5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Backyard Kiddie Pool

Having a pool in your front or backyard can be so much fun for you or your kids! Nowadays people are only buying houses that already have pools installed, and they prefer homes that have it all!

However, if you don’t have a pool in your home, know that you can opt for an inflatable pool! Surprise your kids with a backyard kiddie pool, and give them something new and fun to look forward to!

These pools will come in handy during the summer season, and your kids will love this pool for their birthdays or other big events. Just make sure to consider some of the things from our list before you make your purchase, or before setting it up! Here’s all that you should know.


5 things to consider before you buy a backyard kiddie pool

1. Is it toxic?

Not that many people pay close attention to some materials, nor the way that things are made in the first place.

However, did you know that you shouldn’t let your kids near harmful toxins, such as BPA?

These are found in most plastic pools nowadays, especially cheaper kinds. One other toxin that you should stay away from is PVC, which can lead to hormonal disbalance.

Luckily, Parenthood.Guide has loads of different pool options for you to consider! If you need a review on each of them and you’re looking for something that is safe for your little ones, give them a click.

They have different options and different pools that will suit anyone, no matter their budget.

2. Consider your space and what you’re working with

So, how big or how small is your front or backyard? Do you need an inflatable pool for your apartment and flat building? Where are you going to set it up?

The size of your yard will determine your final purchase when it comes to your inflatable pool. Make sure to go for something that sits comfortably in your yard, and make sure that it still leaves you with enough space for some other fun activities.

Once you take your measurements and you take into consideration all the facts, you are ready to make your purchase.

PS: Make sure that someone helps you with the measuring, you don’t want to get it wrong, especially if you plan to shop online.


3. There are different sizes and shapes

There are loads of different shapes, sizes, as well as models that you can choose from when it comes to your inflatable pool.

Make sure that you choose the one that suits your preference, your style, as well as your kids and their style.

Sometimes, the bigger, the louder & ”better” can end up costing you a lot of money. How much are you willing to spend on an item that can last you for 2-3 years, max?

Therefore, think twice if you truly want an inflatable pool that is in the shape of a specific figurine, such as an alligator or a swan – your kids will outgrow it quite quickly.

If you want to use the pool as well, do not go for something that is not appropriate for you and your age group, or even your friends (if you plan on throwing a mini pool party).

Think twice and go for the best shape and size that is fine with your entire family, as well as both genders!


4. How sturdy is it?

There are loads of different materials when it comes to inflatable pools or pools in general as we’ve mentioned before.

Having fun out in the open and during colder water means that you need to invest in your materials, and work with something sturdier.

Inflatable pools have a shorter lifespan, which means that you can’t use them for more than 1-2 years.

Every company and each pool is different, which is why you should do your research beforehand and before you make your purchase.

Inflatable pools that have one layer of PVC are often the best go-to, but ask yourself if you’re okay with PVC, since as we’ve mentioned before, it is considered a toxic material.

Ask a team of specialist what they recommend, and only stick to the kind that is okay with your entire family.

5. What are its other features?


You can add some fun features and accessories to your pool.

For instance, you could go for a ring toss game, some sprinklers, as well as inflatable animals! Most kids love slides and sprinkles, as well as water fountains.

You will enjoy adding these accessories since your kids will never get bored, and they can have fun on their own, or once you invite some friends over.

This pool, as well as all of its accessories, is super easy to move around and set up wherever you want them to go, and wherever you want them to go!

PS: Make sure that your pool maintenance is at its highest level. Kids can be quite messy, clumsy, as well as naughty when it comes to playing around with expensive items.

Make sure that there are no sharp objects anywhere near your kids, or around the pool. You don’t want them to make a mess, nor to ruin your just-purchased new pool, do you?

Ready to have some fun?

So, are you ready to have some quality time and enjoy your weekends with your little ones?

Throw them a pool party and let them bring over some of their pals, they will love this activity!

Also, how informed were you on these simple rules when it comes to the maintenance of pools, as well as guidelines when it comes to shopping?

Just remember that these five tips and tricks will help you enjoy your new pool, and your kids will love it as well! Also, it will stay with you for quite some time, so why not invest in it?

Purchase the one kind that meets your criteria and your budget, and have fun!

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