A Comparison Between Sandals and Other Footwear: Which is Better for Your Feet?

Summer weather is here, and it will remain so for a few more months – and what better time to enjoy and savor the great outdoors and the sunny temperature than with the right footwear for your feet? If you are considering spending time outside, enjoying the rays of the sun, what kind of footwear are you going to wear? You can always go for flip flops, for instance, as they are already a summer staple, especially at the beach. Or you can opt for trainers, which are also quite comfy and can be worn all day without too much hassle. But one of your best choices would be to wear sandals, and most of us will have a pair of sandals (or several) in our wardrobes just because they’re the kind of footwear that is perfect for the summer – and they’re versatile, too. But if you want to know if sandals will work better than other types of footwear, here’s a comparison between sandals and other footwear: which is better for your feet?

Shoes vs sandals

Choosing between these two will greatly depend on the weather outside – and the weather forecast. If there is no chance of rain and it looks like the sun will be out all day, then your best choice would be to wear sandals rather than shoes. The thing with sandals is that they let your feet breathe, unlike shoes which can be pretty restrictive and uncomfortable when it comes to the circulation of air. If you wear shoes, your feet are more likely to sweat, and this can lead to all sorts of embarrassing problems as well. Granted, if the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s better to wear shoes to protect your feet, but if the weather is good all around and you want your feet to breathe and you would like to be comfortable, then sandals are in.

Another way you can determine which footwear to use is to think about what you are planning to do for the day. If you are planning to hike, for example, then you need ample support as well as protection for your feet when you are going over rough ground. In this case, shoes may be a better choice. But there are also sandals which are expressly designed for hiking or walking, such as athletic sandals that have a fully-supportive bed for the foot, non-slip soles, and straps for the ankles, so you can still opt for sandals if you want your feet to be well-ventilated.

Flip flops vs sandals

Flip flops are iconic summer footwear; everyone spending time by the pool will usually wear flip flops for ease and comfort. The prime reason why they are popular is the fact that they are easy to slip on, comfy, and they are also easily removed, but they aren’t really ideal if you will be walking or running a lot. Did you know that flip flops can actually change the way you walk? This is because you need to make use of your toes so you can keep the flip flops in place, and this can cause certain feet issues if you wear them for too long. A good alternative would be sandals with an instep offering ample support as well as ankle straps for heel support, such as leather sandals from, which is famous for its beautifully-made and stylish Jesus sandals – and they have leather flip flops too, if you want something more stylish and still want the ease offered by flip flops.

Ballet pumps vs sandals

Another popular kind of footwear, especially for ladies, is ballet pumps. A lot of women have ballet pumps in their shoe cabinets as they’re the go-to shoes for different occasions, whether casual or formal. But keep in mind that ballet pumps can become quite hot for the feet, especially if they are synthetic or don’t have the right lining. Since you may likely be wearing your ballet pumps without any socks, you should probably opt for a pair in leather or canvas, so you don’t become too uncomfortable over time. If you want something like ballet pumps but with a ‘sandal’ feel to it, you can go for open-toed ballet pumps, which can let your feet breathe. If you are planning a lot of walking, however, ballet pumps aren’t your best choice; it’s better to choose flat sandals which can give support to your feet – better yet, choose sandals with ankle straps, so you have even more support and security.

Heeled shoes vs sandals

Heeled shoes are a common sight in the office, of course, and it’s also standard footwear for more formal events and occasions when you have to get dressed up. Women love how they look in heels, as they elongates the legs and makes them look more shapely, but if you don’t want to look too formal this summer and would still like to look good in heels, then you can go for sandals with heels instead. If you’re attending a wedding or birthday party during the summer, sandals with heels are brilliant because they let your feet breathe and you can show off your pretty, pedicured feet as well. If you want, you can opt for wedge sandals, which are also a great option to standard heeled shoes. Wedges can offer full support for your feet, and they are easier to walk in compared to standard heels.

Slippers vs sandals

Slippers may have the reputation of being easy to wear and remove, and when you use slippers, it almost feels like you are walking barefoot. But over time, slippers can become hot, especially if they are made from synthetic material and have fur linings. Your feet can quickly overheat with slippers, and once your feet start sweating, it can become really uncomfortable. If you want, you can wear flat sandals or sandal sliders, which are also quite popular nowadays.

Trainers vs sandals

Lastly, let’s choose between trainers and sandals. Trainers are excellent if you are planning to be more active during the day, as they offer a lot of support for the feet. But if you don’t want your feet to be fully enclosed, which can be uncomfortable if the day is sunny, then you can opt for sandal mules, which are definitely easier to remove than trainers, particularly if you need to change your shoes sometime during the day.

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