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Top 10 Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower 2024 – Top Storage Shed for Riding Mower

The best shed for riding a lawnmower is integrated with large storage space, polypropylene resin walls, hassle-free maintenance, durable floor, UV resistance, waterproof construction, and ergonomic design.

However, choosing a suitable option for oneself is not only challenging but also time-consuming. Thus, consumers often become impatient and end up purchasing the wrong product for themselves.

This not only impacts the performance but also strains their budget. So, to help with the process, we have developed a comprehensive review of the best sheds for riding lawn mowers along with a detailed buying guide.

The guide will help you analyze the suitability of the shed for your mower and choose the best options among the products available in the market.

Top Picks of 2024

1. Suncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage Shed is our ultimate recommendation to all those searching for the best shed for riding lawnmowers.

Its extraordinary design and heavy-duty construction ensure utmost protection from a diverse range of external factors. Similarly, the durable floor is capable of handling high pressure and heavyweight.

Thus, increasing its suitability for storing ladders, shovels, and other related gardening equipment.

We highly appreciate the inclusion of polypropylene resin panels on the walls of the shed to ensure protection against harmful ultraviolet radiations, harsh weather conditions, and other microorganisms.

We highly suggest investing in this tool if you are looking for potential alternatives to plastic-based sheds that are prone to deterioration due to changing weather conditions.

Last but not least, the thoughtful design allows light to pass through easily and keeps the yard brightly lit, thereby eliminating the need for artificial lights during the daytime.

  • Energy-friendly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Waterproof construction
  • Absence of padlock


Suncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage Shed provides additional space for the storage of multiple tools at a time without any congestion or space availability issues.

Furthermore, it is easier to clean as compared to its other counterparts and offers hassle-free maintenance.

2. Arrow Shed AR108 Steel Storage Shed

Arrow Shed AR108 Steel Storage Shed

Arrow Shed AR108 Steel Storage Shed stands out among the rest of its counterparts and is available in an extremely attractive coffee-brown color.

Its durable construction and high-quality attributes make it a perfect choice for storing heavy gardening tools without worrying about damaging the floor or inner walls.

In addition to this, the shed is large in size and provides sufficient space to store more than one large piece of equipment at a time.

We also observed that the shed is integrated with a sliding door which saves a lot of space as compared to other traditional doors.

Another advantage of the sliding door is the extra security which can be achieved by locking it completely when not in use.

The majority of the users prefer this version of Arrow shed for riding lawn mowers without worrying about any performance inefficiency or durability issues.

The increased durability is also attributed to the electro-galvanized steel construction that significantly improves its overall abilities.

  • Aesthetic design
  • 12-year warranty
  • Maximum storage space
  • Lacks windows and vents


Arrow Shed AR108 Steel Storage Shed is available in a pre-cut and drilled form which makes it easier for the majority of the users to assemble it.

We assure you will not require any expert guidance during the process, even if you are a beginner. Hence, it saves your time and effort during the organization phase.

3. Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage Shed is another exceptional product included in the list and is manufactured by a USA-based brand Rubbermaid.

The highlight feature of this shed is its cost-effectiveness which makes it a perfect option for those that cannot afford high-priced sheds available in the market.

Apart from its low price, it is also associated with top-notch construction and unrivaled attributes that add five stars to its overall performance.

The most popular among which is the inclusion of a high-density polyurethane interior that protects it against damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

The polyurethane is also less prone to deterioration in the long term, and thus you are relieved from the concern of leakage and dent formation while using this model.

In addition to this, the 467 cubic feet storage capacity offers sufficient space for storing heavy equipment like riding lawn mowers along with other related gardening tools such as shovels, etc.

  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy floor
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • The roof might get stuck


Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage Shed is integrated with two different skylights at both sides of the roof for better ventilation and lighting during the daytime.

This contributes to energy efficiency and improves its overall performance. We assure you will not feel disappointed with this investment.

4. ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed

ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed

ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed is another performance-oriented product included in the list of the best sheds for riding lawn mowers.

It’s not only lightweight and portable but also available at an affordable price across the market. Thus, we highly recommend it to all those who can not afford high-priced sheds and are looking for budget-friendly alternatives in the market.

The most admired attribute of the model is the effortless assembly that allows you to organize it into a single unit within minutes.

This saves a lot of users time and allows them to perform the task without any expert guidance. To our surprise, the package also contains 15 reusable auger anchors that ease the assembly process, especially for beginners.

Apart from all these above-mentioned attributes, another significant feature of the system is the premium steel framework that protects it against damage from various environmental and physical factors.

Thus, making it last longer than you originally expected.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Wide storage space
  • Not lockable


ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed is available with a waterproof cover that can be used to cover the shed during harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and prevent the shed from leakage.

The cover is made up of triple polypropylene layers that offer additional durability to the product.

5. Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed is a powerful yet expensive shed that is specially designed for riding lawnmowers.

Although it falls towards the higher end of the price spectrum; however, it is totally worth the price considering its high-quality attributes and top-notch construction.

It offers a large storage capacity which is sufficient for towing large gardening tools along with other basic necessities.

In addition to this, the durable floor of the shed does not get damaged when high pressure is applied to its surface and thus, is characterized by its sturdiness and durable construction.

All of this is attributed to the resin panel walls that are resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather and prevent the shed from leakage during heavy snow or rain.

The majority of the consumers also appreciate the ergonomic and energy-friendly design that allows for outstanding ventilation and lighting. Thus, eliminating the need for artificial lights during the daytime.

  • Adjustable brackets
  • Visual appeal
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Expensive


Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed stands out among the rest of its competitors in terms of durability and quality construction.

This, coupled with its attractive design and environment-friendly attributes, make it our ultimate choice for storing riding lawnmowers.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Size of the Shed

Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower

First and foremost, the size of the shed matters a lot, especially if you are purchasing it for storing heavy and large equipment such as a riding lawnmower.

We highly recommend measuring the dimensions of the lawnmower before purchasing a shed. This will help you choose a suitable option for yourself.

Furthermore, you should remember to purchase a shed that is larger than the size of the mower. For example, for a 40-inch wide mower, the width of the shed should be around 50 inches to support sufficient air circulation.

Thus, it helps the gardening tool to cool down after use and contributes to its performance efficiency and improved heat dissipation.


After the size, durability is another important factor that must not be neglected. You should look into the durability of the floor, especially if you are planning to store heavy tools.

The floor should be sturdy enough to support heavy pressure without bending or breaking. In addition to this, the overall durability and material of construction for walls and roofs shall also be taken into account.

The majority of the users prefer polypropylene resin and steel construction for increased durability.

Polypropylene also offers resistance against ultraviolet radiation and extreme weather conditions. Thus, preventing the shed from leakage during heavy rain or snow.

In contrast, steel is sturdy and protects the sheet from falling apart in windy conditions.


Maintenance is the major concern of the consumers when it comes to purchasing a storage shed for riding a lawn mower.

Thus, we advise looking into products that are easier to clean and do not require much effort on consumers’ part.

Generally, units that are covered on all sides and feature resin panels on walls require less maintenance as they protect the interior surface from excessive dust and rain.

Thus, keeping the interior clean. Furthermore, you can also search for storage space availability. Large-size tools are characterized by better air circulation and are less prone to damage as compared to their other counterparts.

They also provide additional space for storing other related tools and cleaning items and relieve you from the hassle of transporting these materials every time you plan to clean the shed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower

Should I build a foundation for the shed for riding the lawn mower?

Yes, it is highly recommended to build a foundation for a shed before storing a riding lawn mower in it.

Building the foundation will help improve the performance of the shed and will offer additional protection against damage.

The majority of the users prefer using hardwood or concrete materials for the construction of foundations as they both offer remarkable durability and are less prone to damage as compared to plastic and other materials of construction.

Are metal sheds better than plastic sheds?

Both metal and plastic sheds have their own associated advantages and disadvantages. While plastic sheds are easier to clean and maintain, they are not as sturdy as their metal counterparts.

Similarly, metal sheds might be durable, but they are difficult to maintain and are generally higher than the former.

Thus, the suitability and superiority of one over the other highly depend on your requirements. If you want a durable product, we recommend going for a metal shed to achieve the best results.

Are metal sheds noisy in the rain?

Not only metal sheds but all the other types of sheds, including polypropylene resin and plastic sheds, also make noise during rain.

This is because of the impact generated by the raindrops when they fall on a surface. However, the loudness of the noise varies significantly from material to material.

The plastic ones are not as loud as those constructed from metal. Apart from this, the sound generation is also highly dependent on the design of the shed, and thus, sheds with angled roofs are not as loud as those with flat roofs.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of sheds available for storing equipment, such as riding lawn mowers. They include metal sheds, plastic sheds, polypropylene sheds, etc.

Apart from the material of construction, these products also vary on the basis of design and size. Thus, choosing a suitable option for oneself is difficult.

However, now we have simplified the process for you and have selected the top three sheds among the options listed above for your convenience.

  • Suncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage ShedSuncast BMS8100 Tremont Storage Shed for its maximum storage, energy-friendliness, durable construction, weather resistance, and negligible maintenance.
  • Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage ShedRubbermaid Slide-Lid Garden Storage Shed due to its ergonomic design, sturdy floor, effortless assembly, large storage capacity, and cost-effectiveness.
  • ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage ShedShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed because of its enhanced portability, lightweight, wide storage space, hassle-free assembly, and increased durability.

Thus, they are highly recommended for those looking for the best shed for riding lawn mowers.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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