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Top 10 Reasons to Develop Live Streaming App with React Native App

With the advances in mobile application development, big tech giants are rushing to provide their mobile users with the greatest possible experience. React Native App is one of these technologies. It enables developers to design apps that are compatible with various platforms at the same time, such as Android and iOS. Many digital firms are introducing new live-streaming apps as the streaming industry grows at a rapid rate. They’re all hoping to cash in on this sector and make their goods famous.

There are numerous other advantages to use the react-native development framework to create your live streaming app, particularly if you have a pressing need to create a visually attractive live streaming app.

Live Streaming Apps Are On The Rise

Live streaming apps are on the rise. In fact, Facebook Live and Periscope are adding around 1 million users per month. You may be wondering why people are interested in live-streaming apps, so I’ll explain further.

Using a small device to stream your content in real-time creates an element of “immediate response” that is still missing from many traditional methods of communication. While live streaming isn’t a replacement for every form of communication, it certainly can serve as one of many tools you use to effectively connect with your customer base.

Why Should You Use React Native To Create A Live Streaming App?

React Native is a terrific framework for developing mobile apps that was created by Facebook. It has a declarative programming approach that encourages developers to concentrate on how a system’s constituent components perform rather than how they look. The top ten reasons to use React Native for your live streaming app are listed below.

  1. Real-Time Updates
  2. App Layout Customization
  3. UI Personalization
  4. Enriched App Development Experience
  5. Cross-Platform Support
  6. Faster Development Cycle
  7. Integration With Facebook and Google Analytics
  8. Highly Scalable
  9. Low Latency & bandwidth requirement
  10. Live Data sync and Bandwidth Saver

What Makes A Great React Native App

Successful apps need to be; useful, easy to use, and convenient. A great user experience is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute must. As developers, we know this. So what specific aspects of your application are you going to focus on to develop your app?

Although many things are up to a developer’s taste, I feel there is a pretty good set of criteria that a lot of people will agree upon

  • Combination Of Skill, Expertise, Creativity,
  • Love Of Coding
  • Love For The Product You’re Delivering
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Great Community
  • Great Tools,
  • And Of Course, Great Code.

A great user interface and Awesome design

Don’t be discouraged with poor UI/UX when getting started with React Native development. It takes time, dedication, and learning from others to become a master.

How to Build a Live (Video, Audio) Streaming Application with React?

Familiarizing yourself with the basics of React Native

One of the first things you need to do to get into React Native is to become familiar with its basics. This includes understanding different components and how they connect together. This will also help you identify situations where you can and should refactor your code to cut down on complexity. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with React Native, it’s time to write some code!

Learning best practices in React Native app development

Now that you are a React Native app developer, learning best practices will help improve your apps and elevate you as a developer. Best practices are guidelines or rules that developers follow, to help prevent the need to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. React Native is a much more capable platform than before, allowing you to create complex apps that run smoothly on every device. Learning best practices will help you stay within these guidelines and create stunning experiences for your users. Living by them is how you can achieve true excellence.

Creating an amazing experience for your users

User experience is just as important as the design of your product. The interaction between a user and your product will determine whether they love it or not. Great UX creates a positive experience for everyone involved: Customers will be more likely to recommend your business to their friends, users will be more likely to stay loyal and interested, and companies can immensely increase their conversion rates.

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