doctors by profession, psychologists use talk therapy and exercise to manage mental health problems.

A Louisville psychiatrist is needed for mental health problems that are more severe. On the other hand, a psychologist treats milder forms of mental health issues.

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