Is it worth getting a Robotic Pool Cleaner – 2024 Guide

Technology is truly great, there is no doubt about that. Thanks to tech advances, breakthroughs and general human ingenuity, there are plenty of tasks that are made a lot simpler and fast, not to speak of efficiency and money savings.

We all love nice things. They do not necessarily have to be expensive but nice and useful things is what we all strive for. One of those nice things is private pools. Those that are happy to have a house on a nice piece of land that is suitable for a private pool are truly happy people. Private pools were something that many couldn’t afford some time back, but as we progress, as materials and technology get widely available we can now all enjoy those nice things.


Having a pool next to your home is not only nice, useful and beautiful but it is also time-consuming and somewhat expensive to maintain. Again tech comes to our aid and again we have certain tasks simplified and made affordably. If you haven’t caught up so far we are talking about the most tedious job of all and it is pool cleaning. Thanks to technology we can now have robots that do this for us and in the article today we are discussing them and if they are worth getting in the year 2024. If you don’t have one so far and if you are in dire need of a pool cleaning bot then check out mulkearlife.com to see what is good for you!

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand. If you are one of those that have their pool then you know just how much pain does the cleaning of it causes you every year. Simply buying a pool, setting it up and using it whenever you want isn’t enough. Depending on the settings of your pool, it is not a good idea to keep the water in it for a long time without filtration. What is a problem is that even if your pool has a good filtration system you will still have problems with dirt, debris and algae on the bottom of it. It is a natural thing and this is why maintaining good pool water health means maintaining health for you and your family.


Most do not understand that bad pool water that has a lot of contaminants and that isn’t clean enough can cause all kinds of health issues. From stomach issues, if you swallow some of that water to various skin conditions and diseases. This is even more magnified if more people outside of your home use the same pool. What you need to do there is use all kinds of different pool water cleaners to keep it sanitary and clean for usage. The other part is to clean the bottom of the pool regularly if you want to maintain good health.

If you remember some time ago, most of us reading this now, have probably had a job as a pool cleaner. We would go to our neighbours or other people’s homes, grab our equipment and clean their pool. You would clean the leaves and any type of contaminants that had accumulated over some time. This was done thanks to the good-old manual labour, but thankfully that is a part of history. Thanks to the tech and our ingenuity, we now have something called a pool cleaning robot. These little fun things are growing more and more sophisticated every year and every iteration of these robots is getting better and better.

Like anything that is highly sought out, these little helpers are everywhere to find, in any form, type, configuration and efficiency. Since they are not a small investment for a household you probably have some tough decisions ahead of you. This is probably the reason that you have opened this article. Well, let’s see if we can help you.


Robotic pool cleaners aren’t cheap but if you look at them as a tool that will be used in the long run then you will most definitely save money. If you get a quality robot you will save on three fronts – power, water and pool chemicals. All of these don’t come cheaply and you all know that by now which is why these little robots save you money in the long run.

Next to saving money the most important thing you own is your time. Having to walk around your pool for several hours and clean by hand using fish nets and poring in all kinds of different chemicals is simply a waste of time. This is due to a fact that you will need to repeat the same process in a few days or weeks depending on your pool usage. One of the best benefits you get from these robotic pool cleaners is freedom. All you need to do is plug them in, let them into the water, press the button and you are free to do whatever you need.

Another thing that most pool owners brag about is improvement in water circulation and reduction in pool chemical usage since they invested in this robot. These little things move around the pool and with that move the pool water around helping to increase the water circulation. They also get rid of those tedious dead spots in your pool where it’s hard to reach and that lead to algae growth. Regular use of these robots means that your water will be cleaner thanks to water and chemical circulation and that means you will have to invest less into overall chemical usage and still achieve brilliantly clean water.


So after reading all this we believe that you have set your mind right?! If not here is another nudge for you – get one because you need it, and it is worth the money!

These robots are an investment initially but in the long run, they pay for themselves. As you could read you will save on time, money and chemical usage and still have really clean and safe water for every member of your household. You have to think about the youngest ones if you have them because they are the most sensitive to dirty water or water that has too many chemicals in it. The pool cleaning robot will aid you there and it will allow you to have good quality and clean water in your pool for the entire year.

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