Things you Should Know to Find the Best Diamond Engagement Rings in 2024

Buying an engagement ring for yourself or your significant other is a very blissful feeling. There are various types of options for engagement rings available in the market. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already decided and are looking to buy a diamond ring.

If you don’t want to go through any hassle and just choose the perfect diamond ring right way you can get help from experts. But there are a lot of things one needs to know to choose the right stone for their very special occasion.

Things you should know to find the best engagement ring:

  • Fix the budget: Getting married is a big deal. You are allowed to spend your money in whichever way you want. However, a wedding is a costly affair. This is why you have to make sure exactly how much you can spend on an engagement diamond ring. If you can’t afford your dream engagement ring right now, do not feel upset or sad. You can always upgrade to a better one when the timing is right.
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  • Do your research: There are various shapes and designs. Know your 4C. Carat, cut, clarity, color. In order to know what exactly you want, do your own part and learn everything you can. If you know a trusted jeweler, you can always contact them and ask for their advice regarding this.
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  • Decide the shape you want: If you have a particular shape or design in your mind, let your partner know. If you do not have your eyes fixated on any particular shape or do not know what shape your partner would like, ask around their family and friends. If you are still confused, go for round shaped diamonds. Round shaped diamonds are stunningly beautiful and you can never go wrong with them. It is also the most popular shape of diamonds among women.
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  • Look for ideal cuts: The cut of the diamond is the deciding factor of how light is going to reflect on the stone. if the cut is not of fine quality, the light reflection will not be great either. Your stone will look dull and fake.
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  • Consider customization: Go for customization if premade rings do not fancy your eyes. If you are not buying premade rings, then you have to choose both the band and the stone separately. You will have the option to choose the shape, cut of the diamond. You will also choose the material, shape, and design of the band as well. The most preferred material for the band in diamond rings is, platinum. You can also use gold, rose gold, etc. The process of attaching the precious stone to the band will take time. Make sure you give your jeweler enough time to make you just the ring you have wanted. This is a once in a lifetime affair, do not ruin it by rushing it.
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  • Do not hasten the process: Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be hard, frustrating, and time-consuming. Take your time. Look around and explore your options. Do not impulse buy because it is hard to choose one among all the other. Explore and narrow down your options. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Diamonds and Moral Obligation

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Diamonds are pretty, shiny, and exquisite looking but they can also be very expensive. If you are looking for a diamond ring as an engagement ring, we can undoubtedly say that it’s an investment. You or your significant other is going to wear that ring in their finger for the rest of their lives. So, you have to be very careful while choosing the stone, the band, and the design as well. But as pretty as it looks, diamonds are not the most ethical accessory to flaunt with.

Diamonds were mined traditionally. Diamond mining led to miners or workers getting exploited and stripped off of their basic human rights. The negligence workers face is finally getting the backlash it deserves. It is cruel, evil and all sorts of terrible things one can imagine. But with that, the question that erupts in our minds is that, “should we not wear diamonds at all then?”

Lab-grown Diamond as Alternative

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The answer to this particular question is, “yes, you absolutely can.” We are talking about lab-grown diamonds. Now you might frown a little after seeing that we are offering you an alternative way. But please, hear me out. While it might strike you like the fake stone or it might make you feel like you spent your hard-earned money on buying a fake stone. I want to tell you that you are absolutely wrong.

Lab-grown diamonds are made by using pure carbon, heavy pressure, and heat. There are two methods of creating lab-grown diamonds. One of the processes starts with the “seed”. The temperature 1500C and 1.5 million pounds per square inch pressure is used to form a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that replicates the same physical and chemical materials as traditionally mined diamonds. They will look the same, and feel the same as traditionally mined diamonds. Except lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, less expensive, and will not make you feel like you are wearing a stone that was brought to you wrongfully. Lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly as the whole process happens inside of a laboratory.

If you have reached this point in the article, you might have already fixed your budget and you already have planned what kind of diamond and ring you are going to buy. You are probably wondering where to find the best lab-grown diamonds for your perfect engagement ring. If you want to learn more about ethically sourced, conflict-free, and eco-friendly diamonds check out NovitaDiamonds.com. 

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