Why you must have YouTube App?

As a YouTube user, you now know that advertisements are shown with the videos. Google also wants to make money, of course. Nevertheless, this is super interesting for companies, because YouTube ads can reach potential customers and encourage them to take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. Unlike Google Search (text ads) and Google Display (banners), advertising via YouTube is mainly interesting with videos. Ideal for showing an advertising commercial or fire video! There are several types of advertisements you can choose from, from short to long and from mandatory copying to skipping after a few seconds. You can easily advertise via Google Ads. If you want to start with this, we are of course happy to help!

Embed (embed) videos

A popular way of sharing videos is to ’embed’ them on a website so that it can be viewed directly on the website. Embedding is very easy by clicking on ‘share’ next to the video and choosing ’embed’. You can then add the iframe code to a website as code and the video will be displayed.

Start a YouTube channel


With a YouTube channel, you can share videos that you have made yourself! As a person – if you do this well and share interesting videos via your YouTube channel – you can also make a lot of money as an influencer (see the next heading). As a company, a YouTube channel can contribute significantly to both branding and sales. Videos are shared 40% faster, which can increase the chance of reaching a large target group.

There are different types of YouTube channels that (depending on the type of channel) can be managed by yourself or by several people. You can choose one of the following YouTube channel options. A channel from your own Google – account: anyone with an account on Google has such a channel! So you can start right away. A channel from a brand account: the YouTube channel will then be given its own name and can be managed by several people. Ideal for companies or professional vloggers.

YouTube Influencers


An influencer is an influential person who creates and publishes content. Influencers typically specialize in a particular category (e.g. travel, games, fashion, technology, or beauty) and have a large following who are generally all interested (and often seeking validation) in the topics discussed by the influencer. For that reason, influencers are often used and paid to promote products that match their channel.

YouTube Creators


Are you getting started with publishing videos on YouTube? Then you are automatically a YouTube Creator! Especially for creators, the section “YouTube Creators” has been created where creators – from starting to an expert – are encouraged to express themselves and where you can find programs and more that can help you reach your target audience and other creators. An example of this is YouTube Space where creators, artists with more than 10k followers, and companies can go for worldwide events and inspiration.

YouTube for Artists

Especially for artists, YouTube has set up the ‘ YouTube for Artists’ section, which they themselves call the “largest stage in the world”. YouTube for Artists lets you get the most out of YouTube as an artist, keep full control of your work and reach millions of engaged fans. Artist extras include extensive options for connecting and staying in touch with your Community, using Live Videos, and selling tickets through YouTube.

Are you an artist and do you also want an official artist channel? Then you have to meet a number of requirements. For example, you must own and manage a YouTube channel that represents one artist or band; your channel must contain a minimum of three official releases provided and distributed by a YouTube distribution partner and the channel must have no policy violations. Do you meet the requirements? Then sign up quickly!

YouTube VR (360-degree videos)

With Virtual Reality (VR) you imagine yourself in places you have never been before. With the help of a screen and glasses that close your eyes from the outside world, you can be on top of a volcano in seconds, explore the heart of London from your own home or fight against zombies in an apocalyptic world. These 180 and 360-degree video techniques are not very new, but they are still emerging.

YouTube Music

With YouTube Music (Google’s Spotify) you can listen to your favorite songs in an interface that focuses on listening to music. Compared to YouTube’s interface, the Music interface is much more focused on searching for and discovering music. Partly by using personalized playlists, recommendations, queues, and music shuffling. The emphasis is less on comments, sharing, and the videos (although you can watch them). YouTube Music has a separate app and a desktop version and is basically free to use (with ads). Moreover, Music also works seamlessly with YouTube Artists, so that you are also the first to receive official releases from your favorite artists.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium gives you access to YouTube and YouTube Music, only without ads and if desired also offline and in the background (when locking the screen or using other apps). Unlike YouTube TV, YouTube Premium is available in the Netherlands. There are two plans: a separate plan and a family plan. With both plans, YouTube Premium gives you the full YouTube and YouTube Music experience, only ad-free, with unlimited downloads, and with the ability to play videos and music in the background. The difference between the subscriptions is that you can use the features with the family subscription with 6 accounts (within one household).

YouTube Vanced is an application for Android that gives you many advantages if you use YouTube. There are many advantages to using it, such as ad-blocking and being able to play videos in the background or on the locked smartphone. For more info click here.

On YouTube Vanced Apk you will get features that can block youtube ads, support youtube video background play, convert YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4.  In simpler words, this app is basically a modded YouTube client that provides a YouTube premium experience for free. Moreover, for the devices that do NOT have applications that allow them to be managed at the system administrator level, it is not necessary to install the MicroG app in advance.

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