Here are Some Fantastic Safety Tips For Preparing Your Pool This Summer!

Summer is when everyone at home is free and get together to have fun. This is the time when kids have a school break. Your kids are likely to get their friends over to have a great time in the pool. This is the time of the year when your swimming pool is likely to be utilized the most. It is also the time when the risk of an accident is high. You need to take safety precautions before the start of summer, so your pool is safe for use.

The article has safety tips that you can follow to make your pool safe.

1. Fence the pool


The basic safety tip you need to implement is to fence the pool. This is not merely a safety requirement but is also a legal requirement in many states. Fencing ensures that no one enters your pool without your knowledge. This is essential if you have kids in your house. When you are busy, they may walk over to the pool and enter it. This can lead to an accident. Studies show that a large majority of swimming pool accidents occur in private pools and affect kids.

You can face serious problems if neighbouring kids sneak into your pool without your knowledge. This can expose you to a lawsuit. So secure your pool by fencing it. You will also be meeting the legal requirements. Ensure that the fence has a lock and the fence doors swing shut after being opened. There should be no gaps in the fence.

2. Use technology to help monitor

Technology can help you monitor your pool. The basic technology you can use is CCTV. With CCTVs installed, you can keep an eye on your pool. However, you cannot sit in front of the CCTV feed all the time. You can install motion sensors to help you. These sensors would be activated when a human being goes near the sense. The sensors trip off a signal, and you can immediately check the CCTV feed. If you find your kids near the pool, you can take immediate action to prevent any problems.

3. Train your kids


Training your kids in swimming. It is always advisable that kids get trained by a qualified swimming instructor. Most schools would have swimming classes for students. You can also consider getting your kids trained by a private coach. Swimming training ensures your kids understand safety requirements and can take care of themselves. This will be helpful when they go off to a friend’s house or to the beach. You don’t have to worry about them.

4. Supervise your kids

Whenever your kids are in the pool, be there with them. Irrespective of whether you have a kids pool or not, you need to be available near the pool. When an accident occurs, it takes just a few seconds for tragedy to strike. If you are available nearby, you can react fast.

5. Learn CPR and teach others


CPR is essential in the unlikely event of a swimming accident. You need to learn CPR. As per law, you need to keep a display board with CPR instructions. This will ensure people are aware of what should be done. As the homeowner, it is your duty to ensure everyone in your home knows CPR and how to administer it. This knowledge can save a life. There are many organizations you can choose from to acquire a certification in CPR, many of them being completely online. This gives you the flexibility to attend this course whenever and wherever. According to AMC, CPR certification online courses offer advanced preparation and training to prepare their learners for cases of emergency. This is an easy and fast way to get trained and be able to save a life or at least extend somebody’s chances of surviving until medical professionals arrive. Attending this course will give security to you and to the visitors of your pool.

6. Keep floatation devices handy

Keep floatation devices in the pool for kids to use. Have tubes and rings nearby, so they can be used in the case of an emergency. This is especially helpful during summers when you are likely to have many guests in your pool. All these help to ensure pool safety.

7. Change the drain covers

The old type of pool drain covers can be dangerous. Hair or loose fabric can get caught in the drain pulling a person down into the pool. This is why experts advise to replace all the old drain covers and use new ones that are dome-shaped. It is more secure.

8. Run the filters and test the water

You need to keep the water filters in good condition and running. The water filters need to be running so that the water in the pool is good. Especially in summer, you need to ensure that the filters are in good condition as you will use them constantly.

Testing the water is important. You may not know if the filter is working. Also, the chlorine added to the water may be more or less. You can know this only when you test it. Get the water tested by professionals, so you will know if the pH is well balanced. The test results will give you suggestions on what you should do.

9. Takedown diving boards and slides


The diving board is one of the major causes of accidents. Accidentally striking one’s head on the pool is common. It is better to get rid of the diving board to avoid accidents. Diving boards are best left to large pools managed by professionals. Water slides are fun but can be dangerous, especially for kids. You can consider removing water slides to avoid the risk of accidents.

10. Implement rules for kids

When kids are using your pool, draw the line for them. Establish rules for using the pool and ensure the kids follow it. This ensures discipline and prevents them from taking risks that can lead to an accident. Tell them that pushing someone into the pool, dunking someone, swimming unsupervised, diving into shallow water, and running near the deck are strictly not allowed.

Enjoy the hot summer by your pool and have fun with your family and friends. You can enjoy it without a worry in your mind when you have followed the safety tips given in this article. These tips will ensure your pool is safe for use. Implement these simple tips today and be prepared for the summer. For more safety tips on preparing your pool this summer hear more from experts over at SwimmingPoolsSydney.

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