Dealing with Your Emotions when Betting on Sports

Most hardcore sports fans among us live for their favorite type of sport and they cannot imagine their lives without watching the games. For centuries, sporting events and athletes competing in some of the most difficult and challenging physical activities drew in thousands of spectators and made millions of fans. No matter what someone would do that is physically demanding and could be described as a sport, a fan base would develop with a passion so deep that they gave the very competitors the strength and support they needed.

However, one more thing developed right there with the sports phenomenon, and that of course is betting. From the earliest days, placing sums of money on a certain outcome of any given sporting event was a dominant form of fun. This was a favorite practice of common folk and aristocrats alike even in ancient times when Olympic games were in their infancy. The unbreakable bond between the very game or a match and the fans watching was therefore strengthened with an additional layer of competitiveness and pressure.

The Challenge

However, there is that one challenging trait that comes with betting on sports, one that is often hard to deal with in other aspects of life too. Those would be our emotions, natural reactions of our mind and body that are usually extremely hard to put aside. People of all ages, social classes, races, and beliefs view emotions in much the same way, as something innate that should not be ignored, cannot be fully controlled in real-time, and last of all, a set of feelings that make us humans.

In sports betting though, they can be the deciding factor in how much you will win or lose and what your betting track record will be in the end. You have probably heard about the belief that there is no place for emotions in competitions, at least not all the time. When a player scores a goal they are happy of course. When a team loses the match, they will be sad and disappointed. Still, while the match is going on, you have to be 100% focused and locked in if you wish to win. The same goes for betting. In the article before you, we will talk about dealing with emotions when betting on sports. If you are looking to start gambling on sports or get back to it after a break, there is no better place to do it than 22Bet so make sure to check them out.

Leave Emotions to the Side

When you get online and start betting on sports, it is crucial that you leave all the emotions and biases aside. Gambling in any way, shape, or form implies that you are in it to win money and be slightly richer than you were before you started your session. With casino gambling, you have to do your best to beat the dealer, the house, and other players if you are to win, so naturally, you will choose the games you are good for a more certain win. Therefore, with gambling on sports, you have to forget what team you like more or less, what players you despise, and who your idols are. The ultimate goal is winning money so anything other than that could be considered a failure.

What we mean by this is quite simple. Say for example you are a fan of a certain mid-tier club from the Premier League. That club is playing Liverpool next in their domestic championship, the same Liverpool side that won the Champions League two years ago after also winning the Premier League and constantly being at the top for five or so years. Sadly, your club is particularly bad this season due to a mix of injuries, inside problems, and the new manager not having enough time to implement changes. Therefore, the chances your team will beat Liverpool are minuscule, and such an outcome is impossible. Therefore, put your hatred for Liverpool aside and bet on the obvious, certain outcome, which in this case would be a lot of goals. You do not have to simply pick the winner and the loser of the fixture, as betting on possession, goals, and other stats comes with a chance at bigger sums to win.

Furthermore, emotions like too much happiness or overflowing anger after a huge win or a devastating loss are the best way to make a bad bet in order to either celebrate or try to save your pride and dignity. Just like sports fan emotions are not welcome, uncontrolled outbursts are a one-way ticket to yet another miscalculated move you will later regret.

A Fan does not Equal a Bettor

This is why ultimate sports fans often make for poor bettors. Their love for the game, their home team, and particularly their favorite players and idols interfere with their logic and judgment, resulting in poor business decisions and the loss of more money than they can afford to lose. Yes, we say business decisions because betting is ultimately a business because you are trying to better your financial situation based on your knowledge, calculations, and predictions. If you are in it for the fun and games and not winning money, you will never be satisfied with the overall experience. Therefore, before you enter your favorite sports betting establishment or before you log onto your go-to online service, remember to clear your mind of any and all commitments and attachments to your favorites and aim for the win. Pick the games and matches you are sure you can win. The hardest occasion to do so for most bettors is during national championships like world cups and continental tournaments. It is especially hard if you know your team is bad. Still, betting against it makes sense in the grand scheme of things because being a sports fan and being a sports bettor does not mix well and never will.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As you now know, being a sports fan is a great deal of fun, but the emotions it comes along with should not influence your betting decisions. More often than not you will regret it even if you support some of the best clubs and players out there. Our advice for you is this: sit back, relax, strategize a bit, use your knowledge of the sport as well as common sense. Emotions should never be a part of a sports bettors arsenal of tools.

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