9 Tips For Hosting The Best Pool Party This Summer

Now that schools & colleges are finally closed and the scorching heat of summer is upon us, it seems like the perfect time to enjoy our summer. Nothing makes summer more enjoyable than a pool party.

Having a pool party is probably the best way to enjoy summertime. Naturally, pool parties can be hosted in the backyard near the pool. But if you don’t have any, then plenty of pools are available for rent during the summertime. A pool party is an intriguing way of enjoying summer.

Experts agree on the fact that summer is the best season for health & happiness. Warm weather boosts your immune system & improves sleep. Seems like pool parties are also a fun way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

The best part of it is that these are not hard to arrange. So, to make the most of your summer here are 9 exclusive tips that you may want to consider before throwing a summer pool party:

1. Select A Theme


While a pool party is a theme in itself. The excitement of pool parties increases to a great extent if interesting themes are added. There are plenty of themes out there like the luau. Beach party or even 80s retro theme.

LUAU gives you a pure Hawaiian vibe with Hawaiian dresses, Hawaiian music, tiki torches, etc. You can offer flower leis to your guests just to get the vibe going.

PATRIOTIC THEME PARTY can be considered if you are native American & it’s close to July 4th. Creating a theme containing white, red & blue colors will give you the exact vibe.

SURF’S UP is the classical summer pool party theme. You can decorate the pool with surfboard toys, images of surfing all around & last but not the least is to place seashells around the tables just to add a nautical touch.

2. Bring Out The Right Menu

Who doesn’t love food? And since we are talking about pool party menus then you got to have grillings. It certainly doesn’t feel like a summer party if you can not chow down on some juicy grilled fish, meat, or kabobs.

Before the party, why not brush up on some cooking skills and experiment on new ways to grill that you can show off at the party. You can check out bbqqueens.com for some great reviews on Pellet Smokers.


But certain things have to be made sure. You should not start grilling too early otherwise you won’t have a hot, sizzling steak. The grilling should be started 30 minutes prior to eating.

Along with the main dishes, plenty of light snacks should be served to the guests to munch on throughout the party. A plate of fresh fruits like watermelons, pineapples, berries, etc. can be a great choice.Tortilla chips with fresh salsa or guacamole can be another option too.

3. Choose Lively Colors And Decor

Colors work significantly to turn a drab pool party into a bright festive one. Selecting a matching color with the theme along with the right decoration can create a compelling environment all around.

A simple collaboration of colorful decoration & pool accessories can create a festive & upbeat ambiance. Some colorful items such as balloons, seashells, fishnets, beachballs, paper lanterns, tiki torches, twinkling lights, etc are not so expensive & can certainly take the party to another level.

4. Refreshing Music

Music is the perfect item to electrify your party. With a summer pool party, it is a must-have item. Nowadays, lots of amazing playlists are available on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.

You can certainly play amazing songs using those. But if you are the classical type & prefer to select on your own then a retro playlist of classical songs may come handy to you. Songs like “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft, “Splish Splash” by Bobby Darin, “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys, and “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves won’t leave you regretting it.

5. Make Sure People Stay Hydrated

Even in the pool, you will be spending time in the scorching heat of summer. So, getting dehydrated is pretty normal. That’s why to remain hydrated there’s no alternative to cold crisp beers.

For choosing beers, you have to keep in mind that a robust beer is not going to work as your guests will be spending most of the time outside. So, you should try to choose a  light beer with a very low alcohol content.c, . Different kinds of special edition summertime beers are released during this period. It will be a good idea to pre-order some of those.

Although wine is not preferred by many in pool parties, not everyone is a beer person. So, wine should be kept on the menu. A light refreshing white wine can be kept to escape the dehydration. Also if people at your party prefer wine then you can keep a wine refrigerator close to the pool filled up with different light wines.

Summer cocktails like Mojito, Strawberry daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Hurricanes, etc. can be served to the younger ones & almost everyone.


6. Pool Floats & Accessories

A summer pool party without picturesque pool floats will be dull. Bringing classic ice cream, pizza, flamingo, or unicorn floats will keep your friends lounging on. For kids, you can go for some arm floaties, lifejackets, or pool noodles.

7. Sunscreen & Supplies

Sunscreens save you from the pesky UV by using SPF. To ensure comfort for your guests, you can provide a basket of sunscreen, aloe vera lotion, bug spray, insect sting medicine, etc. For the little ones, a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer, a package of baby wipes, a roll of small trash bags & a few disposable swim diapers can be arranged.

8. Gripping Pool Games

Games intensify the excitement of a party. The same goes for a summer pool party. You can play volleyball in or out of the water. Also, water fighting with water guns, water balloons will add an extra thrill.

For the kids, some classic pool games like Marco Polo, Shark & Minnows, etc. can be arranged too.


9. Provide Changing Facilities

If the pool is near to your house, you may allow your guest to use your washroom. But if you are afraid of them going into the house traipsing water, then you can perhaps make a shade space or garage for changing. Serving extra towels to the guests is a cordial approach. Shower curtains can be used in the shades for privacy.

Final Thoughts

Involving your pets (if you have any) will also enhance the fun. While arranging a summer pool party, a few things should be considered as looking after the kids. In no way, you want an accident to happen. So, assigning an adult per 4 children should be a good thought.

Also, while selecting liquors, don’t be high on alcohol percentage. And it’s better to have a Plan-B in case things go rough at the very last minute. Lastly, consider the above tips and throw the best pool party ever.

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