Differences Between a Who Am I Essay and Other Papers

Among the various type of papers, there is no one quite like the Who Am I essay. It is unique, just like any of the Essay Hub reviews you can find out there. It provides the writer with a chance to show his or her creativity to a higher degree than is usually the case when writing a formal academic paper. Being a first-hand account of some interesting aspect of the writer’s life, whether it is a through-provoking character feature, some unusual life event, or a topic the writer is passionate about, this kind of paper can and should be more personal than any other kinds of paper.

Its purpose is, after all, to provide a reader a clear image of the person who is responsible for the paper. Still, regardless of how much freedom this form offers, it must adhere to the general rules of essay writing, in regards to its structure and format, and it makes a good basis for comparison with other kinds of papers. In case you wish to learn more about how to write a quality Who Am I essay, you can check here. At the same time, here we will discuss all the major differences between this one and other papers.

There are many types of these, designed to serve different purposes, depending on the goal its writer wishes to achieve. Furthermore, there are narrative, classification, exposition, evaluation, descriptive, persuasive, analytical or argumentative, research, and compare and contrast types of dissertations. The one we would like to talk about in this article of ours, Who Am I, can be written in some of these types, but not all, as its goal is to acquaint the reader with the note-worthy and important features of the writer’s personality.

Therefore, the first difference that stands out is the point of view, we are talking about the first-person language in this kind of paper. At the same time, we can see that this is not something recommended to include in an academic text. Neutral style and use of third-person language are some of the basic requirements for almost all academic texts. But we are talking about a text where the writer is getting personal, and therefore it’s not a surprise that he or she takes the personal approach. To provide you with a better idea about what this kind of paper is, we will compare it to other kinds of texts.

Narrative Type of Essay

When talking about differences between Who Am I and Narrative type of essay, it needs to be said finding them can be pretty hard sometimes. The reason being that Who Am I is written in this very type. However, the narrative essay is generally used for all topics of a descriptive character as well for other topics where a writer wishes to retell some event. However, it goes without including all the deeper analysis or getting into the tiniest details. As the main features of the narrative essay are descriptive and personal character, this makes it an ideal format for writing a Who Am I.

Classification Type of Essay

Classification paper is most certainly a type of writing that could not be used when talking about oneself. Unlike the Who Am I, we are talking about an essay used for complex subjects that, to be understood, have to be broken down into smaller sections and thus classified. It could be said that this essay is a kind of a table of terms important for a certain topic, along with their clarification. as stated by And it is not viable to write about a human being in the same way as to write about an economic study or something similar.

Exposition Type of Essay

Now, we would like to talk about the exposition type of essay. It serves to acquaint the reader with the opinions, attitudes, and views of third persons, and not the writer him or herself. The writer of the exposition essay is something like an intermediary between the reader and the person whose opinion he or she presents. Therefore, this type of text describes a certain even of someone’s opinion. Given that the Who Am I paper is a first-person account, intending to acquaint the reader with the writer’s persona, it is quite different from the exposition, which represents the opinion of a third-party.

When writing an exposition paper, language has to be as precise as it can be. Also, it needs to be in line with what the cited person said or stated. It has to be in a neutral tone, i.e. its writers must not assume an either affirmative or critical attitude towards the topic of the paper. On the other hand, when working on a Who Am I paper, it allows for a person to express their own opinion about themselves, regardless of the attitude.

Evaluation Type of Essay

Much like the exposition paper, the evaluation essay is also about a topic that is not in regards to the person behind it alone, but to someone else. It is a link between a reader and a source of information or subject matter. However, the evaluation text is compiled by someone who has determined credibility for the given topic, as his or her opinion on this matter is valuable. The evaluation text is either negative or affirmative. When compared to the Who am I paper, the evaluation type is based on the credibility of the person who will not be biased when discussing the various topics, which is pretty different from Who Am I.

Descriptive Type of Essay

The descriptive text focuses on just one topic to describe it as closely as possible, in such a way that the reader can accept it without any doubt. Even though it can be said that Who Am I is pretty close to this type, it can be said that they have their differences. The main one being that descriptive text can cover way more topics than a good-old Who am I essay.

In Conclusion

When discussing the differences between all these types of essays, it needs to be said that the Who Am I is the base for distinction. As we have shown, this paper cannot be written in some of the abovementioned types, as it requires a personal, motivating, and thought-provoking approach to do it in the best possible way.

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