What to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator

So, it’s that time now to buy a new fridge. According to novachill, this is an essential appliance that will keep your food and groceries fresh, and not give you stress on high energy bills. Finding the right refrigerator shouldn’t be a hard task, right?

Well, it’s not that easy. Today, we have so many models that come with various features. That’s the reason why you can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right fridge. But, at the end of the day, you want to buy something reliable, which will serve you for many years. The last thing you’d like is to contact an expert from jacksonvilleappliancerepair.services to repair your fridge a few years after buying it.


With that said, here are something that you should consider when buying a refrigerator. These tips will assist you to get the right fridge for your daily use.

Your Budget

Different refrigerator models come with different price tags. Therefore, you need to consider how much you want to spend on your new refrigerator.

The Size

You should make sure that you get the size right when buying a new fridge. First, you should consider where you want to install the refrigerator. Check to make sure that its door will not hit a wall or an island. Moreover, there should be extra space around the fridge—at least one inch for ventilation.

Also, you should consider that path for the refrigerator to get into the kitchen. Most fridge deliveries end in frustrations since the door or stairs are too narrow for the appliance. Even though it might look like too much work, but if you live in a home with tight space, just take your time to fix together cardboard with the approximate size of your fridge. This will assist you to test whether you can get the refrigerator into the kitchen.


The Style

Most fridges come in the following categories:

  • Top freezer – in top freezer refrigerator models, the freezer is normally fixed at the top of the refrigerator. Although these refrigerators might look old fashioned, they are very efficient, as well as affordable.
  • Bottom freezer – the popularity of bottom freezer refrigerators is on the rise. The freezer is fixed at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment. Bottom freezer models are cheaper than French door refrigerator models, and the benefits are almost the same.
  • Side-by-side – just as the name suggests, both the freezer and refrigerator are next to each other. If you love storing large frozen pans of lasagna, pizzas, and other wide foodstuffs, ensure that the freezer section has space. Most of the side-by-side models don’t have room in the freezer section, and this is a big problem for bakers.
  • French door – these are the most modern refrigerator in the market today. French door models come with a freezer drawer at the bottom, and two doors for the fridge compartment. These models are a bit expensive compared to the other models highlighted above.

Apart from the styles we’ve discussed above, you will also need to consider the depth and width. Both dryers and washers come in two widths. Dishwashers, on the other hand, have the same width. For refrigerator styles mentioned above, however, they come in different widths. Therefore, make sure that to get the size correct.

Counter-depth – every style highlighted above has a counter-depth, and this is typically shallower compared to normal space. The good thing with this is that the refrigerator fits in an area with a built-in appearance. However, these models don’t have a lot of storage space.


Energy Star Ratings

This is a simple way of saving energy, utility costs, as well as protecting the environment. Apart from your HVAC bills, your refrigerator is perhaps the next appliance that consumes a lot of energy in your home.

However, the recent developments in compressors and insulation have made modern refrigerators more energy efficient compared to previous models. Statistics indicate that a 10-year-old fridge consumes 30% more energy compared to a modern refrigerator with Energy Star certification. Buying an Energy Star certified refrigerator can assist you to save over $200, and reduce your Co2 footprint by over 4,900lbs over the lifetime of the appliance.


Your kitchen size, as well as the eating habits of your family, play an important role when determining the storage space of your new refrigerator. The design of your kitchen can restrict the footprint (that is, the depth and width) of your new refrigerator. However, the design of modern refrigerators makes good use of the space, while others don’t.

Indoor ice or water dispenser can be very convenient. However, this can take the room that’s needed to hold extra groceries. Therefore, make sure that you consider how possible it is to customize the shelves.



What are you looking for in your new refrigerator? Do you want a fridge with an ice maker or water dispenser? Are you looking for a fridge with extra-large bins in its doors, a door alarm, or adjustable shelves? It’s important to put the features into consideration as they allow you to pay what you need. In addition to this, you won’t buy a fridge that will cost you much in terms of utility bills.


There’s one undeniable thing about your refrigerator—you’ll be looking at it every day. Therefore, make sure that you choose a fridge with a finish that suits your kitchen. Here the different finishes you’ll find in the market:

  • Stainless steel – this finish gives refrigerators a metallic look. Most modern refrigerators with stainless steel finishing are smudge-proof, meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning fingerprints.
  • Plain white or black – you should choose a refrigerator with one of these finishes if you want to match the other appliances in your kitchen. One notable thing about refrigerators with this finishing is that they are a bit cheaper.
  • Black stainless – this is the latest finish that most brands are trying to adopt. Refrigerators with black stainless steel are fingerprint-proof, which makes them easier to clean. Even though magnets can stick on refrigerators with a black stainless finish, they can easily scratch the fridge. Therefore, you should be careful about how you use them.
  • Other colors – today, you’ll still find refrigerators with almond or bisque finishing, even though they are not that popular.
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