3 Best Pool Cleaner for Summer 2024?

If you have become the swimming pool owner recently, you are likely to think about having a good relax. Of course, it is a serious asset, and you may have your private “small paradise”. Sounds easy to provoke someone to envy. But the one thing is often left without proper attention of the pool owners. Each marvelous possession needs proper maintenance. But at the same time, you may not enjoy the pool-cleaning process if it’s done without any device!

When it comes to the need for keeping your pool clean, the pool-cleaner will become the must-have equipment, check out thesmartconsumer.com to get more information on pool maintenance. For now, there is plenty of such kind of cleaners.

In order not to let you get lost in a great variety of goods and make a choice more comfortable, I would like to review some consumer-trusted products.

Here we are going to describe the pros and cons of the popular pool cleaners: Polaris 280, Polaris 380, and Hayward (TVP500C) TriVac 500. To know more about robotic pool cleaner you could view this article from eminickreview.com

The article might also be useful for those who are familiar with pool maintenance.

1. Polaris 280

Model 280 is not the hottest one but still is recognized as a humble servant. It is the right choice for small and mid-sized pools. Works in all in-ground pools. A good cleaner should have no problems with capacity. So that’s it – The model 280 has a 3-liter bag. The filter easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums all surfaces of the pool. Also, it is light (only 6.2 lbs – approximately 2,5kg) – there will be no problems with mobility… at least while the bag remains unfilled entirely. What about maintenance – it is not involved in a nutshell, although 280 has a gear-driven system, which is known to be less convenient than the one driven by a belt. Finally, you can be calm if 280 is left in the pool when not in use – nothing is going to happen.

And sure thing, there are some cons. 280 has only two venture jets, which results in poor performance in large pools. Moreover, keep in mind that it is only a basic cleaner without modern features. And be ready for wheels getting jammed. Throughout time they also get broken under the heaviness of the bag. Finally, 280 is not likely to deal with steps.


The cleaner is available at a quite fair price (around $500 on the Amazon). Unfortunately, 280 requires a separate booster pump. Perhaps you may find somewhere an offer which doesn’t have such a disadvantage, but anyway, don’t be taken aback with it. It is sold without a pump.

2. Polaris 380

The model 380 can be described as the 280’s elder brother – the design is almost the same, but the efficiency is more significant. The ability to clean the stairs is a plus. Enhanced performance allows us to use the cleaner in large pools and have the job done faster– 3 jets instead of 2 make you feel the difference. The belt chain is another advantage – it’s much easier to handle with it than with the gear chain. You may benefit from it if you are planning a long-term usage.

Also, it should be mentioned that the head float is removable – there was a problem with old models related to head floats: in case of breakage, the entire body replacement was needed. 380 is very light – it weighs only 3 lbs (1.3 kg).


Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of capacity (in comparison with other cleaners) – this model has only two liter-bag. So be ready to empty it rather often.

Please, be advised that this model requires proper maintenance due to having the extra parts! And one more note – booster pump is required.

Three hundred eighty can be purchased for $650. The price is considered to be the biggest weakness – some customers may find this cleaner overpriced. On the other hand, if you are going to use the filter often, the purchase of the 380 may become a better investment than the 280 models.

3. Hayward TVP500C TriVac 500


TriVac 500 (or let’s call it 500) is one of the most popular cleaners for the beginning of 2024 and is strongly recommended for those who are new in the market. 500 is claimed to be based on Hayward Phantom – Trivac is expected to be reliable. 500 has an extra-large bag – 5,7 liters of capacity. In combination with 3 jets, the performance is likely to be excellent. It sounds like 280 & 380 have no chances. The technology (Aqua Drive System) is proved to be effective – there are no problems with pool coverage and obstacle avoidance. The maintenance is probably easy. There is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

However, there are some weaknesses. 500 is known for getting stuck quite often. Moreover, TriVac, according to feedbacks, from time to time, gets trapped in the deep end of the pool. So you have to check cleaner, at least for the first time – to be sure that the cleaner can work without any difficulties. Another drawback is related to a bag – sometimes, it drops from the filter when it is overloaded. In this case, don’t forget to empty the container at least once a week.

And the minor disadvantage – it weighs 23 lbs (10kg). It is the most substantial cleaner mentioned here.

TriVac can be bought for around $485-500 (booster pump excluded). This model has the same problem as 280 and 380 – the extra purchase has to be made.

Polaris 280 vs. 380 vs. TriVac?

Polaris derby plus Hayward? Well, there is no definite leader – each cleaner is excellent for an appropriate task. All of them will complete the task. As I read in this review, your choice should be based on your pool type. And of course, the ability to maintain the cleaner is essential. If you have not decided yet, you should choose a simple solution. Later you will come to the complex one. Also, remember that the purchase price may differ depending on your living area. And the last: there are Black Max models produced by Polaris – they look pretty, but their performance is not boosted in comparison with non-black goods.

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