4 Differences Between the European and Asian Gambling

While the popularity of land casinos in Europe and North America is decreasing, the situation in Asian countries is completely different. The main reason for that is related to official regulations and the law, where gambling was illegal in many countries in the far east. In that matter, it is not a surprise that a lot of people there want to have a unique experience of playing games at some live table. There is a lot of Asian visitors to the casinos located in western countries as well. On the other hand, we can notice the expansion of online gambling platforms as well. You can visit to check some of the best websites where you can play various games or bet on sports events.

Since gambling is new for many people in this part of the world, it is not a surprise that there are some differences in betting culture. For a long time, the only way to bet in many Asian countries was in illegal casinos. However, some countries decided to change their laws because of the increasing number of tourists. There are some differences in the selection of odds and casino games as well, and we are going to introduce you to them in the following article.


1. Different Perspective

When we compare it to Europe, there are strict laws in the EU that are regulating both land casinos and online platforms. In that matter, we can say that gambling is safe and there is a low chance to find a website that might represent a scam. Besides various games, sports betting is also very popular. Also, there are no limitations related to the strict areas where you can build a casino resort like that is the case in the United States. On the other side, there are only several countries where gambling is legal, like Vietnam, Macau, and Singapore, while people from other countries have to find some alternative ways to bet. In most cases, they are choosing some online platforms or illegal casinos.

2. Habits Are not the Same

The strict laws and regulations that ban most types of gambling in Asian states are affecting people to have many different habits when compared with people from the west. For example, the popularity of some games is completely different, like when it comes to lottery since most Asian countries only allow this sort of betting, especially in China. People who live in Japan can bet on sports events, while casino games are regulated and many of them are illegal. Also, we can notice the excitement of people from Asia when they visit some big resorts like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas since they don’t have such entertainment in their countries.

3. Issues with Illegal Gambling

The strict regulations and ban of many sorts of gambling affected the increase of illegal casinos and bookies. Besides that, a lot of people are choosing an option to use VPN protection to visit international online gambling platforms. The black market related to betting is bigger than in Europe and the United States combined. The increasing number of tourists in some of these states leads to a larger number of illegal betting houses. Besides the common games and sports events, you can even find dog fights, street fights, and many other illegal activities. In that matter, these places need to change their regulations toward gambling activities. There are many advantages of making it legal, especially in states that are becoming more popular for tourists.

4. Sports Betting

While the main rules of sports betting are the same in Europe and far East, we can notice some differences in the selection of odds and their terms. The most popular odd is a handicap match, and there are big differences between an Asian and European handicap in sports betting. The handicap as an odd in European betting houses is simple, and you can choose a home or away team, and selecting the handicap means that the chosen team will have to win with a particular advantage. For example, if there is a great chance Liverpool will win the following game against Fulham, which is a weaker team, the handicap can be set at 3 goals.

Therefore, the home team must score at least 3 goals more than the away team. On the other side, Asian handicap might seem complicated, but it provides people with the advantage to have better chances for a win. For instance, if the handicap is 2 goals in advance for the away team, and the result is 0:1, you will get half of the money instead of losing. That is the main reason why this option is becoming popular in betting houses all over the world.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to many other factors related to gambling, the rules and selection are similar or completely the same. The main reason for some big dissimilarities is related to the fact that gambling is illegal in many Asian states. However, these regulations are changing over time, and we expect that they will start realizing how beneficial can a betting market be for the economy. The annual revenue of the black market in gambling is measured in billions of dollars. Therefore, making it legal and introducing taxes will help these countries to control illegal activities.

Also, it is becoming more complicated to control the betting market, especially when people can use VPN and e-wallets as an option. By using these methods, there is no chance for the government to find out about their illegal activities. Moreover, when we look at some facts related to the black market of casinos in Asia, making them legal would make this part of the world a most popular place for many people to enjoy various games or sports betting.

The best example is Vietnam that is aware of the popularity of these games. Therefore, they are using it as a way to increase the number of tourists even more. The interesting part is that a lot of people who live in the countries around Vietnam are only visiting it to gamble from time to time.

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