Creative Ideas to Remember Your Wedding Forever

Weddings are all about the details. They take months (or sometimes years) to plan, and you’ll want your guests to remember the event for the rest of their lives. There are so many things to consider when organizing a wedding, especially when there’s an extensive guest list involved!

Why not shake things up a little and turn your wedding into an epic night for you and your guests? There’s nothing wrong with the traditional timeline of ceremony, dinner, and reception — but you can certainly bring some memorable items into that plan by stepping outside of the traditional wedding box with these creative and engaging ideas.

Matching Shirts

At weddings, people are excited, and energy levels are high. There’s an overall sense of connection among the wedding party and guests. Everyone is there to celebrate the love and life of the newly married couple!

Take that feeling of unification a step further and create custom-designed t-shirts for your guests! Check out to see how you can create any number of customized t-shirts for your wedding. One of the greatest moments for any couple is when they walk through the doors of the reception area, after officially being married, while everyone gets up and claps in celebration. Many people already provide matching shirts for wedding party members, but imagine how much more meaningful it would be if every single person were wearing the same, custom-designed t-shirt in honor of your special day?

Get creative with a funny slogan or a cartoon image of you and your partner. Design something that people will want to wear long after the wedding is over. The challenge will be to ensure you have the correct sizes for everyone, so give yourself ample time to plan. Guests won’t have to wear the shirts throughout the entirety of the wedding (after all, many people like to glam it up for these types of events so they’ll want to show off their outfits) so it’s a good idea to order merchandise that is big enough to slip over a dress or a fancy shirt.

A custom-made t-shirt is a way for people to remember the night for the rest of their lives. After the wedding, you, your friends, and family can wear shirts at functions and events for many years to come!

A Tarot Card Reader

Have you ever wondered what your future holds but have been too skeptical about approaching a tarot card reader? Well, you’re not alone, but these days, tarot card reading is all the rage.

First practiced in mid-15th century Italy, tarot card reading is a pastime of intuitive future-seekers, and it’s recently become popular once again among many curious individuals. Give your guests the chance to find out what their futures hold! It’s a unique activity that most people find exciting and fun (and at the very least, a bit of a laugh) and would secretly like to try, but wouldn’t necessarily pay for themselves.

It’s likely someone in your friend group already has a tarot card deck, so ask him or her if they’d be up for the challenge of being the resident wedding psychic.

A Karaoke Room

Do you prefer “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond or R.E.M’s classic “Losing My Religion” when you sing karaoke? What better chance to demonstrate those stellar vocal skills than at your wedding?

If there are extra funds available, rent a karaoke machine for the wedding after-party. It’s an excellent way to get people together and to create memories that will last a lifetime — although hearing your drunken uncle perform “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinéad O’Connor might be something you’ll never want to envision again… ever.

Customized Drinks

Will you have a bar at the reception? If so, why not create a specialized cocktail that combines the personalities of you and your partner? You could take advice from a bartender friend, or the two of you could concoct something that you believe says something unique about your relationship. Of course, give it a fun name so people will want to make it at home in the future!

Don’t forget the people who don’t drink alcohol. Create a delicious non-alcoholic drink with a spicy ingredient such as Kombucha or ginger beer.

A Video Booth

Instead of the typical photo booth, try something even more interactive and install a video booth in your reception area. Guests can leave personalized messages for you and your partner to enjoy once the wedding is over.

You can edit the highlights later on and save them into a keepsake video.

Outdoor Games and Indoor Billiards


If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, why not treat your guests to games and other activities? Lawn games such as ring toss, croquet, and badminton are great ways for people to stay occupied and engage with others at the wedding reception. It will also get people out of their comfort zones and enable them to let their hair down a little.

If you’re the type of couple that loves billiards, set up a poker station! Instead of betting with money, guests could use drink tickets as prizes. Another idea is to set up a pool table if you’re able to bring one in. A round or two of poker or pool is the perfect way to finish off a lovely evening with friends and family.

Board Game Station

For the individuals who prefer board games over outdoor activities or billiards, set up a table with a few of your favorites.

Offer a selection of quick, multi-player boards that will entertain your more introverted guests throughout the evening. Life, Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Clue are all classics.

Don’t Forget About the Kids

You and some of your guests might be bringing children along. Even though wedding receptions are fun for adults, they can feel long and tedious for the youngsters. Have coloring books and other kids’ games on hand so they won’t feel left out.

Ultimately, your wedding should be a celebration of you and your partner. It’s your night to do whatever you want! Make it an epic, memorable night for everyone and integrate these unique activities into the evening.


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