5 Must Include Things For Birthday Parties

Are you planning to host a birthday party for someone soon? Or planning to host your own? Wondering how you could spice things up a notch? Here are some great ideas for you.

Around 5000 years ago, the Egyptians were the first ones to start the process of celebrating the birth of an individual annually. A birthday today is a reason for you to ask for gifts and favors from you near and dear without the accompanying guilt or need for giving something in return.

It is a celebration of family and togetherness as well as familial ties, shared locality, and ideas, visions, and values of and is quite an important part of the life of an individual.

So celebrating right is what you will want to do.

Here are a few events and thoughts that you might want to include when planning a birthday:

  • Invite your friends:

This is quite a generalized term and it means just what it is in the case of a child’s party, however, as you grow up, there become fewer people who you associate with, however, a stronger bond is formed with others, you call these people your best or closest friends.

Some people choose to have two separate celebrations, one, a smaller, more special event with just their closest friends and close family and the other, a larger, more open event with their more distant friends and maybe relations and neighbors.

However, in any case, a party wouldn’t be a party without friends, so as ridiculously simple as it might seem, this is the primary must include for any birthday.

  • An outdoor movie night:

This trend has popped up recently with tens of people renting a projector and a giant screen to stream their favorite movies onto a larger screen and enjoy it with your guests.

This is a great way to encourage socialization and going outdoors while still sticking to watching videos and shows.

You could spice this up by adding snacks and drinks. Some people even choose to go the extra mile and host the viewing party in a pool. Although not easy to set up, this will definitely be something to remember.

  • A pool party:

With summer on the horizon, this might just be the coolest way to celebrate and get your share of the action and thrill of summer while staying cool as a cucumber. With pool noodles and water polo, there are tonnes of things you can do to make this a great experience.

This could also let you experiment with interesting water activities and give you a chance to throw your friends into a pool!

Light up beach balls and floats, as well as color-changing glow balls, are sure to make your pool party a blast.

How about some gorgeous floral decorations and a menu built around the fun treats that a pool party can offer? Coastal and island-themed food work best with this sort of setting. Don’t forget to include music. This is always the heart and soul of a pool party and can make or break it at any time.

How about working with some custom pool party floats or even a drinks station. How about both? With a floating drinks station, you can add something fun to your next Instagram highlight.

Opting for some sweet island-themed concoctions will always boost the mood.

Lastly, remember to provide sunscreen and lots of water, dehydration is surprisingly the worst-case scenario at a pool party.

  • Add a drinks bar:

Whether you decide to hire a caterer or do it yourself, your bar can be a whole lot of fun to assemble and use. From the custom varieties of drinks to the exquisite classics, there are tonnes to go from.

Here are some popularly suggested drinks:

  • Screwball peanut butter whiskey: Some of the finest brewed whiskeys from in the flavor of delicious peanut butter. This is a dish that would put even the most delicious PB&J sandwiches you ever had to shame.

Something to consider for the older or those with more refined tastes.

  • French martini: A fantastic looking cocktail that looks all the better on your posts. This is only surpassed by its great flavor.
  • Sex on the Beach: A great drink synonymous with summer and having fun. It is composed of vodka, peach schnapps, and orange and cranberry juice.
  • Raspberry ripple: A sweet concoction reminiscent of a delicious dessert made from vodka and sweet sprinkles.

Drinks work great when it comes to lifting the mood of the audience and providing them with a substance to let go of inhibitions and self-consciousness. All in all, a great idea.

  • Birthday games:

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, party games must always be on your mind. From simple fun games as a kid, party games have evolved a great deal. This is something you will want to consider adding to your party. Working both as an ice breaker and a boredom killer, birthday games are the hero you’ve been looking for.

Some interesting games include:

  • Murder Mystery games: These games are a great deal of fun and can involve quite a bit of acting and roleplaying. It builds some positive tension and suspense and is a great way to spend some time.
  • Never have I ever: This classic game can be played with or without alcohol, but will always give you the energy you need from a game.
  • Truth or Dare: A great way to get to know your friends, this has been a staple at most parties.
  • Video games: Nowadays there are tonnes of interesting video games that you could include in your party that won’t just bring in some competition but leave you excited and content.

Remember to have fun in every instance and not let competitiveness ruin the fun of the game.

Birthdays will always be significant in a person’s life, so taking the time to celebrate them is never a bad thing. Remember to have fun and make merry while you can.

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