9 Factors to Consider When Buying Rugs

Before buying rugs, there are things you may want to put into consideration before you purchase a rug. Selecting a suitable rug goes beyond just choosing an affordable piece that blends with your decoration and furniture.

So, what should you have in mind while purchasing a rug?

1. Your sense of style

Sounds obvious? Yeah. However, that is an essential factor you have to bear in mind when selecting a rug. Therefore, make sure it suits your taste. Identify whether your style is transitional, traditional, or contemporary.

2. Care and Cleaning of the Rug


High-quality rugs require regular and professional cleaning. The work is twice as much if the rug is of natural materials such as wool; it can start smelling if you don’t wash it properly. Also, a rug located in a place with many people passing needs regular cleaning.

It would help if you cleaned your rug at least twice a year. Otherwise, it becomes unsanitary. Ensure that you can take care of the rug and organize its regular cleaning using the various cleaners in the market.

Different rugs require different levels of maintenance. Therefore, select the one that you are sure you can maintain. And about quality, see Southwestern Rugs Depot for durable and high-quality rugs.

3. The Room You Will Place it

You’ll have to know the size of the selected room and come up with a floor plan. If the rug is for the dining room, you will put the table and chairs on it. And if you intend to place it in the family room, a rug that can accommodate only the coffee table will do.

For the entryway, you can buy a narrow and long rug. If you are to put it in the bedroom, buy a large rug and place it below the lower two-thirds of your bed, and you can lay other two long rugs on the bedsides.


Moreover, check if the position you’ll place the rug doesn’t pose a threat of tripping or sticking under doors.

4. Your Lifestyle

Not every rug suits every lifestyle; therefore, it is crucial to know how you will utilize your rug’s space. If you’ve got pets and children, choose a rug you can easily clean.

For a person that changes decoration more often, don’t go for an additional expensive one; purchase a couple of cheaper rugs.

5. The Rug Feeling

The reason people purchase rugs is the cozy sensation they feel around their bare feet when walking on them. Always select a rug made of a material that makes you feel comfortable. The carpet pad underneath a low-pile rug makes it cushier, mostly for children who enjoy sitting on it.

6. The Pattern

If you are to buy an expensive quality rug, it is best to go for a timeless pattern such the antique and vintage rugs. You may desire to leave the rug to your kids someday. The modern rugs may look great when placed in a room; however, they are more likely to require replacement once they are out of style.

Moroccan shag rugs are a luxurious choice for your home. They’re perfect for adding a unique flair to any room in your home. These rugs are ideal for adding warmth to cold indoor spaces such as libraries or offices. They’re also an excellent choice for covering bare floors in your home’s living areas or bedrooms. Having a Moroccan shag rug under your seating area will add comfort to your space while adding a touch of style to your décor.

One of the greatest benefits of using natural wool as a material is that it’s naturally warm. Even though wool is naturally warm, you can make your wool rugs even warmer by adding insulating properties to them. Additionally, you can make your rugs even more comfortable by alternating them with cold floors such as tile or wood. This way, your feet are always warm and snug when they’re on the rug and cool and comfortable when they’re off of it. Since wool is naturally resistant to cold, it’s ideal for keeping you warm during cold winter months.

Wool also has excellent acoustic properties; it absorbs sounds and reduces noise levels. You can use this property to reduce noise pollution in your home or office. You can also use it to create soundproof rooms for listening to music or watching TV without disturbing others. You can also use it to create privacy screens for making calls in public spaces without attracting attention. You can find a collection of unique and authentic handmade wool rugs at HouseOfMoroccanRugs.com.

Another great quality of natural wool is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about damaging your rug when cleaning natural wool. Unlike synthetic materials such as nylon, dirt doesn’t damage wool fibers easily as it does with other synthetic materials. Instead of worrying about ruining your rug, you can simply vacuum it regularly to keep your rug looking its best. You can also wash your rug regularly with soap and water to keep it smelling fresh and looking clean.

7. The Rug Size

It is vital to measure your room before purchasing a rug to ensure you get something that fits your room. If the rug takes up much space, it won’t look great, and if it is too small, it will look weird. Therefore you should get the right rug size.

Ideally, you can place your rug in the regions you are likely to step on barefoot.

8. If You Will Move

If you plan to move from your current house soon, then try to see if it will fit in your new house. And if your new house is smaller or larger than your current one, then purchase a rug that will fit best in your new home.

9. If it Matches Your Room’s Decoration


Purchase a rug of a color that blends well with the ones in your room decoration. For a patterned rug with bold colors, it looks fine if your room has subdued décor. However, a rug with neutral colors will look better if your room is boldly-colored!

Wrapping It Up

Picking a new rug can be challenging. However, you should consider various factors, as discussed above. Ensure you choose a rug you can maintain and check if it suits your description; it is what you want.

Once you create time and put the factors into consideration before purchasing, you will buy a rug that you and your household will appreciate.

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