Here Are Some Great Tips On How You Can Store Your Pool Chemicals

Spending time in your swimming pool can be one of the most relaxing experiences during the hot summer days. The sparkling clean water in a pool looks inviting, but the effort that goes behind keeping it clean is noteworthy. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to keep a pool functional and healthy.

For the upkeep of your pool and to maintain healthy water chemistry, you need to use a lot of pool supplies, most of which are chemicals. These chemicals help in controlling bacteria and algae growth which makes the water safe for the users. Most pool chemicals include chlorine and need safe handling and storage. If not stored safely, these chemicals can lose their potency and be hazardous to health. Here are some tips that will help you store your pool chemicals safely, according to BarrierReefPoolsPerth.

Organise your pool chemicals properly


When you are handling pool chemicals, you must know what each container contains. Don’t keep guessing what’s in a container. Often the printed texts are too small or washout when you use them for a while. Label each container properly with permanent markers or a taped label. If you are not sure what’s in a container, it is advisable to discard it and replace it with a new pack. Prepare an index card to keep track of what chemicals you have in store and their expiry dates.

It is always better to store pool chemicals in their original packaging. Most packaging comes with instructions for use and a list of contents. That solves most of your problems as you know what kind of chemicals you are handling and if they are corrosive and hazardous.

It may be dangerous to store chemicals that contain chlorine and acid next to each other. Do not overcrowd your storage rack. Maintain distance between bottles so that in case of leakage, the chemicals do not come in contact with each other.

The ideal storage space is dark, dry and well-ventilated

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Pool chemicals should be stored in places that are away from direct sunlight, are dry, and well-ventilated. Make sure your storage has enough light to allow reading the labels properly. Sunlight may affect different chemicals and that’s why you should never store pool chemicals in spots that are exposed to the sun. Chemicals often give out fumes. These vapours can be toxic and harmful to health. A well-ventilated storage area allows toxic gases to escape keeping homeowners safe from unnecessary exposure and inhalation.

When chlorine is added to pool water, it forms a weak acid and kills bacteria and germs. Storing chemicals in a moist corner may also have similar reactions. Additionally, any acid formation may react with the metal shelves and lead to corrosion.

Do not expose chemicals to extreme temperatures

Most pool chemicals are heat sensitive. Be it extreme heat or freezing, pool chemicals may become unstable when they are left in extreme temperatures. Thus, storing chemicals outdoors or in a closed metal shed that gets too hot or cold may lead to hazardous results. Some chemicals expand under extreme heat. That may lead to spills, leaks, explosions, or accidental fires.

Store chemicals in their original containers

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Transferring chemicals to other containers from the store-bought packaging may not be a good idea. Some chemicals react differently to plastics and metals. That may cause leakage, corrosion, and release of toxic gases.

Seal properly

Responsible handling of chemicals is of paramount importance. After every use, the containers should be sealed properly. Double-check in case of any doubt, you can never be too careful when handling potentially hazardous chemicals. Loose seals may lead to spills, mixing of chemicals, and dangerous chemical reactions. Don’t ignore the dry formulations. When in contact with water or other chemicals, they can also react strongly.

Store chemicals at easily reachable heights

You want to keep pool chemicals away from children and pets and that makes sense. But if storing them in shelves or cabinets, place them at a height that’s easily accessible. Storing them too high could be dangerous while handling them or taking them off the shelf. Accidental spills and contact with the body may lead to extremely unpleasant results.

However, keep chemicals off the floor. The best storage racks are hard plastic cabinets or racks.

Avoid stacking containers

You may be tempted to stack the pool chemical containers on top of each other as that seems a space-saving option. Never make that mistake. If stacked, the chances of containers falling, cracking, and breaking increases. If reactive chemicals mix with each other, there could be explosions and even fire accidents. A thoughtful storage environment can keep your pool chemicals and your family safe.

Keep chemicals in a locked area

Safety first! Remember that while storing your pool chemicals. The best way to keep it off-limits from children, and pets, is to keep them under lock and key. That way, you can ensure only responsible adults have access to using potentially dangerous pool chemicals.

Keep Chemicals away from fire or anything flammable

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If you are storing pool chemicals outdoors, ensure they are places away from fire. Keeping the chemicals too close to your barbeque zone, grill, poolside kitchen, or fire pit may lead to horrible accidents.

Also, keep all chemicals away from any gas or electric-powered equipment like the lawnmower.

Handle pool chemicals with care

Only storing pool chemicals safely is not enough. Use pool chemicals with extreme caution. When opening seals or mixing chemicals, do it in a well-ventilated area. Wear prospective gear like gloves, long sleeve shirts, full pants, and closed shoes that can cover your feet from accidental spills.

Do not reuse containers

It is not safe to reuse pool chemical containers. Transferring chemicals to another chemical container can create a dangerous reaction. Dispose of all old containers once the chemical is exhausted. Even if you are pouring the same chemical from a different batch or a company, reactions may happen. It always may not be visible, but fumes given out by reactive chemicals can lead to illnesses.

Having a pool in your home comes with great responsibilities. Observing a few safety measures can help you enjoy your pool throughout the year. If you do not have the right kind of space to store pool cleaning chemicals, you can always contact your local pool cleaning services.

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