5 La Liga Betting Tips & Predictions For The 2024/21 Season

La Liga, Spain is probably the talk of the football town this season. The hype of high-performing teams plus the nail biting situations keep the betters and spectators on the edge of their seats. Apart from all the fun and excitement, there is always money at the back of the minds of the betters. The La Liga season offers a high chance for people to gamble and win a high amount of betting money. The bets can be of several things like the results of the matches, scores of each team, the total number of goals, draws, and so much more.

If you are interested in La Liga and follow the betting trends and predictions keenly, gives you all the necessary insight on everything that’s going on in La Liga, offers betting tips as well as predictions for future team performance and scores.

In the season of 20/21, the game enthusiasts have already prepared for this season’s memorable performances and winning streaks of the teams. But despite the fact, gambling is as unpredictable as the game itself. You can never know how the match turns out to be. Even the winning team can lose at the end of the game with a single goal. So, if you are gambling on this season’s La Liga, you need to follow a series of betting tips and predictions. To help you out and to provide you an insight, here are a few betting tips and predictions you should know before betting this season.

Betting tips

With the new matches being taken place on the 29th December 2024, teams will come head-to-head with each other in exciting matches. Here are a few betting tips for these matches. Only time will let how these tips turn out to be true for the teams and fans.

1. Sevilla v Villarreal Tip 1-0

The game between Seville and Villarreal is said to tip-off as Sevilla scores 1 where Villarreal will score no goal.

2. Barcelona Vs Eibar Tip 2-1


In the match between Barcelona and Eibar, we give a betting tip that Barcelona will score 2 whereas Eibar will score 1 goal.

3. Cadiz Vs Real Valladolid Tip Draw

The betting tip for the Cadiz Vs. Real Valladolid match will be a draw.

4. Levante Vs. Real Betis Tip 1-0

Levante will score 1 goal whereas Real Betis will score none.

5. Granada Vs. Valencia Tip 1-0


The betting tip for Granada Vs. Valencia is also 1-0 where Grande will secure victory.


Here are some of the predictions that the spectators and gamblers are considering for this season’s La Liga!

1. Sevilla v Villarreal

As Sevilla and Villarreal go neck-in-neck at this seasons’ La Liga on 29th December, the gamblers and fans are sitting at the edge of the chair and waiting desperately for the time to come. Both teams are expected to perform well during the season, therefore, our prediction for Villarreal is a bit more positive than for Sevilla. Also, since Sevilla hasn’t taken a win to their home recently, we think Sevilla will bounce back and take this one home.

2. Barcelona Vs Eibar

Barcelona has been performing as expected this season. It has always been a strong team and performs according to the expectations of its fans. And this season, it is staying true to expectations as well. Talking about Eibar, its last loss against the Alaves, it is predicted that Eibar will work hard to take this one home. Therefore, in a match with Eibar, Barcelona is expected to win again taking another victory home.

3. Cadiz Vs Real Valladolid

Real Valladolid’s performance has been going down the hill since its last loss to Barcelona. As a result, many of its fans and spectators are quite disappointed with the team. Because of its previous performance in the season 20/21, not many have high hopes for the Cadiz Vs Real Valladolid match. However, the same goes for Cadiz. After its previous loss at the hands of Betis, Cadiz will be looking for redemption as well. As a result, the match is going to be exciting since both teams have lost the previous matches and will try their best to cope up in the next match. But we have predicted that it will be the match where both teams will bounce back and gain a new dimension for the team and the fans. So, the highest possibility is that the match will be a draw for both teams.

4. Levante Vs. Real Betis

Levante has been working its way up slowly and has shown quite a promising performance lately. The same goes for Real Betis. Both teams have quite a positive performance graph and despite a few losses, the game is going to be interesting. Although both teams will look towards securing another win, it is very likely that both teams with the score. But we predict that the final winner will be in the court of Levante.

5. Granada Vs. Valencia

The last game was a big down spot for Grande. With a loss without scoring a single goal was something no one expected or wanted for the teams. SO, keeping in mind its last performance, it is expected that Grande will bounce back and try to secure the win for the team. The same goes for Valencia as well. After its previous loss to Sevilla, it will also work towards scoring a win. Although the match will be an interesting one where both teams will turn towards each other to secure a win for themselves, we think that the winning team will be the Grande.

Although these tips and predictions are given by expert analysts and predictors, the truth will only be revealed on the day of the match. As for those who are betting. There is always a certain level of uncertainty and unpredictability when it comes to betting. A game is a game and things can change their course even at the last minute.

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