How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales in 2024

If you are a business owner then you are probably looking for ways to increase your sales just like every other person in the business world. And the best way to increase sales is by increasing your client base. Having a reliable base of clients and a stream of new customers will ensure that your company will keep growing in the future and reaching your goals.

Unfortunately, not everyone has experience or luck when it comes to business and a time comes when the client base stops decreasing instead of the opposite. Even though you have the best product in the industry, you are still losing even your most loyal customers, but why? You feel like your competitors’ offer is not nearly as good as yours, so why would people pick them instead of you? We know, it can be quite confusing when you run a start-up business.

But, do not worry. With the right knowledge, a bit of experience and a few tips, you will soon get back on your feet and you will get back all of those customers you have lost and bring in new ones.

So, how do you get more people interested in your company to increase your sales?

Get Some Feedback

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If you have had a number of people who gave up their loyalty towards your brand, there has to be a reason for their actions and feelings, right? Well, the best way to find out why is to ask them. Ask them about the experience with the performance of your services or product, the responsiveness of your support, and the overall quality of your company. The more people you ask, the more valuable information you will accumulate. This information can then be analyzed and used to fix the things people like and don’t like.

It will give you an insight into what you should change to increase your sales.

Be Active on Social Media


One of the easiest ways to get more leads is by setting up your company’s social media accounts. It gives you the ability to advertise your brand for free or for a small cost. Whether you plan to constantly post new content to pull in more followers or if you plan to constantly push ads to pull people in from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you will definitely see an increase in your client base.

Of course, most small businesses do not have a budget big enough to support a professional social media marketing expert, but you could do all of that yourself. Naturally, it won’t be as effective, but it will still be a big enough impact on your profits. We don’t think that you should spend your entire day focusing on this, but just a few minutes to post some information about your brand or the release of your products will be more than enough.

People love additional benefits

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Most people who want to become a customer to a company that is unfamiliar to them, they are looking for some other benefits than just the product.

For example, some companies will offer a great discount on their future services once you buy one of their products or once you use their services. Some offer 24/7 customer support and a year-long warranty which is perfect for those that are skeptical when purchasing the first time from a certain brand.

Other companies love to offer different cashback rewards or deals that spark customers’ attention, according to Christine Brown, the founder of GoMontana. Christine wants to help her brand’s followers by providing them with the best coupons and deals so they can save money.

Speak at trade shows and events

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You can even see the CEOs of the world’s biggest conglomerates such as Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Sundar Pichai from Alphabet (Google) and many others speak at trade shows and big events such as CES, COMPUTEX, etc.

If the biggest CEOs in the world need to speak at such events to boost their brand presence that means that you as a small business owner should do the exact same thing. Naturally, you won’t have as much a big presence or even audience, but it still an effective way of creating an interest in new customers. There is also the chance of pulling the attention of big investors too which could prove useful too.

Recording or streaming your speech and sharing in on your social media could increase your reach.

Keep in mind that finding a free spot to hold a speech at big events such as CES or COMPUTEX can be difficult to achieve. So, you should probably start doing such speeches at local trade shows and then start building up to bigger and bigger ones until you reach the level of CES or other similar trade shows.

Identify your audience

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No matter how good your product or your services are, you won’t be able to make any profits from them if you do not know who you should sell them to. You want to identify who your audience is first. You want to understand who your clients will be. How old are they? Are they predominantly male or female? Are they single, in a relationship or with children? What kind of education they have? The more you know about your audience, the more you will be able to alter and perfect your product to suit them better.

It’s quite normal that not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer. You have created a solution to a problem, but not everyone will have that problem. Your solution will be purchased only by those that suffer from that problem. Makes sense, right?

So, by identifying your audience you will be able to grab the interest of new customers.

Rethink your pricing

Sometimes, the only problem with your products is that they are too expensive. You might have a high-quality product, but if the price is not right, no one will bother buying it if the competition offers something of similar quality but at a lower price.

Make sure you do enough research to find the “sweet spot” pricing of your products and services.

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